Cardo Freecom Series Review

Cardo Freecom Series Review

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It has always been difficult for us to find a mechanism of connection with others while riding. Most of the bikers usually find it difficult to connect to others. Driving a bike is not an easy task as it requires the active participation of all of the senses. In such a scenario, one cannot use headphones or using a mobile phone while riding. Most of the accidents that take place are usually due to the negligence of the rider.

Cardo Freecom is here to save you from that frustration. Mostly, riders are moving in a pack, and connecting each other is quite difficult. In such a case, Cardo can become a medium of connection between you and the others. Once you have used it, it would not be easy to ride again without using such a device. 

It is an ideal device for single riders, and once you get the hang of it, there is no going back. Well, let’s start from here. It is a device that allows you to connect other riders who are in your surrounding up to 1.2km. Moreover, it helps you listen to songs during traveling and further provides GPS navigation. What more can you expect from such a smart and innovative device? For intercom systems, Cardo leads all in manufacturing.

1. Cardo Freecom 1 Two-way Bluetooth System


  • Multiple modes like music or phone calls allow the rider to enjoy while riding 
  • Half helmet kit also available. 
  • Easy installation saves time.


  • It is only used for a single person.
  • Battery backup not good.

This device is composed of one of the most innovative technologies of all time. There is nothing that this device cannot facilitate the rider with. Let’s talk about its interconnectivity. 

First of all, it has an excellent range of interconnectivity. For example, you can connect with any rider within a range of 1.2km from you. So if you are riding in a group and one of the riders is left behind. You can easily connect with him even after covering some distance. Even if you are searching for him, you would automatically connect to him as soon as he is in your range. 

The best innovative Cardo Freecom devices come with ease of installation. And along with that comes the series of instructions to be followed when someone wishes to install these little bugs inside their helmets to update their security issues and the safety of others. There is nothing that this device cannot facilitate the rider with. First, let’s talk about its interconnectivity.

Moreover, if you are thinking about the number of riders it can connect, you would be amazed to find out that you can connect four riders at a time. You might be thinking that as it is attached to the outer side of the helmet, it might get damaged. No need to worry as cardo Freecom 1 is made completely waterproof and dustproof. So, what more can you imagine for? Moreover, you can talk during your travel and enjoy it fully.

Another interesting feature of Cardo Freecom is its universal connectivity. You might observe that many other intercom devices can connect to the device of the same brand. Well, that is not the case with cardo, as you can connect to any device with ease. 

As far as its placement is concerned, no need to worry. There is no such strain on your ear. New helmets have a separate space for their attachment. It can also be adjusted with all kinds of helmets. 

2. Cardo Freecom 2 Two-way Communication Headset


  • No interference of air allows better conversation and interaction
  • The product comes with good quality of sound, which further makes contact easy


  • Limited to 2 people, so it cannot be used in a group.
  • No mechanism of voice activation


This device exceeds the level of the previous one. You ask how?  The reason is the connectivity among riders. The Freecom 1 was limited to solo use. However, the Freecom 2 can connect up to two riders making it best for intercom while riding. You can connect to another rider who is in a range of 800 meters.

Therefore, the clarity of the audio is off the charts, so even if you are at high speed or in traffic, you would hear a clear sound. The 40mm HD Speakers produce immense quality sound. So rest easy as the music, GPS, or calling has never been this much fun.

We agree that you would have concerns about the wind noise. So let me make it clear for once. There is absolutely no sound of the wind while riding. The wind noise reduction mechanism minimizes the effects of the wind.

3. Cardo Freecom 4, Motorcycle 4-Way Communication System


  • The freedoms have excellent battery life. 
  • High range connectivity allows better interaction with other riders
  • Connects multiple riders


  • After the new update, the old update doesn’t work properly.

Do you like riding with a group of friends? Have you ever felt a need for a device that can connect multiple riders at a time? Well, Cardo Freecom can connect four riders without any source of interruption. 

Most of the users often have another concern over the use of the device. The battery, the most important of all the aspects. It is a fact that if the battery timing is not good, then it is of no use to us. Travelling can be over long distances, right. The cardo Freecom 4 has a battery timing of up to 13 hours. Amazing right? 

Extensive battery timings allow you to go over long distances and recharge it after reaching your destination. To be honest, most smartphones today don’t have such excellent battery timings. The universal fitting would relieve you from other expenses like buying a new helmet.

