How to make your helmet visible

How to Make Your Motorcycle Helmet More Visible?

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Increasing motorcycle helmet visibility is crucial to avoiding severe accidents on the road. Many car and truck drivers after an accident deliver a common dialogue that they haven’t seen the motorcycle in front of them. So, to keep yourself safe while riding on busy roads, ensure that your motorcycle helmet is more visible so that it can be seen from a distance. 

Now the question is how you can make your motorcycle helmet more visible? There are several ways that you can follow like wearing bright clothing and gear, pairing a bright-colored helmet with safety gear, attaching reflective tape on a motorcycle helmet, and many more. 

In this write-up, we have demonstrated 7 ways that will help you increase the visibility of your motorcycle helmet. So, stay tuned, keep reading, and keep yourself safe while riding on the roads.

How to Make Your Motorcycle Helmet More Visible[The 7 Effective Ways] 

Making your motorcycle helmet visible is simple, you just need to follow some things that we have described below. 

  1. Choose Specific Motorcycle Helmets for Visibility

A noticeable number of riders don’t know what types of helmets should be chosen. They always go for simple, dark, and less visible helmets which increase the risk of accidents on roads. To keep yourself away from severe accidents while riding, you should choose a motorcycle helmet with more visibility. Here are some of the best motorcycle helmets for visibility that you can purchase to ensure more safety while riding on hectic roads.

  1. Go For Bright Colored Helmet

One of the safest and easiest ways to make your motorcycle helmet more visible is to wear a bright and safety-colored helmet. In that case, you can choose white, safety yellow, fluorescent green, and orange which are the safest helmets to wear while riding a motorcycle. 

Keep yourself away from purchasing dark-colored helmets that decrease the ability of car drivers to evaluate their distance from us; thus accidents occur. It is better to choose neon-orange helmets which are more noticeable than black colors. In shorts, never ever choose dark color helmets instead of choosing bright colors to avoid accidents.  

  1. Adorn Your Helmet With Safety Gear

Another effective way to make your helmet more visible is attaching a bright-colored helmet with matching safety gear. Matching safety colors show up and grab attention. 

Motorcycles don’t take up much space on the road. Unless you are fond of custom-making bikes, you may have little control over what color your bike is.  In that case, you can take the same color helmet and riding gear as you see fit. 

Many riders take the opportunity to make aesthetic and stylish choices. If your primary concern is visibility, adorning your helmet with matching safety gear will make you, your bike, and your helmet more visible. 

  1. Attaching Reflective Tape On Your Motorcycle Helmet

Putting reflective tape on your motorcycle helmet increases the visibility of your helmet especially at night or in bad weather conditions. Reflective tape is designed to accelerate the visibility of any object you throw it on. Attaching introspective tape to your motorcycle helmets will maximize the range in which your motorcycle helmet is visible to other vehicles’ drivers.

There are some riders who use squares, or reflective dots. Others go for cross or X shapes or long strips, some riders also get creative with their helmet, tying the tape on in patterns, words, or forming their tape into designs. 

What makes reflective tape effective is that your head is the nearest part of you to streetlights, but it is also within the headlight’s range. When the reflective tape is close to the light source, it becomes brighter and more effectively makes your helmet more visible. 

  1. Speculative Graphics & Helmet Decals

By putting reflective graphics or helmet decals into the helmets you can make your motorcycle helmet more visible. This is an effective option if you spend less time working and more time riding a bike. Reflective graphics and helmet decals are an inexpensive and cheap and simple way to make your helmet more visible than it is now. 

If you would like to get creative, you can purchase reflective graphics for your motorcycle gear or even for your motorcycle too. On the other hand, matching your bike gear and helmet together with a reflective design is an affordable way to accelerate both your and your helmet’s visible range mostly at night. 

  1. LED Light Upgrades & Auxiliary Lights 

Advancing your motorcycle lights to LED or adding aftermarket auxiliary lights to your bike not only lightens your helmet reflectors at night but also makes your helmet motorcycle and you more visible in the daytime. 

Auxiliary lights give brightness that increases your helmet decals visibility at night and lets your appearance be known to the other drivers.

These lights not only work together with helmet reflectors to make you visible to oncoming traffic at night but also enhance the visibility of the rider in the helmet too. 

  1. Don’t Ride in Blind Spots

A blind spot is a place around a truck or car where you are not seen by drivers during a ride. Indeed, the motorcycles hold blind spots, but the larger the transport, the bigger its blind spot is. 

Helmet visibility advancing is nothing if the drivers in front of you can’t see you in their rearview mirror. That’s why you have to stay away from the blind spots. Avoid riding your bike on blind spots to keep your helmet in sight of the rear-view mirror in front of you. 

Final Verdict

So, this is all about how to make a motorcycle helmet more visible. Accurate visibility of a motorcycle helmet is crucial for several reasons. The fundamental reason would be safety. A considerable number of motorcycle accidents are occurring because the rider’s presence is unseen by the other vehicles’ drivers. 

However, in this article, we have demonstrated 7 differences that can be followed to make the helmet more visible to avoid unwanted accidents. The most effective one is to choose bright helmets with colorful gear that will ensure your visibility on the road to other vehicles’ drivers.

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