Honda Grom Vs Ruckus

Honda Grom Vs Ruckus – What’s The Difference?

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If you plan to buy a lightweight bike, you have got the two best options available from the house of Honda. Both Honda Grom and Honda Ruckus are the best in the commuter bike category; at the same time; they are fitted for off-roading as well.

One of the most important features we all look for is fuel efficiency. These two bikes are known for their fuel efficiency. I have tried going deep down from their specs to their pros and cons in this article. I sincerely hope that this article helps readers to understand which bike to choose from.

Honda Grom

Honda Ruckus

Honda Grom: 

Back in 2014, this bike won the prestigious Motorcycle USA’s Motorcycle of the year award. For the last decade, this bike has been ruling the charts. It provides power output, and at the same time, its fuel efficiency is envious of other makers. On 10 horsepower, it can reach up to 60 mph. The bike offers 134 miles per gallon performance at the end of the day. 

The bike is a mix of a scooter and a sports bike. If you are a beginner, you can use it for both reasons. The versatility of this bike is one of its main USPs. If you are a bike lover or a bike enthusiast, you can choose this bike and have the features of both a scooter and a sports bike. It also doesn’t take a lot of space in the garage, and that is another advantage of using this bike. 

This bike has a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a 125 cc capacity. This is a lightweight bike with easy handling features. It offers an average of 56 mph speed, and under the right conditions, it can provide up to 62 mph. This bike also offers 7000 rpm. It also offers a 4-speed manual transmission, which is another important feature of the bike. This bike also has front and rear disk brakes, which are perfect from the security point of view. 


  • This bike has the perfect good look for a commuter one. It is slim, sleek, and rowdy at the same time. 
  • This bike has an all-digital instrument console which is perfect for a commuter bike. 
  • It also comes with advanced technology, and people have loved it for a decade. 
  • This bike comes with ABS, which ensures the safety of the rider. 
  • The build of the bike is solid, and you can see that from outside as well. 
  • It provides good mileage to a daily commuter. 


  • This bike doesn’t have 5th gear. 
  • This bike doesn’t have tubeless tires. 

Honda Ruckus: 

If you are looking for a resilient and rugged scooter, Honda has it for you. Ruckus is one of the greatest innovations from the house of Honda, and people love this scooter like anything. This bike has a lightweight skeletal frame and also big and large tires. 

If you want a bike that provides you with fun riding, this is the perfect one for you. It is an inexpensive model and quite lighter than Honda Grom. So, people that want comfort and at the same time don’t want to spend a lot of money should choose this bike instead of its counterparts available in the market. 

This bike has a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, 49 cc engine. You only need a driver’s license to ride this particular bike. It offers 8000 rpm and 40 mph top speed. This bike offers 114 mph fuel economy. The weight is 194 pounds which is very light in comparison to other scooters available in the market. The CVT transmission requires no input in this case. It has a twin-downtube fork front suspension. This scooter has front and rear drum brakes for security. 


  • The exhaust system is silent, which is amazing. 
  • The fast acceleration feature is the best among the counterparts. 
  • This bike has well-padded seats and offers an amazing ride for the rider. 
  • It has secure parking brakes. 
  • It has a backup kickstart level. 
  • The battery is totally maintenance-free. 
  • The scooter offers environment-friendly output, which is the best part of it. 


  • It has drum brakes instead of disk ones. 
  • It has a solo seat, so you cannot take anyone along with you. 

Things to consider when buying:

Before you pay a fortune for a bike, you need to consider a few points. Here are the top considerations you need to make. 

