How To Ride A Motorcycle -Crash Course

How To Ride A Motorcycle? – A Crash Course

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Learning any ride will not be easy, and the rider might need a lot of training, as riding a bike is quite exquisitely enjoyable. However, it can help the rider to release stress, it is a complete blast and tons of fun, and that is not just for those who are out trying wheelies and that kind of things even if you are going out for a ride for a cruise or a ride to the countryside.

To ride, the first thing you need is a driving license. For that purpose, you have to take a test called CBT. CBT test costs might vary from region to region. A person can teach himself how to ride, but it is recommended to take motorcycle riding courses, a person should also find. Motorcycle safety course in their area thus it is one of the important things in learning how to ride.

You need to decide first which motorcycle you would be able to ride; it might depend on the distance you will travel every day from work to home. The license for motorcycle vary from bike to bike and have various restriction accordingly while riding a person can feel fun, relaxing, pleasant and fear at the same time. 

And most importantly about the motorcycle courses, there are two types of courses one is the basic motorcycle rider course, and the other one is advanced course both of the courses help you the basic motorcycle course teaches you how to ride, the advanced motorcycle course teaches how to survive falling off. 

Things you should and should not do as motorcycle riders

There is something about it being out in fresh air; it is just a blast; and so much fun. As you grow old, the responsibility of teaching the younger ones on how to ride can get you back to where you feel young again; you feel alive; you look forward to waking up, going out, riding safe while having fun.

Here are some things you should be doing that will guide you to learning to ride; riding is not hard to learn; if you are interested in learning, we are here to make it even easier for you.

Keep your Heels In

Keep your heels on the pegs, which will help you with a grip and control over the bike. Not everyone has mastered it. However, your posture and feet placement must be in a proper position. This will help you to control the movement and turning of the bike perfectly. Along with that, it will also make your leg muscles strong.

Keep Your Legs Tight and Upper Body Loose

You must be able to keep your knees and legs against the gas stake for those guys on a sports bike, but other riders keep it close, not super wideout. However, it might feel comfortable sometimes, but you want to keep it nice and close to having full control over the motorbike in making a turn. So you will able to control your bike just with your legs. 

Think of controlling your bike with your feet, knees, and hips you are barely touching the handlebars; that way, you will feel more connected with the bike, so try keeping your knees close to the gas tank you will feel the difference when it comes to controlling the bike.

Keep You Are Visor Closed 

Safety comes first; always wear a helmet while riding especially full-face helmets. There can be big bugs, rocks there could be debris that’s going to kick up from drivers you do not want to get pegged on the face.

If your helmet is hot, and you won’t wind into your helmet, get a helmet with higher ventilation or better than what you are currently using because you need to save your face, especially your eyes and mouth. Also, you do not want a giant bug or rock slammed into your face. 

Do Not Brake in a Turn 

Do not break in making a turn before it might become dangerous for you. However, when you are going too fast, and you`re about to make a turn, it`s better to slow your speed. This will ensure your safety and make the mobility of the motorbike easier. 

If you try to make a rash move and apply brake during the turn, it might lock up the front tire. As a result, you might slide through a little slide crash and break before turning it very important and accelerating while going through the turn.

Be Safe

That being said, the first thing that will help you feel more confident and safer is whether you are wearing your gear all the time helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, armor, and boots, everything. Even that won`t insure your 100% safety.

However, you will feel much safer after wearing all the gear. Even if you end up going down in a crash, it will not hurt you as much as without the gear, so you should wear gear while riding.

Be Comfortable and Confident

The first thing you should do to make you feel more comfortable and confident is to stay away from the hilly areas if you are a newbie. Otherwise, such kinds of places make you feel nervous. Sometimes, when they start riding, most people are afraid to ride on a highway, so they should stay away from the highway for a while. After that, it will come to you to be a little patience.

Low-Speed Practice

You might be spending a lot of time in parking lots for practice purposes. Whereas, make sure to keep the speed slow and practice consistently every day. This will help you develop road sense, and you will be able to learn that way effectively. Moreover, you will be able to control the motorbike at its high and low pace wherever you want it to be. 

Try Doing Maintenance at your own

Therefore, if you do the work on your bike instead of sending it to a mechanic, that will help you in a way to understand its functioning. Moreover, it will help you develop mechanical technicality and understand how to get it right whenever something goes wrong. The more you spend time learning how to tackle your bike, the more comfortable you will feel while riding on it because you understand it better if you know how something works.

Some merits and Demerits 

As there are some positive aspects of learning how to ride a motorbike, there are some cons. However, you should get the hang of such things before going out and risking your lives.


  • It forces you to get some time off to yourself and blow the steam while running towards the video games get off the social media. Moreover, it helps you feel the fresh breeze and bathing under the sunlight to get some Vitamin D to nourish your body and soul. Back to nature, back to where we belong.
  • Riding has proven many health benefits both mentally and physically. For example, riding reduces stress levels studies say that you burn more calories when you are rocking it on the motorcycle.
  • It helps you socialize, so if you are from those looking for a community looking to hang out with other people, it is just the activity for this purpose. 
  • It is a challenge, and there is always room to grow and progress no matter how long you have been riding or how little time you be riding. There are things to learn, and you can challenge yourself not to get bored and have fun.


  •  Motorcycles are way too hard to ride during bad weather. A certain area where it starts raining or heavy snowfall and when the weather gets super windy. In addition, under the hot summer sun, riding in a car, bus, or some other vehicle will be much better than riding a motorcycle; it can be very dangerous. 
  • Motorcycles have less space as you always have to wear a backpack, and sometimes you do not have things you need to use. While other vehicles like cars or trucks, even the smallest of them have way more space than a motorcycle, especially when you are going grocery shopping.
  • Motorcycles can be dangerous even if you are wearing gloves, helmet, pants, jacket, and all the other safety gears for protection because the car or trucks and other vehicles are protectors themselves with the crumple zone, so it absorbs impact it absorbs the G-forces on top of that you have seatbelts, airbags, etc. 
  • It is easier to get a driver’s license than a permit for riding a motorbike. However, if you want to drive a vehicle, you got to take the rule of the road test then you got to take the practical test. 
  • The legal age for getting a permit is around 16 or 18, but you have to take the road test rules if you want to ride motorcycles. Other than that, there are some written tests that you have to clear. Furthermore, it is going to be a bumpy ride for you.  

Final Verdict

Riding a motorcycle is considered more dangerous than other rides, but it depends on the rider itself. If the rider is not good with his skill, he might end up in an accident, whether it is a motorcycle or a car. To be safe, you should wear gloves, a helmet, pants, jacket. In addition, you should get yourself five-star safety gear. That way, you can have a safe ride on your favorite vehicle.

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