Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Top 10 Motorcycle Helmet Brands

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A motorcycle ride is considered one of the most dangerous rides that often lead to injuries. So a helmet should be the most prior thing to carry with you while riding a bike to protect you from any head injury.

There are hundereds of helmet brands to choose from. So we have researched and selected some of the best manufacturers so that you can choose a suitable helmet for you.

It can be a little confusing to decide which brand makes the best helmet. Therefore, we have listed down the top ten motorcycle helmet brands with a complete detailed breakdown. 

1. Shoei


  • Noise reduction
  • Amazing designs
  • High quality
  • Top rated
  • Lightweight helmets
  • Safety rated
  • Helmets are designed with Sun visors


  • Too pricey

Shoei is our top pick in motorcycle helmet brands. Shoei is known for making highly-priced, well-constructed, and unique helmets in the market.

Today, they have become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and high-performance motorcycle helmets and claim to sell more than 60% of the world’s high-quality helmets. 

Shoei covers all styles from open helmets to flip-top helmets, closed helmets to dirt racing helmets, and is generally considered a modern helmet design and technology style.

As a leader in price and manufacturing quality, Shoei manufactures some excellent full-face helmets. 

Shoei is one of the safest helmet brands as they manufacture some of the best safety-rated helmets with both British 5-star SHARP rating and American Snell certification.

Shoei is good at making excellent off-road helmets and some versatile multi-functional Dual / ADV sports helmets.


  • Quality: Shoei is known for its high-level quality helmet in the world. 
  • Comfort: Shoei making comfortable helmets is what stands out in their production.
  • Safety: Most of the Shoei helmets rate five-star on Sharp and Snell safety ratings. 
  • Design: Shoei always comes up with a variety of the latest and stylish designs. The helmets come in an extensive variety of colors and shell sizes to pick from.

Shoei is our top pick for helmet brands that make high-quality helmets worldwide. We highly recommend you this brand for its quality.

2. Aria


  • Noise reduction
  • Super ventilation system
  • Comfortable
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • It May be pricey for some buyers.

Arai is a Japanese helmet company that produces quality handmade helmets, one of the main plus points of this company. They also test their helmets individually in all stages of production.

Arai was originally founded by Hirotake Arai as a hatter in 1926 and is still run by Michio “Mitch” Arai and his grandson Akihito von. They run Arai as a family business. The Headquartered of Arai is in Saitama, Japan. 

Today, some of the best Moto GP racers like Dani Pedrosa and Nicky Hayden wear Arai helmets.

Arai specializes in full-face helmets, which aligns with its founder’s desire to produce helmets with maximum protection. 

Many of them are used in racing cars, but their range continues to expand to cover everyday and touring and off-road helmets. 


  • Design: Helmets of Arai are very versatile as they are designed with wind noise reduction. The helmets are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Material: The high-quality material used in their production makes Arai helmets extremely lightweight.
  • Ventilation: Arai helmets are super airy and ideal for summer riding.

We recommend this brand as Arai is a top-rated and reviewed brand, and it made to our top brand picks.

3. AGV


  • Budget-friendly
  • Protection rating
  • Ventilation system
  • Amazing variety
  • Noise cancellation
  • Face shield


  • Limited designs
  • Chin curtains are not tight enough.

AGV is an Italian brand known for making the finest helmets since 1947. They produce a variety of high-quality mid-to-high-end helmets.

The brand is mainly related to motorcycle racing champions Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi, who have worn AGV helmets throughout their profession.  

AGV is considered a leader in the world of motorcycle helmets. They also produce high-quality helmets at reasonable prices.   

AGV helmet meets the DOT safety standards of the entire American helmet series. More to it, most of the AGV helmets meet the European ECE safety certification standard. 

AGV offers a great variety of helmets that come at an affordable price. In addition, their helmets are manufactured with face protectors.

They offer excellent noise cancellation and are equipped with an amazing ventilation system to provide max comfort to the rider. 