  • Experience of the rider: You, as a rider, would decide which bike is comfortable as per your experience. If you are an experienced rider, a big touring bike is perfect for you. But if you are an inexperienced one, you should always stick to commuter bikes or scooters. If you are comfortable riding on rough patches, you can surely handle big bikes. 
  • Where to ride? The next thing to consider would be the terrain where you will ride your bike. If you live in the mountains and want a bike to ride through the rough terrain of mountain roads, you need a touring or heavy-duty bike. Whereas if you live in the plains, a city bike will do good for you. Before you choose any random bike, please check whether you can ride it around your home or not!
  • How frequently are you going to use the bike? Will you use the bike every day or some days in a week? Are you going to take the bike to your office every day or choose a touring bike for once in a month use? The frequency of usage matters when you choose a bike. You can express your requirements to the owner of the store, and he will suggest you an accurate bike for your use. 
  • You can choose a sports bike in which you have to sit in an aggressive mode. These bikes are for track rides and not for everyday use.
  • You can choose cruiser bikes. In this type, the rider has to lean back a little and have to spread his legs in front. The hands will also be stretched in front. These are for highway rides. If you ride from one place to another through national highways or state highways, these should be your pick. 
  • Now comes the street bikes. If you live on the plains and are looking for a bike for your daily activities, you should choose this bike. If you have to deal with traffic signals every day, you need to choose this type of bike. 
  • Tourer bikes are those in which you will get the comfort of city bikes at the same time the speed of cruiser bikes. Riders that want to go on a long journey and want comfort at the same time should choose this type of bike. 
  • Dirt bikes come last on the list. These are hard bikes and are specifically designed for short city tours. When the sports, tourer, and cruiser ones are perfect for long journeys, dirt bikes are quite economical and provide the same type of performance. 
  • Fuel efficiency: You will buy a bike for your daily use, and you won’t bother about fuel efficiency? This is a myth, and you should accept that. Everyone looks for a stellar performance of the bike and, at the same time, fuel efficiency. So while buying the bike, you must consider a bike that provides enough fuel efficiency. 
  • The physique of the rider: Rider’s physique matters the most while buying a bike. You need to consider your body type and weight before choosing a bike for your daily commute. If your height is short and you want a cruiser or sportbike, it will be inconvenient for you. You should go for a test ride before finalizing the bike. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Which type of bike should I choose for my office commute? 

Ans: City bikes are there for office commutes. If you have to cross a lot of traffic on your way to the office, you need to choose this type of bike. Apart from that, you have to consider some more features too. 

  • Which type of bike is best for highway rides? 

Ans: There are two types of bikes available for long highway rides. You can either choose a Tourer or a Cruiser bike. You can use the cruiser ones to your office too, but the tourer is strictly used for your highway journeys. 

  • If I am short, can I buy a cruiser? 

Ans: It depends on your comfort and your choice. If you are confident enough and an experienced rider, you can any day choose a cruiser. Generally, short people are not comfortable on cruiser bikes, but if you are comfortable, you can choose any day. 

  • Which documents should I submit while buying a Ruckus? 

Ans: You need to submit attested copies of your ID proof, two passport size photographs, residence proof, etc. You must talk to the owner of the shop before going there. They can explain if there is something else they require. 

  • How to get a loan, and what documents should I require while buying a new Grom on loan? 

Ans: When you go to the showroom, you will get options to buy through a loan. The guy out there will explain their requirements, and you can go back and bring your documents to avail of the loan. You need ID proof, income certificate, or payslip before applying for the loan. The personnel will check whether you are eligible for the loan or not. They need the payslip to make sure that you will repay the loan. 

  • After how many days of booking can I take the Ruckus home? 

Ans: It depends on the availability of the bike and the documents required for the purchase. If your documents are up to date, you can take the bike on the same day. If the bike is not available at the showroom, ask them when you can get that at the earliest. 

  • Will the showroom deliver the Grom at my doorstep, or should I get it delivered by myself? 

Ans: Generally, people go and take the bike home. If you have obligations, you can request the showroom owner. You can also hire a car delivery company. They can arrange everything in exchange for a certain sum of money. 

Final words:

Both these bikes are the best productions of Honda company, and they have different usage and fan base. You can choose anyone between these two depending on your convenience and choice. We have enlisted every detail of both Honda Grom and Honda Ruckus here. You can go through the details of these bikes before finalizing one for your use. I hope this article helped you to choose one and you ended up buying the best bike for your use. 



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