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Motorcycle helmet cost – How much should I spend? (Definitive Guide)

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A motorcycle helmet is a type of protective helmet generally used by nearly all motorcycle riders. Here the motorcycle helmets contribute typically to motorcycle safety by protecting the rider’s head in the event of the rider getting a profound impact or any accident. Here they generally reduce the risk of head injury by 69%, and they also reduce the risk of death by nearly 42%. Their use is required by law in a large number of countries nowadays. 

Many motorcycle helmets are designed for different regions and motorcycles—for example, most Moto GP racers. 

Motorcycle helmets generally consist of polystyrene foam in the helmet’s inner shell. This is a very tough material that absorbs the shock of an impact, and here they also have a tough protective plastic outer layer. Many variations exist, notably helmets that usually cover the chin area and all those that do not. Some of the helmets also provide other additional conveniences, such as good ventilation; they also have face shields, sun visors, ear protection, or an intercom.

It was earlier thought that wearing a motorcycle helmet usually increases the neck and spinal injuries in a severe motorcycle crash. Still, the recent evidence has shown the opposite to be the case. Modern-day helmets generally protect the rider from any cervical spine injury. A recent study has also demonstrated that all the arguments that helmets might increase the incidence of neck and spinal injuries, which was dated back to the mid-1980s, were all stated as flawed statistical reasoning. 

There are many different motorcycle helmets that a person can choose from. There are also more models and brands which are coming up. This makes it relatively more challenging for the person to choose from.

Choosing a good motorcycle helmet is considered one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding which type of motorcycle helmet a person will need and what its cost will be. This is the main reason why many riders will inevitably ask how much motorcycle helmets cost because, after all, everybody wants to pay a fair price for the thing they are buying. 

How much should you spend on a motorcycle helmet?

There has been a lot of controversy on motorcycle helmets and how much to spend on one.

After all, motorcycle helmets can be costly, and not everyone will know if the higher price they will spend on a motorcycle helmet will be worth it.

The amount you spend on a motorcycle helmet should be, on average, between $200 and $450. You can go as low as $80, which will get you a very basic motorcycle helmet. For a comfortable, high-quality motorcycle helmet, you can expect to spend upwards of $750.

Deciding how much to pay for your motorcycle helmet is not easy, especially after considering the price they are selling for. The high cost of motorcycle helmets can find many riders unprepared.

Keep reading below to find more information on what is considered a fair price and how much you should spend on your next motorcycle helmet.

How much should you spend on a motorcycle helmet?

At the very least, you should spend enough to buy a DOT-certified motorcycle helmet. Ideally, you should pay enough to get a DOT, and Snell/ECE certified motorcycle helmet.

As long as your motorcycle helmet has been certified, it will provide you with acceptable levels of protection.

If a helmet meets minimum safety standards, it must have a corresponding sticker on the back of the helmet. The helmet might have several stickers if it passed several different safety standards. However, it is necessary to have at least one DOT sticker.

On a motorcycle helmet with a good safety rating, you should expect to spend at least $250. If you want to buy a high-quality motorcycle helmet that also offers a high level of comfort and additional options and features, you should spend between $450 and $650.

The general rule is that you pay for safety up to around $250, and beyond that, you pay for comfort and features.

You can expect to shell out between $150 and $250 for a good mid-range motorcycle helmet. However, high-quality motorcycle helmets will cost anywhere from $300 to over $650.

There are often sales where older models can be found at very reasonable prices, which may have been reduced by up to 65% in some cases.

Just because a motorcycle helmet is on clearance doesn’t mean it’s poor quality or an old helmet. If you are worried about the age of the helmet, you can always check the manufacturing date with the seller. Often the motorcycle helmet may have been made just a few months ago.

All of this begs whether the higher price tag is worth it.

How much do motorcycle helmets cost?

Motorcycle helmets will cost differently depending on their type, design, and features.

Generally speaking, motorcycle helmets can cost between $35 and $4,000.

Full-face motorcycle helmets, modular helmets, dual sports helmets, and off-road motorcycle helmets will generally be more expensive, and half helmets and open (3/4) helmets will be cheaper.

What determines the price of motorcycle helmets?

Various things will affect the price of motorcycle helmets like:

Safety Certifications: In most cases, the safety rating is given and shouldn’t affect the price of a motorcycle helmet much. However, some manufacturers have their own more rigorous and in-depth safety certifications and standards, driving up production costs.

Weight: The materials used to manufacture the helmet will ultimately affect its weight. Lightweight fabrics that can provide adequate protection will often be more expensive.

Wind noise reduction and ventilation: The design of the motorcycle helmet in terms of noise reduction and adequate ventilation will often impact its price.

Visor: The type of visor (provided the helmet has one) will also affect the total you will pay for the helmet. For example, reflective and photochromatic bills are more expensive than standard visors.

Graphics, stickers, and other features.

Most of them can ultimately affect the price of a motorcycle helmet and its comfort.

How much do bikers spend on a motorcycle helmet?

Of course, what people can spend on their motorcycle helmets varies depending on their budget.

