Why Are Electric Motorcycles Failing?

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Electric motorcycles hold great significance in this modern world. However, their complex built-in ergonomics need to be well-maintained to make them last longer. Having said that, it also comes at a cost, and sometimes, any failure could lead to a great loss. 

At times, this loss could be financial, or otherwise, it could cost you a life. Therefore, it is always better to check your electric motorcycles regularly to keep them in good shape. Make sure to have a little test run before you take it out on the road. 

Reasons behind the failure of Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are known to be faster than regular ones, but they do have their unique dangers. Now, what these dangers are and how they affect our electric motorcycles, which could harm us in the long run. We are going to discuss some of them here. So let`s get right to it. 

1. Motor overkill

Sometimes, you`ll observe that the motor of your electric motorcycle is drawing an excessive amount of current. This leads to overload. Furthermore, it concludes with one problem that is the insufficient amount of torque. 

The symptoms to approximate the motor overload are that it starts to become hot due to overheating. It happens when the motor is forced due to sudden trauma upon the bike to process more current than its built-in potential. 

2. Excessive Heat

Endothermic conditions in which lots of overheating due to environmental changes cause the electric motorcycle mechanism to disrupt. It is the top-most reason for the failure of the electric motorcycles. However, if the conditions are put to the optimal limit, it is more likely to increase the shelf life of your electric motorcycles. 

Excessive heat production due to the overload, or sometimes the absorption of heat from the environment, both are hazardous for your motorcycle`s condition. In the interim, causing the motor to be dysfunctional as well as leads towards the motor failure. Therefore, it is advised to keep your motor safe from heat above 10°C. 

3. Moisture and Humidity

Among other factors, humidity has a great impact on the shelf life of the motors. In addition, these factors hold a key role in corroding the metal as the motor is purely made of steel, so it is more likely to get rusted when staying in a damp environment. 

Moisture leads to insulation failure. Along with that, it will destroy the motor shafts, corrode away the bearings, and above all, destroys the protective layer from the surface.  Moreover, the motor needs to stay warm if kept inactive for long. 

However, if one fails to do so, it will result in the motor drop to the dew point temperature, and there will be serious consequences. In addition, there must be 80% or less amount of humidity to keep the motor running at an average pace when used regularly. This helps reduce or eliminate the risks of getting the bike corroded while reducing the risk of damage. 

4. Contaminants and Dirt Particles

Dirt is the most leading cause of troubling the mechanisms of motors. However, if you take a long journey ride upon the motorcycle to some slum area or near the desert or hilly area, your bike is more likely to be covered in dirt. 

That being said, it will contaminate the functioning parts and blocks the cooling fans. This would eventually lead towards the override and heats the motor. Now you all know what happens when the motor heats up above its optimum level. It would start drawing more current and ultimately ends up damaging the motor. That is another reason for the electric motorcycles’ failure. 

However, when there is moisture in the air, it causes more damage. The dirt particles get stick to the surface due to the humidity forming extremely harmful and corrosive substances that will ultimately shorten the shelf life of your electric bikes.

5. Resistance

Among other reasons, resistance holds somewhat an important impact on the motor failure of electric motorcycles. One of the major reasons for the electric motorcycle failure is the low resistance. This happens due to the motor override or sometimes because of excessive heat being generated or absorbed by the electric motor. 

This feature is much complicated than the others as well as difficult to overcome. Besides, other factors are also responsible for the low resistance: corrosion, physical damage to the electric motors, or sometimes overheating of certain motorcycles parts. 

What happens to the motorcycle is that these symptoms could easily disrupt the mechanism of the motor windings by blocking their functionality. Ultimately, it results in short circuits and therefore leads to fuel leakage by destroying the electric motors. 

6. Vibration 

Stop there right away whenever you feel like the motorcycle has started making some unusual noises and vibrations. Then, take it to the mechanics and run tests to check what is causing the vibrations. 

Some users might take it lightly. However, it is the basic source of motor failure. The reasons behind these conditions are whether the motor is not properly placed or positioned indiscreetly. The bumpy surface would also lead towards the vibrations. 

With that being said, if these vibrations keep on going, it would make your electric motorcycle vulnerable to losing the bearings while corroding the motor. To avoid such hazards, keep a regular check upon the condition of your motorcycle and always have a test ride before going out on the long routes. 

Final Verdict

Electric motorcycles need to be handled properly with the touch of maintenance now and then. Some factors could reduce the average redundancy of your electric bikes. However, maintaining a proper check to see where the problem arises is necessary to keep yourself safe from unprecedented accidents. This will save you a lot of trouble and increase the shelf life of your electric motorcycles. Keep on reading, and you might get some important clues on how to fix the upcoming problems. Until then, keep reading. Thanks! 

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