  • Variety: AGV manufactures a variety of excellent mid to high-end helmets.
  • Reasonable Price: AGV offers a great variety of helmets coming in a reasonable price range.
  • Protection: Their helmets are manufactured with face protectors.
  • Ventilation: AGV helmets come with an amazing ventilation system to provide max comfort while riding. 

AGV, as always, makes comfortable helmets for riders in an affordable price range. We recommend you this brand.

4. HJC


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Safety ratings
  • Durability
  • Designs
  • Comfortable material
  • Noise cancellation


  • Not enough exhaust vents

The HJC has been a leading brand in North America since 1992 and is very popular in many countries. The popularity of HJC is due to its wide selection of the best mid-to-high-end helmets.   

One of the other reasons why HJC is so popular is because it provides customers with comfortable, high-quality, stylish, and affordable helmets. 

HJC scores well in helmet-making brands because they focus on making budget-friendly helmets, so you don’t have to spend extra money for more protection. 

They got on our top brand list because the HJC FGST, C70, and other models of HJC received a five-star safety rating. 

HJC has the most advanced wind tunnel test laboratory in which they test vents, noise, aerodynamics, and various other characteristics of their helmets. 


  • Budget-friendly: HJC focuses on making budget-friendly helmets, so the buyers don’t need to spend extra money for more protection.
  • Safety ratings: The models of HJC received five-star safety ratings. 
  • Durability: HJC helmets are very durable in terms of quality and performance.
  • Design: All HJC helmets are designed with multiple colors and sizes

HJC is known for its comfortable, high quality, stylish, and affordable helmets. We highly recommend you HJC.

5. Bell


  • Safety certifications
  • Wide range of variety
  • Amazing designs
  • Warranty cards
  • Lightweight
  • High performance
  • Women dedicated helmets


  • Cheap padding

Bell Helmets, named after its original location in Bella, California, is an American manufacturer of protective helmets. Bell launched its first racing helmet in 1954 and converted it to a motorcycle helmet in 1968. 

Bell currently produces helmets for all types of riding, from open helmets to full-track helmets, and in our reviews of safer helmet brands.

The helmets they manufacture are not only stylish but also powerful. In addition, they offer a wide variety of helmets, many of which are the best off-road bikers, such as Josh Herrin and James Stewart. 

Bell manufactures full face, medium, 3/​4, snowmobiles, and various other types of helmets. The attention to detail in the helmet design of Bell is well thought out and is very comfortable to wear. 

More to it, Bell helmets offer a very great ventilation system and comfortable for the head because they aim to make the helmet very light. Plus, the quick-release flip cover stands out in their helmet.


  • Lightweight: Bell manufacturers aim to make the helmet very light for maximum comfort.
  • Variety:  Bell makes a full face, medium, snowmobiles, and many other types of helmets.
  • Certification: Most of the Bell helmets are DOT and SNELL certified 
  • Design: Helmets of Bell are designed to be for all types of riding 
  • Warranty: Bell offers a warranty on all of its products

We recommend this brand as it is a feature-packed brand with various ranges, and this company makes helmets specially designed for women.

6. Icon


  • Great design
  • Very innovative products
  • Great customer service
  • Budget-product
  • Good engineered products 
  • Demand in the market


  • The availability of the products is not great.

If there is a true designer brand for motorcycle accessories, then it is ICON. The icon is a very strong brand in the mid-range helmet market. 

The icon is known for being innovative, bold, and exciting. Icon helmets always are very attention-demanding, having an incredible design with modern touches. 

They are very good at engineering as their products are full of features. For example, the icon always adds a new feature in their helmet lineup whenever they manufacture a new product.

The graphics of Icons products are very detailed. They know how to create an astonishing product. 

Most of their helmets have a stealth profile due to their dark color and muscular shape language. If there is one word to describe Icons helmets, then that is “Badass.”


  • Engineering: Icon has always stayed far above other companies due to its brilliant engineering among the products
  • Design: Every product that iconicon manufactures contains a great unique design. The design of their products always stands out from other helmets out there. 
  • Innovation: Icon always brings innovation among its products. They add a new feature in the new product they launch every time.
  • Demand: The demand for Icon helmets in the market is very high. 
  • Price: Icon has a very good budget-friendly price point. The demand for icon’s products is very high.

