Full Face Vs Modular Helmet

Modular Helmet Vs. Full-face Helmet—Find out The Best Option For You

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As your helmet keeps you safe on your hog, it is essential. But, which type will suit you? Today, you will get to know it in our article “Modular helmet vs. full-face helmet."

Every rider has certain comfort requirements when it comes to the safety gear of their motorbike. According to the needs of the rider, helmet companies give multiple options to meet the expectations of the riders.  

However, there are tons of helmets in the market that are made with a different concept in mind. By that, we mean some are created to provide comfort, and others concentrate only on the level of safety. In these types, two kinds of helmets are very famous among rides: modular and full-face helmets. Interestingly, when you look at these helmets from a distance, you won’t be able to tell the difference. 

That’s why we have written an article on Modular Helmet Vs. Full-face Helmet to help you spot the difference. Also, you will no longer find it confusing to purchase the right helmet for you. 

Modular Helmet

We will start off by sharing the main details that you need to know about both of these helmets. A modular helmet is made for those who like added comfort in their helmets. There is a hinge in these helmets that opens it into an open-faced helmet. That means there are somewhere in between open-faced and full-face helmets. We find it really funny when some people say that this helmet is mainly for smokers. There is no truth in this statement.

Modular helmets quickly flip up to expose your face, but they are not specifically for smokers. Anyone who likes to get fresh air on the way or while their motorbike is parked. This takes us to the next common misconception that you can flip up the visor while riding. 

It is better to use the open face feature when you stop by in the middle of the journey to breathe freely. You don’t have to take off your helmet at any point in the journey. In Modular helmets, the safety features that a full-faced helmet has, are absent. When a rider flips the chin bar of the helmet forward, the anterior of your helmet is more likely to get damaged on impact as compared to a full-faced helmet.

These helmets are ideal for the riders who feel the need to flipping up their chin bar and chit-chat with their friend when the traffic light turns red, or during the time they warm up their motorbike for a long rider. Mostly, these models have sun visors to give you better comfort while you are out on the open road.

Full-face Helmet

On the full-face helmet, we don’t have much to share. That is because every person has an idea of the functionality of the safety features of full-face helmets. One thing you must know is that it doesn’t leave a single stone unturned to keep your head protected while you ride. This type of helmet gives excellent protection for riders. Bodywise, it is in one piece. It is not susceptible, as there are no weak hinge systems or anything which is movable. 

Those riders who hit the race tracks pretty often must keep this piece of safety equipment with them. Only then you can be sure that you are completely safe at high speeds. A full-face helmet allows a snug fit. So, after wearing them for hours in the heat, you will not feel uncomfortable. 

To ensure that, the full-face helmets are made with lightweight material and aerodynamic. Hence, the extra weight on the head of the rider doesn’t distract him on the track.

Those who go on long rides or who live in areas with heavy traffic are going to need the optimum protection that a full-face helmet provides. Not only that, it protects the users from rain, small stones, and dust. To reassure that you don’t feel suffocated, it has several vents to keep the interior cool. 

Now that you the essential features of both types of helmets, let’s hop into the details. Next up, we have found some advantages and disadvantages of modular helmet in comparison to full-face helmet.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Modular Helmets

The Easy Mechanism

Who doesn’t like convenience? We all do. And, the flip front modular three-quarter helmets are super duper convenient. With its ability to open the anterior part of the helmet, you can have a face-to-face conversation with your group or fellow rider.  

In a situation where you stop to talk to a stranger, it is polite to show your face. So, you can easily you can flip it up and communicate while showing your face. Moreover, there are high chances that you’d be able to convey your message and get a positive response from the passerby.

It’s perfect for those who are touring. Especially in hot weather, you can inhale fresh air whenever you want to. 


To achieve the mechanism it has, the makers end up increasing the weight of the helmet. 

For Claustrophobic Riders

Some people feel suffocated in confined spaces. Surely, this can also happen they wear a full-face helmet. Those who have claustrophobic tendencies can be in danger inside a full-face helmet. Normally, when you ride, your eyes are on the road. Due to that, you don’t feel claustrophobic.

Nevertheless, when you stop, it may get a little difficult for you to respire without taking it off your head. That’s when having the option to flip up the helmet is brilliant.


Although they are convenient, they don’t possess a simple mechanism. Thus, they are a bit pricey.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Full-Face Helmets


First of all, we would like to mention that full-face helmets are lightweight. This feature makes it nice and comfy for the riders. 

Wide Range Of Designs

There are countless colors and styles in a full-face helmet to get the one that suits your motorbike, your safety clothing, etc.


They are available at a reasonable price as they have a straightforward mechanism. However, the price varies with the graphics, style, and brand you choose.


With the help of Statistics, we have concluded which one is safer between the modular helmet vs. full-face helmet.

According to a report, more than 27% of the accidents harm the area on the right side of your face, and over half of the impact, almost 26% of accidents, damaged the left side of the face. As compared to the front side o your face, the back of your head is less likely to get affected during an impact. 

As the modular helmet opens at the front, you must never ride your bike when it’s open. On the other hand, a full-face helmet provides more overall protection overall than any other helmet.

When you move forward at high speed, and you suddenly slip from your motorbike, initially, your head will hit the road. On that note, a full-face helmet will save you from scars and injuries.

From what we have mentioned earlier, it doesn’t mean that a modular helmet is unsafe. But, it is less safe than full-face helmets in some cases. And you must use it with caution to keep yourself safe.

Which One Is Better At Reducing The Noise?

Noise insulation may seem like an unimportant factor, but it can make you change your perfectly looking helmet.

Without beating around the bush, let us tell you that a full-face motorcycle helmet gives better insulation. Basically, it doesn’t have an aperture that would let the noise inside. So, it has the property to give the best acoustic insulation. 

Having said that, noise is a factor that relies on a number of things. You must pick the size of the helmet correctly, and the ventilation system must be good, the surrounding conditions. Except for that, your riding style, and the type of motorcycle you have, affect the noise insulation of a helmet.

On the flip side, a modular motorcycle helmet can also insulate the noise to a bearable level if you choose a high-quality model.

Final Words

After reading this article, you will know that if you want high-level protection, a full-face helmet is the one for you. And, if you are crazy about versatility and comfort, there is nothing that competes with a modular helmet. 

In the end, you have to decide which helmet is suitable for you. In our comparison between modular helmets vs. full-face helmets, we have written all the factors that play an integral role in decision making. After this, when you will enter a shop, you won’t get flustered by the type of helmets they have. On the contrary, you will know which one will provide maximum protection on your weekend getaways and motorway rides.

Note that whenever you purchase a helmet, make sure it is an ideal fit. If the helmet is too tight or too big, it’s going to be really uncomfortable. Even if that helmet looks great on you, it will cause problems during rides.

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