Best Motorcycle Battery Charger

5 Best Lithium Motorcycle Battery Chargers

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Do you want to change the power supply of your motorcycle? Or do you have lithium batteries in your motorcycle that need a good charger? You must search the internet to look for a good quality charger In both cases,. This particular type of battery requires a small amount of current and a specific voltage to work. If you cannot give the specific current or voltage to the batteries, they might explode. You must have heard stories of lithium batteries exploding, and accidents taking place due to that. If you buy a good quality charger, you can skip any accident. 

You can choose a battery with automatic cut-off options. This feature will ensure that your batteries are not overheating and getting accurate amounts of current and voltage. You can avoid the fire breakout situation with the help of this feature. We have prepared a list of the top 5 best Lithium motorcycle battery chargers for your convenience. We will also provide you with the buying links for these products. Go through the article, read the features, and when you are sure of the product, buy it from the link given with the product description in this article below.

Best Choice


Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger and Maintainer

Premium Choice


Outerman Car Battery Charger 12V 24V Lithium Battery Charger

Best in Budget


Mroinge 12V 2A Lead Acid & Lithium(LiFePO4) Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

1. Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger and Maintainer


  • If we consider older batteries, their discharging rate is very high. But the latest lithium batteries can hold their charge for longer.
  • These batteries have a high energy density. That means, between two charging points, these batteries provide you with lots of energy.
  • Other batteries offer lesser amounts of voltage as they discharge slowly. But lithium batteries do not offer lesser voltage.


  • You are getting a lot of facilities, and for that, you have to pay a little more. These are new types of batteries and require a little higher price.

This is currently the best-selling motorcycle charger in the market. This charger comes with smart charging technology. You can use this very easily. You just have to plug on the charger and connect it to the motorcycle battery. The charger will check the health and working condition of your motorcycle batteries and act accordingly. 

The charger will make sure that your batteries get the correct amount of input power so that the batteries do not overheat at all. It also maintains the voltage level of the batteries and keeps them away from sudden damage. This charger has four stages of charging; Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, and Floating Mode. The charger also comes with two-colored LEDs. The LEDs will change their color as per the state of the charger. It has a very low Ampere rating, around 800mA. So, if the battery drains out fully, it might require around 3-4 days to charge it properly. 

2. Mroinge 12V 2A Lead Acid & Lithium(LiFePO4) Automatic Trickle Battery Charger


  • Lithium batteries provide around 5000 cycles before they start discharging and looking for charging again.
  • You do not need dangerous acids in your motorcycles when you ride them.
  • In Lithium-ion batteries, you do not get that. Hence, the battery is quite efficient, and so is the charger.
  • This charger comes with a long adapter. The adapter length is around 12 inches. 
  • This is a compact and budget-friendly charger. 
  • Size of the charger is very handy, you can keep it anywhere in your bike and it will work wonderfully due to the long adapter. 


  • You cannot transport lithium-ion batteries and chargers easily. If you are traveling by flight, you cannot put these items in your checked-in baggage, and you have to put them in your carry-on luggage bag only.

This is a budget-friendly battery charger. The best part is that the charger is around 4 inches long, and the adapters are 12 inches long. You can place it anywhere and at the same time charge the motorcycle without any problem. This charger also gives you two battery-type options; 12V lithium-ion and 12V lead-acid battery. 

So, you can toggle between the preferences as it is very easy to do. You can also use this in your car too! You will get 2A output here, and that is something really helpful. This pocket-size compact charger comes with a 2-year warranty. This charger also comes with LED indications. So, you can get to know charging statistics and diagnostics feedback easily. 

3. BikeMaster Lithium Battery Charger


  • The discharge rate is around 1.5-2% every month. So, the charger doesn’t need to work at all.
  • Till the end of the discharge, they tend to offer the same amount of constant voltage.
  • You can get a lot of energy in small packets if you choose; lithium motorcycle battery chargers for your motorcycle.
  • The best part is, this charger is dedicated for lithium-ion batteries only. So, this is tailor-made for your bike and it works wonderfully with lithium-ion batteries. 
  • The adapter length is around 9 inches which allows you to place the charger anywhere in your bike and it still works properly. 


  • If you overcharge Lithium-ion chargers, they might explode and stop working. You cannot revive a dead lithium-ion battery charger.

This is a tailor-made product for your motorcycles. This is prepared only for lithium-ion batteries. So you can be sure that this charger won’t provide overcharging to your motorcycle batteries. This charger comes with a shield to protect the battery from overcharging. At the same time, it comes with features that can save your batteries from reverse polarization and short-circuiting. 

The adapter is a bit longer and around 9 inches in size. It comes with alligator clips that will keep the adaptor stuck to a place only. This product comes with LED lights that will help the user to understand the charging process, Power On, fully charged and reverse polarity, etc. This also provides 2A output. On the price end, this is also an affordable product for a normal user. You do not need to spend a lot of money to bag this one, at least. 

4. MOTOPOWER MP00207A 12V 2Amp Automatic Battery Charger for Lithium-Ion Batteries


  • This charger has 4 LED indicating lights.
  • This charger is controlled by a microprocessor chip and offers a four stage charging facility. 
  • This charger works automatically and once you plug it in, it will diagnose the battery and start charging that. 
  • This charger is purely eco-friendly. This charger doesn’t draw even a percent of charge from the batteries which makes it a wonderful choice for your bike.


  • The price of the product is on the higher side, but it also provides you with lots of facilities.

You just need to plug in this charger and forget that it is working. It will diagnose the condition of the battery and start charging it immediately. It has four stages of charging the battery; Diagnosis, Bulk charge, Absorption mode, and Maintenance. This is a microprocessor-controlled charger, and nothing is manual in it. You can get everything done automatically here, during and after the charging process is over. 