If you want a good helmet that provides safety and protection at its finest, then the icon is the one who can provide you that.

7. Scorpion


  • Five-star rating
  • Top-rated products
  • Durability  
  • Water-resistant
  • Good engineered products 
  • Demand in the market


  • Usually expensive

Scorpion, also known as Scorpion Exo, is a Chinese Motorcycle Helmet Company. The main goal of Scorpion is to manufacture good-quality helmets and sell them at good prices.

They are doing well as the response from their customers is satisfactory. Scorpion is famous for the variety of helmets it manufactured.

The wide range of helmets includes Street Helmets, Off-Road Helmets, Snow Helmets, Track Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Modular Helmets, Racing Helmets, and Road Helmets. 

Scorpion helmets are usually DOT and ECE certified, so don’t worry about the safety of your head when you have a Scorpion helmet on.

Scorpion helmets are usually expensive, but you will know they are worth the price once you use them. In addition, Scorpion always uses high-quality material in their helmets.


  • Durable helmets:  Scorpion helmets are very appreciated due to the durability they provide to their costumer.   
  • Design: Every product that Scorpion made, they made with complete plan and structure to provide their customers with the best design they can give
  • Water resistance: The Scorpion products are made water-resistant to provide a secure room for attaching intercom devices inside if needed.
  • Five Star rating: There are thousands of five-star reviews about Scorpion helmets as the performance is top-notch.
  • Top rated products: Scorpion products stood up in the top-rated products tier as their helmets are always five-star rated products.

If you want a helmet with great features and an aggressive design, Scorpion Helmets are best.

8. Shark


  • Innovative products
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Great aggressive design
  • Great resell value
  • Good engineered products


  • Start losing durability after some years. 

The Shark is one of the top ten famous motorcycle gear manufacturers, especially for motorcycle helmets.

For more than 30 years, Shark is leading in the motorcycle helmet market. It was founded by professional racers back then. The company guarantees the quality performance and the safety levels of its helmets. 

Shark every year manufacture about 300,000 helmets which are distributed to 70 countries with the help of 5000 distributors worldwide. The helmets by Sharks consist of a very aggressive profile as well as the shape.

Shark uses very high-quality material in their helmets which protect the head. As a result, the comfort level of the Shark’s Helmet lineup is very convenient. 


  • Durability: For every product that Shark manufactures, they produce it with a plan and structure to provide their customers with the best durability.
  • Dust and water-resistant: The Shark helmets are made dust and water-resistant to provide a secure area for attaching intercom devices with the helmet if needed.
  • Innovation: Shark has always been serious about innovation among its products. They are always looking for new features to put in the new product they launch.
  • Design: Shark has been manufacturing helmets for quite some time now.  Their helmets contain a great aggressive design.

The most durable helmets for every condition there are manufactured by Shark. So you can get your hands on one at a good price.

9. LS2


  • Track products
  • Ventilation
  • Aggressive design
  • Great resell value
  • Safety


  • The company uses cheap thermoplastic material in its helmets.

LS2 manufactures some of the best-looking helmets out in the market. There are tons of great-designed helmets by LS2.

The company not only focuses solely on design but also on comfort and sizing. There are varieties of helmet sizes by LS2 that can fit any rider perfectly.

The comfort level is not compromised. The main goal of the company is to provide complete safety as well as comfort.

They provide removable cheek pads in every helmet, whether on or off-road, street, or track. The company provides the best ventilation among other helmets as well.

Their helmets are all safety certified by DOT and ECE. So you don’t need to worry about any of their product for safety and comfort.


  • Track helmets: LS2 is famous for its products made for tracks and racing purposes. Safe and protective.
  • Safety:  LS2 is focused on safety for a very long time now. Their main goal is the safety and protection of the rider.
  • Ventilation: LS2 has always been serious for ventilation among their helmets. The better the ventilation is, the better ride you will get.
  • Design: LS2 helmets consist of a great aggressive design. They always match their product design with the type of task it is made for.

