Cardo Freecom 4X Headset Review

Cardo Freecom 4X Headset Review

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For the Freecom 4x, Cardo provides an excellent handbook and solid online assistance.

The Cardo Freecom 4x headset is one of the best models available in the market right now. There are no features that are lacking, and also the implementations are among the best in the industry. It’s an excellent helmet Bluetooth intercom gadget if we live without net radio functionality. Cardo Freecom 4X headsets provide the most advanced voice control technology available. They have a sleek, minimalist look, immersive noise cancellation, and natural voice recognition that is constantly on. An intriguing product with high-quality sound, robust amplification, and good call clarity.

The Cardo Freecom 4X headset is the highest-end model in Cardo’s Freecom line. This unit offers particular benefits in a thin and compact design, with the capacity to link up to 4 bikers at a radius of 0.75 miles and the option to use voice instructions (Natural Voice Operation). Live Intercom with auto-reconnect, Over-the-Air software upgrades, the changeover to USB Type-C connector, and the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connection are all included in the unit’s updates. The 40mm JBL speakers deliver several of the cleanest and strongest audio on the market, and the Freecom 4X includes all of the features we’ve come to expect from the Freecom 4 series.

Cardo Freecom 4X Review


  • JBL speakers provide exceptional sound quality.
  • Longer battery life
  • Call merging, music sharing, voice control, and other innovative features
  • Controls are pretty intuitive, specifically the razor-thin wheel
  • Updates to the software are done over the air.


  • The higher price point
  • Mesh technology is not available.
  • The Range is restricted.
  • Only the Type-C Connector can be used.

Things to consider before buying


With JBL Sound, Natural Voice Operation, Live Intercom for up to 4 riders, and plenty of other fantastic features, it’s everything we’ve ever wanted in a high-end motorcycle intercom. The cost is $269.95 in the United States and Rs 20,767 in India. Cardo Freecom 4x Duo is $500. Half-helmet package: $45; second-helmet package: $80; second-helmet package with JBL speakers: $120


  • Intercom In Realtime

Real-time audio. A real-time connection. Using our all-new motor Bluetooth intercom, we may enjoy excellent audio quality.

For four riders with a range of up to 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles).

Riders up to 4 riders Range -1200M

  • JBL Sound System

JBL engineers built powerful 40mm high-definition speakers with a carefully tuned music processor and three separate audio settings to make our riding experience spectacular.

  • Waterproof

The waterproof Cardo FREECOM 4x headset would take a hammering and keep us connected no matter what you throw at it. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, shining, muddy, dusty, or snowing.

  • Natural Voice Operation

Always keep one’s hands on the steering wheel and our eyes on the road. Our always-on, natural speech operating engine eliminates the need to press buttons.

And all we have to do is say “hello, Cardo” and ask it what we want, and our FREECOM 4x will take care of the rest.

  • Software Updates Over The Air

It’s never been easier to keep our unit up to date. Download and install the newest software directly to our Freecom 4x with our Cardo Connect App. There are no cables required.

  • Every Possible Feature

Operation with Natural Voices

Say “Hey Cardo,” and the Cardo FREECOM 4x headset will take care of the rest.


The design is rugged and waterproof, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Built-in FM radio with RDS automatically selects the most robust signal, whether we are in town or out in the middle of nowhere.

Software/Updates Received Over-the-Air

The Cardo Connect App could not be used to update our unit immediately.

Connects to any other Bluetooth headset, regardless of manufacturer.

Automatic Volume Control

Adjusts the level of one’s music based on the ambient noise outside.

Streaming music

All of the music we’ve ever wanted is now available to stream directly from our smartphones. Control, share, and enjoy our favorite tune while driving.

GPS and phone

With the simple touch and the tone of one’s voice, individuals may make calls and manage their GPS.

Rapid recharging

Do we have a dead battery? Following 20 minutes of charging, we’ll have a 2 hour talk time battery.

Type C USB

USB type C is a robust and versatile connector that allows us to connect to any device easily.


Hey, Cardo comes in handy if we talk about usability. Say “hello, Cardo” and tell it what you want, and your FREECOM 4x will take care of the rest. Connects to any other Bluetooth headset, regardless of manufacturer. Cardo System is available to assist you with Freecom 4 Support. Using the universal connection to connect to a non-Cardo headset (Cardo Gateway).