This product also comes with multi-level safety barriers that will keep the batteries away from any type of destruction or sudden accidents. This charger comes with 4 LED lights, and they indicate 4 distinctive conditions; Power, Charging, Charged, and Reverse connection. This is an eco-friendly product as zero charges are drawn from the batteries here. This also comes with the highest energy-saving standards. 

5. Outerman Car Battery Charger 12V 24V Lithium Battery Charger


  • Offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. So your product is safe for a year and you can replace it within that time frame. 
  • You can get fast charging as the input voltage window is quite large. 
  • Both Manual mode and automatic mode is available in the charger. So it is good for both techy people and non-techy people. 


  • The size of the charger is quite bulky. It is around 9 inches in length and 7 inches in height. 

The size of this battery charger is a bit longer. The length is around 9 inches, and the height is around 7 inches. So, placing it on the bike is a bit tough, but with the help of strong alligator clips that come with the bike, you can do that pretty easily. The input voltage is around 100-240 VAC. So, you can experience fast charging here. 

This battery charger comes with two operating modes; automatic mode and manual mode. In the case of the first one, the charger will automatically shut off once the charging is done. But in the case of the manual one, the charge will work continuously. You have to shut down the charger when you think your battery is fully charged. Even if the battery is fully charged, in manual mode, the charger will still provide charging. The pricing of the product is standard, and people like it for the lenient features of this charger. This product comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. But the vast usage and lenient features of the product make it a mass choice. 

Things To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Battery Chargers

You are spending a lot of money to bag one good product for your everyday use. So you have to be very careful and cautious while buying this product. Besides anything, the product must go with the flow of your bike chargers. So search vigorously and then finalize one product for your convenience. With so many features, you might get confused about which one to choose from the platter. Here we are helping you with our experience. We have prepared a list of three features that you should definitely check while buying a motorcycle battery charger for your use. 

  • Cost: The first and foremost criteria of choosing a battery charger would be nothing but the cost. It is true that you want to maintain safety and keep your family away from any type of unwanted accident. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on that! There are several companies available that offer products of different types. You need to find one charger that fulfills all your requirements and at the same time is pocket-friendly. The best part of online shopping is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on the same product. If you buy the product offline, you have to spend a lot of money on that! 
  • Features: When you are buying a serious technical product, the features of the product matter a lot. You have to spend a certain amount of money, and if you want to stay safe from the fire outbreak, you need to keep an eye on the features first. Choose the battery charger according to the batteries your motorcycle has. Do not compromise with the quality of the product in the name of saving money. Please check the voltage and current requirements before buying the product. If the features are not as per your motorcycle, then you have to change it and find something suitable for your daily life. Most of the products come with features clearly written on them. If your product doesn’t have features written on it, you can check the same with your seller! 
  • Usability: Say you bought a battery charger spending a lot of money, and that comes with a lot of features too, but if that doesn’t suit your motorcycle, then all your efforts will go in vain! You need to maintain the usability of the product too! When you choose a battery, please maintain some other features too! You have to consider the place you live, the terrain you ride your motorcycle on, etc. Do not spend a lot of money on a product that doesn’t suit your bike. You need something that looks cool and works wonderfully on the terrain you are riding. You can check the reviews of the product to know more about it. 

Features and Benefits

  • Design: If you check closely, the lithium batteries offer high energy density. If you monitor all its competitors in the rechargeable battery market, you will see that this battery specifically outperforms other competitors. So, the charger you choose will work faster, with more efficiency, and easier. The charging is long-lasting. So, you do not need to take out your battery charger every hour. You can fully charge your motorcycle batteries, and this will stay long awake. These are by far the most powerful batteries available in the rechargeable battery chargers available in the market. So, now that you know the features, choose wisely. 
  • Modes: When you find a lithium battery charger, you need to know the modes associated with it. If you want to utilize a product and get the best out of it, you have to know everything associated with it. If we want to talk about lithium motorcycle battery chargers, we have to search a little bit more. These chargers have three main modes available with them. The three-stage approach starts with; The initial charge; where your battery will get constant current. The next mode is the saturation topping charge; where your battery will get constant voltage. Last but not the least is the float charge. When you buy a lithium battery charger, you need to check whether the charger has these three features. 
  • Maintenance: When you spend a lot of money buying a product, you need to know about the maintenance associated with it. These battery chargers need a little bit of maintenance, or do we say no maintenance at all! If you take a look at nickel-based battery chargers, they need a lot of maintenance. You do not need any outside product just to maintain the cycle of the charger going for some more time. This is the perfect piece of product you must buy. Lithium batteries can work at a lower capacity after certain charging and discharging cycles. This is the reason the battery charger doesn’t require a lot. So, the maintenance is also very less in this case. 
  • Other Features: Lithium batteries are for devices that perform on high power. These are heavy-duty devices, and hence, you need a product that is high-performance and also has longevity features. These batteries offer around 3.6 volts power. The closest competitor of these batteries is nickel-based chemistry. The nickel batteries cannot offer similar voltage. In fact, nickel-based batteries offer three times lesser voltage compared to Lithium-ion batteries. The self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is 1.5-2% every month. So these batteries have a long shelf life, and you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a high-end charger for your motorcycle batteries. 


We hope this article helps you to find the Best Lithium Motorcycle Battery Charger available in your locality. If you invest in a good quality product, it will benefit you in the long run. Initially, you might think you have invested more money for the same product, but that’s worth it. You will get a lot of benefits as time passes. So, do not think twice and choose a product from the list we provided here. Go to the buying link and buy a product for long, fulfilling usage. 

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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