You can get the best all-rounder helmets at cheap prices by this manufacturer without compromising any feature.

10. Nolan


  • Track helmets
  • Modular helmets
  • Great design
  • Low price point
  • Protection


  • Not much ventilated as they should be.

Nolan is an Italian brand that was founded in 1973. Since then, Nolan group is manufacturing helmets to hit the customers that prefer paying a low price for motorcycle gear.

Out of thirteen tested products, one will always score 4/5, which is a brilliant result. This is because Nolan has always been a brand that focuses on safety and protection without compromising any other quality.

They even produced track gear for riders who love to adventure. Nolan is the best track helmet manufacturer that you can find in the market.

They deliver the best products without increasing the price a bit. Nolan is famous for the low price range without any compromise on quality. This shows that you can trust a NOLAN’s helmet.


  •  Off-road Helmets: Nolan is quite well known for their off-road helmets. They usually produce the best helmets suitable for off-road.
  •  Modular helmets: The great thing about Nolan helmets is their detachable parts. Modular helmets are very useful for different seasons.
  • Low price products: Nolan usually offers very good deals for their best products. There are so many budget-friendly Nolan helmets that you can get.
  • Protection: The safety and protection is only the main goal of the company.

If you want something light and cozy while riding, Nolan helmets are a good way to go at a very cheap price.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Helmet Brand

Here are certain factors we should look for while purchasing from the best helmet brands for the motorcycle.


Buying the best motorcycle helmet brand that is based on safety components would be a great decision. However, always check the size, universal design of a brand, and material before buying a branded product. 

Most of the helmet brand used polycarbonate, fiberglass, and carbon fiber materials because branded product enhances the quality of the product and increases its reliability, and they are safe for the rider.


Always choose that helmet brand that perfectly fits and giving you comfort. Motorcycle helmets are made of polycarbonate and fiberglass, and these materials giving you the best comfort and protection.

Most brands made motorcycle helmet with carbon fiber because it can protect you from the sunlight and is more comfortable than others. So always go with that brand and pick the best helmet with more comfort.


The essential component we should consider while purchasing a professional quality-wise branded product that is durability. Therefore, the best helmets brand for motorcycles based on durable features would be a great choice. 

Long-distance destination while traveling, durability plays an essential role in protection and comfortability purpose.

Always go with that brand pick the motorcycle helmet with more durable factors than others, giving you the best flexibility and comfort.


A long-lasting guarantee is important for the best motorcycle helmet brand’s products for selling. Therefore, purchasing the branded product that gives you the warranty would be a superior decision.

Always go with that brand and choose that helmet with a warranty factor over others, giving you the best relaxation of at least one year and flexibility.


Is it important to measure head shape while buying the branded motorcycle helmet? 

The best motorcycle helmet brands are depending on the rider’s head shape. While buying a branded motorcycle helmet, always check the size of your head and make sure that it perfectly fits.

Always go with that brand and pick the motorcycle helmet that perfectly fits your head shape; it would be crucial and the safest. 

Which helmet brand is best for comfortable purposes?

Many brands in the market come with their eccentric design for motorcycle helmets. Always choose that brand which materials are made of professional quality. It is because the best motorcycle helmet brand with a high-quality material product is giving you comfortability, flexibility, reliability, and protection.

Is the motorcycle helmet brand based on lighter weight safe?

Yes, for safety and comfortability purposes, the lighter helmet is the safest one. Most of the helmet brand used polycarbonate, fiberglass, and carbon fiber materials because branded product enhances the quality of the product and increases its reliability, and they are safe for the rider.


After all the research, we can conclude that the best helmet is the one that suits you well. So before buying any helmet, be sure that it fulfills all your needs. All the Helmets should be safety-rated so that they can protect you from any kind of injury. After reading our detailed researched breakdown of each brand, you can choose one easily for yourself. 

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