Why Does Only One Headlight Works On Some Motorcycles

Why Does Only One Headlight Works On Some Motorcycles?

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Risking the lives of your family and others while they walk on the road is an impregnable and dangerous thing to do, even if you can easily avoid it. Driving at night with a low headlight beam or if your headlight isn’t working may cause a problem. There are a few reasons you are might unaware of the headlight shutdown. However, you can resolve the issue on your own if you know well about the working principle of headlights. This article may help you to resolve your problem by yourself.

  • Sockets for Headlights

Most automobiles’ headlights are made up of headlight bulbs that are plugged into sockets. Corrosion can occur in these sockets over a long duration. Any defective problem could cause this. This results in a faulty connection with the headlight bulb, and so the headlight does not glow. 

The headlights on some automobiles are linked together so that if one turns off, the other one also shuts down. This indicates that a rusted connection could cause the headlights to fail. High beams are separate from low beams, so they work fine even if low beams stop working. However, this isn’t safe to use as high beams often make the next driver blind, resulting in a severe accident.

  • Switch of Headlights

Lever switches usually manage the high beams on the side of the steering wheel. This switch is very easy to use and saves time, but it may ultimately fail. We usually don’t see this problem often, but it does happen. If the issue is with the switch, you’ll have trouble switching on the light. To be sure, take it to your local authorized dealer and have it looked at by an expert. If you know the root cause behind the non-working light, you can get it fixed.

  • Relay or Fuse of Headlights

Every electrical part of your car is protected by the fuse, including the headlights. When excessive electricity is passing through them, it causes a circuit breakdown. This helps to protect all of the circuit parts. It is possible that if a headlight fuse blows, the headlights will stop working. Some of the headlights are protected with the relay. It switches the power between low and high beams. If this relay breaks, the high beam will still work, but the low beam won’t.

  • Headlight Connection

The system won’t work with the wrong wiring, just like it won’t work with another power system. This is also true for the headlights of your automobile. The headlights may cease working if any animal has chewed the cables or the connection may be broken.

  • Bulbs for Headlights

The most known reason why the car’s high beam headlights work but the low beam does not is the bulbs. This happens because the low beams are used more frequently than the high beams, resulting in them burning out more quickly.

Why are these headlights built this way?

Well, it is not discreet using the two headlights on your favorite motorbike. Whereas, the question here arises that why are the motorcycles geared with just a single headlight? How does it work? The answer to this is that it has been manufactured with a sleek quality design that makes it light up the way in darkness. 

Some are fused with the modernized two headlights, where others kept their heritage with the one. At the same time, others have merged the modern and old ways by fusing them both while keeping the one with dim light at bay. That way, it will be a time savior and enhance your safety precautions in a well-organized way. 

What is the reason that the High beam Headlights works but the low beam does not?

We commonly see that there are two headlights in the motorbikes, but it works just the one. We often question ourselves, why is that so? As we have briefly explained earlier, one is geared with the powerful high beam while that of the other has a low beam. 

Regardless of the beam’s intensity, these headlights are placed at a very short distance apart from each other. So even if the biker switches on both of them, the light fuses and reflects a focal point crossing over the low beam and merging as one. 

In what way can you increase the visibility while riding a motorbike?

It will surely help a rider to be able to see far distant places while cruising on the road. However, when it gets dark, it will become more difficult to see the incoming traffic or if something gets in the way. To avoid such horrible circumstances, one needs to be able to see in the dark. 

Whereas the debate of why there is only one headlight ensures that the rays won`t be strong enough to blind the other person is coming through. For this reason, the motorcycle is infused with one headlight and is meant to be dim with the low beam. Besides, the other one is used to shower sharp light for if you want to see the distant places.  

Sometimes, it becomes frustrating choosing which way to be followed to make your motorbike perfect in every way. In order to avoid the hassle of running someone over with your bike, it is always safe to maintain the headlights and brakes after a couple of uses. Follow these simple steps to make these lights work perfectly. 

Replacing the old headlight with the new one

If you are a motorbike enthusiast, then you might have to check the headlights after every ride for if they are working properly. For the halogen lights, they need to be upgraded as well with time.  

Halogen lights are not enough to lighten up your way. They are less bright and cause difficulty in the vision from the biker as well as for the other drivers. That being said, try to find LED lights that work perfectly and are considered one of the best options in the market.

Wear Visible Outfits

If you want yourself to be prominent even in the dark, it is suggested to go for the bright colors. However, choose the outfit carefully as the dark colors such as black and dark brown are the worst ever choices that could become the death of you or some other person as they won`t see you. 

Wear a bright colored jacket or a beautifully wrapped helmet in a shiny casing that will reflect the rays making others aware of your presence. Choose such objects that will make your standing more prominent. 

Color your bike with Reflective Stuff

The market is full of such objects that will make your bike visible even at the night. There are various reflective tapes and shiny paints that will increase your visibility and make yourself prominent to the other drivers. 

Final Verdict

Nobody wants their headlights to go out while driving late at night. When the ordinary headlights get off, the high beams may still work, but it’s just not safe to drive around with your high beams on, blinding other cars and risking the lives of other drivers and families. We hope that this guide will be of great help to you. Thanks! 

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