Honda Grom weight limit

Honda Grom Weight Limit

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According to urban dictionaries, “grom” means a young kid. Usually under the age of 14-15 who are into extreme sports like street skateboarding or something fun and adventurous. Thus, when Honda Grom first came into the market, it targeted the young generation and skilfully captured the market over the last eight years. Since then, the bike has become one of the best-selling products of Honda company and rightfully placed itself in the street motorcycle segment 

Though because of its small size, the question can arise: what is the bike’s weight limit, and how can someone overweight manage and feel the zeal of the sports bike. The official manual of the Honda Grom shows that the bike can carry a maximum of 309 lbs or 140 kgs. That means it can carry two people. One rider and one passenger. This is just a simple answer regarding the Honda Grom weight limit, but you need to keep in mind the other details if you are keen on knowing the maximum weight limit of the Honda Grom bike.

Pros and cons of the bike: 


  • The light and compact design make the bike a perfect street bike for the young generation.
  • With superior suspension technology and a disc braking system, the bike can be stopped at just one point.


  • Fuel consumption is not as economic as the company claims. 103 mph is reality whereas the company claimed it to be 156 mph.
  • As you need to ride forward-leaning position, some riders complain of cramps in the back. 

The old vs new model:

One interesting thing before diving into a detailed discussion about the maximum weight limit of the bike, one thing must be pointed out that old versions could carry a max of  340 lbs or 154 kgs whereas the new versions can carry 309 lbs or 140 kg. Honda has been manufacturing the bike since 2014, but the recent lowering of the maximum weight limit can be because of a slicker design.

Riding with luggage:

When you ride with mounted luggage, the center of gravity shifts, affecting the bike’s control and balance. This is more important for a small motorcycle like Grom. The new bike manual doesn’t specify the exact weight limit, but past ones had 3kg. This limit can seem a little less, but it’s because Grom can easily be toppled. You should not add more weight to the tail bags or top boxes. Because of the design, these weights ride high on the bike; it won’t be easy to control and maneuver. If you have saddlebags, you can add a little more weight, i.e., very minor, as the bike is tiny anyway. 

Riding with passengers:

As said earlier, the bike has a weight limit of 140 kg, which means approximately two people weighing around 154 lbs or 70kgs can sit on the bike. A larger person should sit in the front as the lighter person in the rear end. It’s because of the format by which pillion is designed which gives more control and acceleration when weight is put on the front wheel. The surprising is the torque part, which is when you put more weight gets affected and can delay when the bike starts. But once it gets started, there will be no such problem.

Big and tall riders:

It’s difficult to ride a small bike like Grom for taller and larger humans. If you are well below the maximum weight limit, there should not be an issue, but you should keep a spare tire in the mid or put your weight forward if you are more than that. This forward-leaning position may be tough for tall people.

How weight affects the performance of the Grom:

Many people think that when you add more weight to the front wheel of the bike, it will affect the top speed of the bike, but the reality is it will only make the acceleration better; nothing more than that. But if you try to cross the aforesaid weight, it may make the performance a little choppy and slow. 


Finally, you need to pay extra attention to the handling. Try to distribute the weight along the body with the bike if tall; it will make your ride smoother and safer. Even with so many weight problems, Honda Grom is an excellent bike for first-time riders.

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