Cardo PackTalk Bold + Black Review

Cardo PackTalk Bold + Black Review

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The immense development in the field of technology has encompassed almost everything. The motorcycle riders are no exception to it. We all know that the market of the automobile sector is emerging widely, but bike lovers tend to move around while riding. This led to an increase in demand for evolving intercommunication technology among the riders.

Think about it like this, and you have to contact your fellow rider. The traditional way is to shout while riding and convey the message. What to do if the distance between the two is more? Well, you have to stop by the side of the road and call the other. Not so attractive as well.

Cardo PackTalk is a dynamic technology that has changed the concept of intercommunication. It fulfills the need to interconnecting with other riders over a long range of distances. Moreover, it has additional features like listening to music or FM radio and much more. This has led to the high demand for this device in the market. 

1. Cardo PackTalk Bold Bluetooth Communication System


  • Good sound quality allows you to enjoy better music and also communicate clearly on calls.
  • Bluetooth connection makes the connection with the device easy.
  • GPS navigation allows you to find your location.


  • Mic connection goes in and out.

Ever felt the need for a small device that would allow you to control multiple features while riding a bike? If you have not, you should seriously look at this minimal device as it will forever change your life. 

Moreover, you can also move with your friends all having this device. As far as your concern is its installation, rest assured. It is fit for all kinds of the helmet, and you don’t need to worry about buying a specific type of helmet. Just stick it to the side of the helmet using its kit, and off you go. Similarly, many users often complain about the sound quality of such intercom devices. Well, they are right as it is the prime need of the device. However, the cardio PackTalk is different from others as JBL sounds it. 

The sound quality is limited to the intercom, but you also need enhanced sound quality for radio or listening to your favorite music. For all these applications, the sound quality matters, and while wearing a helmet, it matters the most. 

Another area of its application is phone calls. Yes, you are reading it properly. Why need to stop receiving a call on a smartphone when you have this device connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Receive the calls on this device and enjoy your ride to its full. 

Similarly, what I like the most about this device is the voice activation mechanism. You can use Google or Siri through your voice. In addition, you can use voice activations for performing multiple features that you cannot while riding. 

The GPS navigation is communicated to you using the device. So even if you don’t know the pathway to destination, use the audio GPS and reach your destination. It’s still better than stopping by and by to check the map on your smartphone. 

This device makes the ride safer than ever. It has a small series of buttons that you need to interact with, making it easier to use. There are no excessive buttons, and the 20 plus languages help every native speak their language. 

For better control over the device’s settings, cardo has provided its app for IOS and android as well. You can change the settings as per your need. The glue plate allows you to attach the whole set with the helmet.

It comes with a complete set of all of the accessories. In addition, there is an additional hybrid microphone and USB cable that comes within the packing. The unrivaled sound quality provided by JBL works efficiently at all speeds. Usually, complaints are about excessive wind noise. However, this one here is protected from the wind effect to ensure that sound quality doesn’t deteriorate.

2. Cardo PackTalk Black Bluetooth Communication System


  • Google and Siri activation make the commands easy.
  • Perfect fitting in the helmet prevents this intercom from falling.
  • It can be charged while you ride.
  • Bluetooth connection allows better communication.


  • The sound is not loud enough.

While riding, you always need to be connected, but for that, you must have a Bluetooth system attach to your headset. Technology always brings ease to life like this Bluetooth communication system. 

This Bluetooth device is used for several purposes during a ride, such as you can link with other riders up to 15 members without facing any difficulty. In addition, you can also enjoy the music and can also make important calls.

Especially if you are a motorcycle lover, this small device allows you to connect to other riders over a wide range of distances. Think about this like this as if you are moving into a group. Of course, you need to guide the way or lead the others, but there is a mechanism of intercommunication using a smart device. Well, this device would relieve you from this stress.

This Bluetooth device is a complete package with remarkable features like it has a long-range, so if you miss your colleagues, you will catch them by connecting through that device. A robust and the presence of an Upgraded speaker helps you listen to clear music and calls without any interruption. If you feel bored, you can also share music and radio and enjoy it together.

Another feature of hey Siri and ok google can also be activated. You can completely handle this device through remote. You can also install the iOS and android app and connect this device to your phone so that you can manage that device easily through mobile. You can also connect this device with other brands of Bluetooth devices without any trouble. Cardo also facilitates you to charge it during a ride and can make conference calls.

The casing is very stylish and full black. It easily fits in your helmet. It also conveys your message very clearly because it has a hybrid and corded mic so that the person talking to you will not feel disconnected. Don’t worry about the quality and features of this device. It has all the things that a rider needs in its Bluetooth system. If you feel something missing and faulty, don’t worry because it also comes with 3 yrs warranty. What else do you want in a Bluetooth device?

Things to Consider Before Buying


The choice of this device depends upon the budget. According to the price range, you can select any of the two as both are an excellent choice for an intercom and come with various features. You can check the cost of the device on the website. 


The good sound quality ensures that you get to enjoy the ride while listening to your favorite music. You should first of all check the sound clarity so that it can be used even if you are stuck in traffic. It attaches to the helmet and remains unnoticeable. It has a good range of connectivity and lets different riders talk to each other while riding. 

Its voice activation can help you save you from accidents or other problems. It keeps you alert on the go and does not let you get distracted. The device has very good battery timing. Now you don’t have to stop by at different stations to recharge the device. The GPS mode and the call mode make this device worth buying. 


This is the best device if you are a bike rider and love to ride in groups. It can be used to stay connected with your friends while you enjoy the thrilling bike ride. In addition, the GPS can be used if you get lost and are unable to find your way. Just use GPS and find your location. Then, make calls and listen to the music for an entertaining bike ride.

Features and Benefits


The design of the product is classy and gets attached to the helmet easily. Its innovative style and design, and attachment to its respective place in the helmet allow you to remain in contact with other riders without being worried about handling it. Once you use it, you will get to know that it is worth the investment.


This device comes with a variety of options. Bluetooth mode and GPS mode make it easy to contact your fellow riders. So now stay in touch with your friends and also kill the boredom with music.


If you are concerned about maintaining the device, then don’t worry. This intercom device is highly durable and is the best one in the market. In addition, the manufacturers are responsive to the customers, and in case of any problem with the device, the company revamps the device for you.

Other Features

These new intercoms are the best choice for bike riders. They have amazing adaptability. These are wireless and can easily be attached directly. They offer a wide range of options to make your boring ride fun and stay connected with other riders from your group. You can also pair it up with other helmets. Connection to your family and friends is now easier.


Cardo communication systems connect you and let you get the most out of your Cardo devices. These devices allow you to control anything from your smartphone’s screen. Now invest in these devices for staying in contact with the people around you.

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