Usually, motorcyclists spend between $80 and $450 for a motorcycle helmet. A good average of what beginner riders spend on a helmet is around $200 to $300, while more experienced riders will often opt for more expensive motorcycle helmets in the $400 to $750 range.

You might be wondering why there is such a big gap between what beginners and more experienced riders spend on their motorcycle helmets.

Here’s the thing.

Most motorcyclists will tell you that once they upgrade to more expensive and better quality motorcycle helmets, they will never go back to buying a cheaper one. This shows how big the difference between a $150 helmet and a $450 helmet is.

Since motorcycle helmets are so expensive, riders will often try to see if they can save money by buying a used motorcycle helmet.

However, buying a used motorcycle helmet is never recommended, as it can cause more problems than necessary.

Purchasing a used motorcycle helmet may be acceptable in the rare case where you know the owner and complete the helmet’s history yourself. However, buying a used helmet from someone you don’t know, or trust can be problematic.

You won’t know if the helmet has been dropped or suffered an accident, which may have compromised its shell and shock-absorbing liner. Padding can also be an issue. While the padding may eventually adjust to your head, it’s best to buy a new helmet that you’ll break-in. And finally, there may also be some hygiene considerations.

Is spending less on a motorcycle helmet worth it?

Skimp on your motorcycle gear, especially your motorcycle helmet, is not recommended. A motorcycle helmet protects the rider’s head, and wearing a motorcycle helmet has been proven to reduce the rates of head injuries and deaths from motorcycle accidents.

One of the problems that many motorcyclists will encounter is that after spending less and buying a cheap motorcycle helmet, they will often have to spend more money purchasing another, better-quality motorcycle helmet.

This will effectively increase the total amount of money they will spend on motorcycle helmets.

Cheaper motorcycle helmets will often feel odd, be less comfortable, and may even restrict your movement. Most more affordable helmets will have poor ventilation, making riding in hot weather difficult. And on top of that, your screen may also fog up when you exhale.

These are just aspects of cheaper helmets that can often be overlooked until a more expensive helmet has been tried.

Is spending more on a motorcycle helmet worth it?

Up to a point, paying more for a motorcycle helmet will improve its safety. However, you don’t necessarily get a safer motorcycle helmet above a specific price. However, the higher the price, the more options and additional features you can get.

However, the extra features of the hose you get with more expensive helmets should not be underestimated. They can severely impact your overall comfort level, fatigue, awareness, concentration, and general security.

A less expensive motorcycle helmet will generally perform well in one area. In comparison, a more expensive helmet will often excel in more than one area, although both helmets, in theory, offer the same levels of safety.

Expensive motorcycle helmets are worth it. Expensive motorcycle helmets will be very light, have better noise reduction and better ventilation. Expensive motorcycle helmets are worth it because they are more comfortable, and therefore motorcyclists will experience less fatigue, which can keep them safer on the road.

One of the common concerns bikers may have is that by buying a branded motorcycle helmet, especially from a reputable manufacturer, they will be paying a premium for the brand name.

However, while the brand itself can affect the final price, usually with motorcycle helmets, you get what you pay for. By paying more for a motorcycle helmet, you get a better helmet that has been better designed, and more high-quality materials have been used in its manufacture.

This makes more expensive headsets a pleasure to use; they can also make you feel more relaxed and secure, an essential psychological factor in riding a motorcycle.

How to overcome the fear of riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycle helmets need to be replaced over time. Usually, manufacturers recommend motorcyclists return their helmets after five years of use for safety reasons.

Over time, the motorcycle helmet liner will slowly degrade and wear out, compromising its safety and protective capabilities. Conversely, a motorcycle helmet that has sat on a shelf and not been used can often be considered safe for up to seven years from manufacture.

The simple fact of replacing your helmet after several years of use means taking this recurring expense into account.

How do you determine how much you should spend on a motorcycle helmet?

To determine how much you should spend on a motorcycle helmet, you need to consider several main things:

What is your budget?

  • What type of motorcycle helmet do you want.
  • What level of comfort do you want to have.

Ideally, you want to have a budget of between $150 and $250 if you get a pretty good entry-level motorcycle helmet.

These motorcycle helmets must have passed the necessary safety certifications, which means they are legal on the road. However, they are only recommended for occasional cyclists.

You should never buy a motorcycle helmet that has not passed DOT safety standards. Motorcycle helmets undergo different types of tests. They are tested for shock absorption on impact, penetration protection, peripheral vision, and webbing retention.

A motorcycle helmet that has not passed these tests is not street legal and has a different use and purpose.

Can you wear a bicycle helmet on a motorcycle?

However, if you can spend more on a motorcycle helmet, the general rule is not to skimp on it.

Comfort and fit are some of the most important aspects of a motorcycle helmet. They can affect your ability to ride your motorcycle safely and efficiently.

If you are a daily rider, you will benefit from a motorcycle helmet that offers a better fit and more comfort. In this case, you should be prepared to spend more on your motorcycle helmet, usually between $450 and $750.

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