Uclear Motion Infinity Review

Uclear Motion Infinity Helmet Communicator Review

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The ability to listen to music, make calls, and chat with friends makes a helmet communication system a must-have gadget for many motorcyclists. However, competition in this arena is tough, and products are constantly evolving to improve the essential function trinity and bring new features to the table. Technological advancements are taking over almost everything in our daily lives; the Uclear Motion Infinity Bluetooth Headset is another addition to it. UClear Digital includes all the standard niceties and pushes its feature list to an epic length with the MOTION Infinity.

Uclear Motion Infinity


  • Bluetooth: V5.0 (BR/EDR/BLE), Class 1
  • Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, GATT
  • Intercom range: Up to 1.2 km per person (0.75 miles)
  • Talk time: up to 18 hours
  • Standby time: 400 hours
  • Operating temperature: -40 ◦C to 60 ◦C.
  • Charging temperature: 0 ◦C to 45 ◦C.
  • Charging time: 2.3 to 3 hours.
  • Controller dimensions: 72mm x 44mm x 26mm (2.8” x 1.7” x 1”)
  • CLEARLink mobile app: compatible with android 4.2 and further versions, Apple iOS 8 and further.
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces

Even if the feature list of MOTION Infinity is comprehensive, USAFE’s crash detection and gesture control are the most distinctive characteristics of the device. The headset does not utilize a button but permits control via the motions of the system. The incredible sensitivity of the headset reduces the impediment of thick motorcycle gloves while enabling riders to interact via a complete duplex intercom. USAFE Crash Detection employs a sensor to detect significant collisions and send a distress message to designated contacts. Management substitutes a laser sensor that you wave the maneuver by discovering little buttons. Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, and the ability to remotely upgrade firmware via mobile apps highlight less spectacular features.

In the UClear package, you have a Quick Start Guide, cables to load, a Wall Charger, and a 12V Cigarette Plugs Charger, plus all the mounting choices and velcro you could ever have needed. The quick-start guide specifies two extras I want to have in the package, adapters for charging while riding and utilizing earbuds rather than speakers.

I have had a dual-microphone array to install a UClear system that is a little difficult than other communication systems. First of all, the speakers are more significant to allow two cables, and it takes to test and modifications to place the microphones optimally. One unit I fitted in a modular and one in a complete helmet. I was able for clear and loud full-face mics, but the modular one was still not correct.

The use of dual microphones benefits from excellent noise cancellation; the lack of wind, motor noise, or static intercom at all speeds is delightfully evident. The other end of the line reported that I was clearer during telephone call testing than when using another system. Intercom pairing is a breeze between UClear devices; a button initiates pairing, and a pair begins all the units accessible. It is not as straightforward to match the MOTION Infinity with other units.

Another highlight of the MOTION Infinity is audio quality. The speakers offer a complete variety of sounds and significant low reactions. These speakers are also Robust, and quality does not diminish in more significant volumes than others. It’s just as pleasant to listen to music on the motorway as on your favorite rural road. Motion infinite is a waterproof headset that offers a clear communication experience. Regardless of the rain or sunlight, your cycling journey in communication will be assumed to be free. UClear is stated to have built the product based on bikers and dealers’ evaluations to know what the customers want and to produce something accordingly. Therefore, various attributes to the UClear motion Infinity Headset offer it a range over any other similar product on the market.

It would be the CLEARLink app if I were to select one fault of MOTION Infinity. It is the sole means to set up device configurations. Certain functionalities depend on how the app is open; when it applies sideways, many smartphones will switch it off to preserve the default battery, hence deactivating the USAFE functionality. Although CLEARLink was not data-heavy, its sensitivity seemed weirdly to cell strength; I could not modify the audio configuration in an area lacking a receiving system. When the USAFE function with both Wi-Fi and strong cell signals was tested, my contacts promptly received text messages, but many hours later, the emails were received.

The overall choice for the communicator’s system is a UClear MOTION Infinity. While a slight bit more configuration is required, the trinity of music, calls, and intercom is exceptionally well. In addition, his many other characteristics are imaginative and carefully considered frosting over what you will utilize 99 percent of the time.


