Can You Wear Glasses Under A Helmet?

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If you have a motorcycle and wear glasses, then you already know that wearing glasses under a helmet is not as easy as it seems. When you try to wiggle your sunglasses under your helmet, the expensive frame can be cracked. Anyhow after you manage to get the glasses through the lid, you will suffer from regular niggling of the glasses. This will eventually result in a lot of discomfort and shift your attention from your bike. 

Since it can be bothersome to wear glasses under a helmet, some riders do not use glasses. However, not wearing glasses can not be an option sometimes, especially when you wear prescription glasses. You might also need to wear glasses when you ride in the countryside because of the harsh sunlight.

Can You Wear Glasses Under A Helmet?

Of course, you can wear glasses under a helmet. While putting your helmet on, you have to face the trouble of squeezing the arms of your glasses into your helmet. Then the glass pushes against your head to fit through the helmet. It is uncomfortable and can even lead to headaches. Another trouble that you may face is the glasses move while your helmet moves which results in making your vision unbalanced. If you are tired of these problems and can not get rid of them, you should get the best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers.  

Get Glass-Friendly Helmet

The first thing you should do is to ensure that you get a helmet that is designed to be worn with glasses. This type of helmet has grooves and cutouts in the temples so that glasses fit perfectly inside the helmet. Such helmets can also keep the arms of your glasses from hitting the templates as well as touching your ears from behind. It will relieve you of irritation and pain in your ears. In this regard, an open-faced helmet can also give you a comfortable experience.

Look For Motorcycle-Friendly Glasses

Once you have got a glass-friendly helmet, you should get motorcycle-friendly glasses. You should get glasses that have thin arms, a thin frame, and are straight. Do not choose heavy or metal-framed glasses. Make sure that your glasses do not bend or else will bend under your helmet and can make you feel irritated. We recommend getting glasses with padded arms and rims so that you feel easy and comfortable while wearing a motorcycle helmet.   

Ensure The Right Fitting

It is not enough to buy the perfect glasses and helmet, you also have to make sure that both fit each other perfectly. Do not put any pressure on your glasses chiefly on your nose bridge as it can damage the glasses fiddle inside of your helmet. Even after ensuring the perfect fit, you should check whether the glasses have been smuggled properly before you start to ride.

How To Wear Glasses With A Helmet

Although we have already said that it is more difficult to put on glasses under a helmet than it seems, the right methods can make it easy. In this way, you do not have to give up wearing glasses with a helmet and will be able to enjoy a comfortable trip. 


Prescription glasses are typically made of metal and plastic frames. These glasses facilitate the vision of a person who has optical diseases to see clearly. In contrast, goggles protect the eyes from wind, dust, dirt, debris, and insects. 

With the aim of putting glasses or goggles on in such a way that they do not cause discomfort or pain, you should wear the right helmet model. Most glasses-wearer riders prefer open-face helmets. This type of helmet only shields your head while leaving a significant part of your face unguarded.


There has been confusion over whether sunglasses should be worn under or over a motorcycle helmet. The experienced motorcyclists suggest that the right way to put on sunglasses with a helmet is to wear the helmet first and then put on the sunglasses. In this way, you can easily put them on and take them off whenever you want. 

Necessary Precautions

It is not difficult to ride a motorcycle with glasses as long as you wear the right and perfectly fitted helmet and glasses. Apart from these, you should also maintain some necessary precautions.

  • Avoid using glasses that have thick temples and hinges as they block some peripheral vision in the course of the ride. 
  • For buying glasses, ensure that the glasses not only fit the helmet but also fit you. If you do not find your perfectly fitted glasses, you can get a pair of custom made glasses. 
  • When you ride, the glasses can be dirty and fog up. This can lead to a dangerous situation including a crash and collisions. Hence we recommend using a full-face helmet as its visor can protect your glasses from getting dirty and fogging up. 
  •  There are a number of products that you can use to keep your lenses from fogging up. You can also get anti-fog glasses that prevent any moisture build-up.  
  • Before you start your ride, make sure that the glasses and the helmet are perfectly fitted so as to avoid the glasses slipping off.   
  • The helmet with built-in sunglasses is what we recommend to those who always wear glasses during the ride. 
  • If you wear glasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight, you should get a helmet that has a UV proof visor.

Final Verdict

You can definitely wear any type of glasses under your helmet. However, wearing glasses with a helmet is quite tricky unless you use the correct method. It can cause discomfort and irritation, and finally, affect your center of attention. 

In the above, we have shared with you some important information related to wearing glasses with a helmet so that you can enjoy your ride without dust, sunlight, wind, water, or any other particles entering your eyes.

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