Features and Benefits


  • 1.9 inches in height
  • 3.1 inches in width
  • 0.4 inches in depth
  • 1.3 ounces in weight
  • The diameter of the speaker is 1.6 inches.
  • 0.4-inch depth of the speaker


  • Time to talk: Up to 13 hours
  • Time on standby: 10 days
  • Time to charge the battery: 2 hours (2 hours talk time after 20 minutes)
  • 0.75-mile working distance (maximum of 4 riders in a group)
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2


  • Compatibility with Helmets

It’s simple to attach this headset to 34 modular and full-face helmets. A clip and an adhesive pad are included on the external cradle. To connect or disconnect the central unit, we can use a function. Cardo has also provided Velcro pads to assist with installing the wired microphone on full-face helmets.

Dimensions and Weight

The primary unit is only 34 grams, so it adds a lot of convenience without weighting down your helmet. The Freecom 4 Plus now has one of the tiniest headphone dimensions on the market, measuring 79 mm x 20 mm x 49 mm (LxDxH). The speakers have a diameter of 40 mm and a depth of 9.2 mm, and they fit snugly into the helmet without putting pressure on the rider’s ears.

  • Control Wheel and Voice Controls

The media button, which handles songs and the FM radio, is one of three buttons on the central unit. The intercom button is used to communicate with other headsets in the network. O calling options are mainly controlled via the phone button. These buttons trigger a series of other instructions when used in conjunction or pushed for a couple of seconds.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

JBL devices deliver crisp, clear audio while pushing noise cancellation to new heights. This headset kit makes it possible! We can communicate with other riders or listen to music without skipping a beat, thanks to the 40mm JBL speakers. With this set of speakers, the audio quality when receiving calls is unrivaled. Anyone who owns a JBL sound system knows exactly what I’m talking about.

  • Optional Pairings

We may use the Freecom 4 Plus to synchronize our headsets with four other cyclists simultaneously. We’ll need the phone app from Play Store or the App Store for this. 4 is the optimum number of links for a Wireless communication channel, with any extra device upsetting the established connection.

When paired, we possess two communication channels that we may assign to our cell phones, GPS devices, or media players in any combination that meets our needs. It has Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility, so we can instantly connect it with non-Cardo headsets. However, several user reviews claim that the connectivity with non-Cardo headphones is not very smooth.


The Freecom 4x is very simple as every other intercom system. The baseplate is attached to the helmet using a clamp or glue, and the microphones and speaker pigtails must be placed inside the helmet. If we don’t want a fraction of an inch of wire showing on the outside of the helmet, certain helmets may require a small hole to be made in the cheek/ear liner. Well, it’s only a matter of placing the loudspeakers in the ear predrilled holes ports and concealing the wiring under the inner lining. To avoid brushing my lips against the microphone while speaking, we usually place it at the very edge of the chin liner. The 4x snaps into position after the plate is mounted.

Other Features

We’d be negligent if we didn’t highlight the following characteristics:

  • Radio

Most motorbike headsets come with built FM radio as standard equipment. Hands-free radio control is available on the Cardo Freecom 4 Plus. “Hey Cardo, radio on!” all we need is for us to start bobbing our heads to some music. When changing the radio station, we don’t have to remove our hands off the knob. “Hey Cardo, new station or previous station,” they say. You say, “Hey Cardo, radio off!” when we become bored listening to music.

  • Share one’s music

We can use voice commands to browse through our record collection. The music sharing option, however, is the device’s most valuable feature. Another paired user can listen to our music or listen to our radio station.

  • Call and Intercom should be combined

This capability allows users to teleconference an inbound or outbound call to the network.

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The Cardo Freecom 4X outperforms its nearest competitor in terms of audio quality, making it a must-have for any audiophile cruising our highways. It’s worth noting that newer headsets are using Dynamic Mesh Technologies.

Compared to the Bluetooth 4.1 on the Cardo Freecom 4X headset, these technologies provide a more dynamic intercom range. As a result, selecting this device implies putting audio quality ahead of dynamic range connectivity.

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