Gesture Control

The motion headset is equipped with gesture control that enables the sensory beams to feel the basic motions of the hand. Furthermore, multiple controls like volume pause/play and restart are all managed to prevent you from worrying about buttons.

Safety Alert – USAFE

The headgear incorporates a security alarm system: USAFE with a strong impact accelerometer. If it detects that your GPS circumstance is unresponsive, USAFE is scheduled for your contacts. First, however, the GPS must be switched on by the alerting system.

Mesh Intercom – DYNAMESH

UCI is the first mesh intercom network to be used in tandem with multi-hop automated switching capability. By combining non-mesh and mesh units, DYNAMESH recognizes changes in the location of your group drivers. So DYNAMESH ensures the connection is steady even if you and your party travel for vast distances.

Voice Control

Your voice may control your headset since your voice instructions are connected to the SIRI or Google headset. The connection also helps to increase the accuracy of voice recognition with periodic cloud updates.

Motion Sensor – UMOVE

UMOVE is a motion sensor for the headset that turns on, even if you forget to when the helmet gets worn and turns off if it is removed.

Universal Pairing – U-PAIR

U-PAIR Uclear Headset enables the device to combine many Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The helmet is supported by smartphones, tablets, smart clocks, GPS, OEM systems, cameras, etc.

EZ- Touch Sensor

The headset is also supplied with touch sensors that offer simple access to various functionalities and gesture-controlled. You may switch between functions while riding your bike with the touch sensors. Because you don’t have to bother about buttons, you also lower your chance of accidents.

Conference Call

Connectivity headset, mic, and speakers make it possible to talk and make your journeys more fun with you and your group during conferences.

Noise Cancellation

The headset incorporates superior ABF noise abolition, eliminating unwanted noise and improving the quality of the speech call. Two boomless speakers allow you to hear better.


The producers guarantee a product for two years, which strengthens the dependability of your purchases.

Uclear Motion Infinity


  • Easy to pair with other UClear units
  • Substantial volume and audio quality
  • Excellent noise canceling
  • Hand gestures and touch sensors
  • Voice commands collaborating with Siri and Google voice
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty by the manufacturer


  • The placement of dual mics is fiddly
  • No included option for earbuds or to charge during use
  • The phone app is challenging to use
  • Speaker volumes are lower than expected


UClear has built UClear Motion Infinity headset based on feedback from riders, industry specialists, and distributors. Given your requirements and wishes, 5.0 Bluetooth with DYNAMESH network communication is used in the motion infinity headset. Its strong connections offer solid pairing and allow the gadget to be coupled to an endless number of devices.

The headset contains several distinctive characteristics, including safety alert, voice instructions, and motion movements. The motion series is considered user-friendly, long-lasting, and portable. In addition, the weather-proof qualities of the headset guarantee the most incredible bike experience at all times. The product offers many advantages, however, and certain disadvantages also need to be taken into account. Users claim it’s pretty hard to utilize the phone app and also notice some sync problems. Although the product is alleged to have certain noise distortions, its call function and the vast range of connectivity outweigh the issues.


Why are my music/phone calls still coming through the speakers on my phone instead of the UClear?

UClear devices need to be associated on your phone with the regular Bluetooth rather than the application. To link the UClear unit into your Bluetooth device first, switch it on and press the two-volume buttons for 2 seconds, and the light should start flashing blue and blue. Next, the UClear device must be used for the Bluetooth pairing mode. From there, you should view the selection in the primary Bluetooth setting of your telephone (searching for new pairings may be needed on specific devices because they may not come up immediately. For instance, you should see the “MOTION INFINITY” options if you have a Motion Infinity system.

Where should I place my microphones in the helmet?

The positioning of the motion series microphone is of incredible importance since the advanced beam formation technology (ABF) needs a symmetrical arrangement of the microphones within the helmet. The microphones can be put down into your lips for full-face helmets and hang out of the cheek pads on either side of your mouth. The microphones on the inside edge of the skin over your eyebrows should be set with microphones around 4-6 inches apart for modular, 3/4, and half-helmets with speaker pockets, putting the microphones over your temples.

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