You can use Google Voice or Siri by simply speaking. Its voice activation would automatically start to function to avoid the fuss of interacting with a series of buttons. You can also use FM radio to enjoy the ride in case you are alone.

You can download IOS or android app and change the settings of the device as you require. This allows you to have complete control over the device. 

How to install Cardo Freecom?

If you wish to use the intercom or connect it with your motorbike, you first have to install it upon the lid. For that purpose, you will have to strip off the soft material out of your helmet as they need to be attached to the hard surface to attach successfully with a firm grip. 

With that being said, after removing or detaching the soft fabric out, check for the left and right placing of the speakers. The users need to attach the left speaker to the left and right upon its customized placing. Besides, you will be able to get a nice and clear voice out of them. 

Route the wires and connect them successfully to the link. This way, they will be tucked out of your way while wearing the helmet. It is always better to keep them insulated with their coating. While sometimes, people try to duct the tape around them to keep them secure from the wear and tear of the insulating layer. However, it would peel off its shine and coating whenever one tries to open it. 

Along with that, you also need to fit the control panel. Now how are you going to fix it? Well, it is pretty simple yet tacky. These cardo Freecoms are geared to be secured with the clip system. These clips are used to help them cling to the bottom of the lid of your favorite helmets. There is another way to fix it inside the helmet. 

Last but not least, it is time for you to set up your microphone within the helmets as well. What`s a better place than the interior of the lid just before the mouth. Doing so will ensure your clear voice reaches out to the person whom you are talking to. That way, you won`t have to draw your attention towards adjusting the microphone and lose focus from the road. For that purpose, the EPS cheek pads are always coming in handy while placing the microphone. 

Buying Guide


The choice of the Freecom device strongly depends upon your price range. If you have a low budget, we believe that Freecom 1 would be suitable, but if there is no problem with the cost, you should go for Freecom 4 as it has better features. You can check the cost of the device on the website. 


You should first of all check the sound clarity so that it can be used even if you are stuck in traffic. It does not bother the user and attaches to the helmet, and remains unnoticeable. A good range of connectivity makes it ideal to be used by a group of riders. Its voice activation can help you save you from accidents or other problems. It does not let you get distracted by the road ahead of you and keeps you alert. 

The device should have good battery timing and should stay charged for a long. It saves your time and lets you stay focused on the road without being concerned about switching off of the device, and you won’t have to stop between your races to recharge the battery. GPS connectivity allows you to hear music. Its connectivity should be with all other devices. This makes it unique and worth buying. 


When looking for new motorbike communication equipment, you should consider who you will be interacting with via your headset. We recommend the PACKTALK Bold (two to 15 riders) or the Freecom 4+ if you wish to talk to many riders during a rally or group ride.

If you only need to communicate with one passenger and don’t want additional features such as expensive speakers or voice control, the rider-to-rider Freecom 2+ or rider-to-passenger Freecom 1+ devices are ideal. It is one of the easiest innovations of Freecom. You can use it easily and can perform all functions in seconds. Understanding its functioning and setting it up is very easy and is done in no time.

Features and Benefits


The design of the product is unique and classy. It not only fulfills its function but also leaves an attractive impression. It has an innovative style and attaches to its respective place in the helmet, and so you would remain in contact with other riders without being worried about handling it. Its smart design makes it worth buying.


This device has Bluetooth mode and a GPS mode. So you can easily contact your fellow riders and can enjoy the ride. You can not only stay connected but can also get updates.


Most buyers are usually concerned about the maintenance of the device. As the device is continuously functioning and exposed to the environment, its maintenance is of prime concern. However, you would be amazed to know that it is highly durable and is the best one in the market.

As per the reviews, the manufacturers are highly responsive to the customer, and in case of malfunction of the device, the company revamps the device completely. So there is no need for you to worry. Leave it to the cardo for handling your worries. Cardo is leading the intercom sector because of its reliable device and excellent customer care.

Other features

These products are the best choice for bike riders. They are not only smart in functioning but have amazing adaptability. This Freecom is wireless and can easily be attached. They offer a wide range of options to make your boring ride fun and stay connected with other riders from your group. You can also pair it up with a non-Cardo headset. With a single touch, you can stay connected to your family and friends.


Cardo motorcycle communication systems are the lightest on the market. We make them intending to lower air resistance and reduce turbulence. Cardo Connect lets you get the most out of your Cardo devices. Manage your devices while you’re on the go! 

Moreover, these teeny intercom devices are the modern way of reducing accidental hazards. The rider won`t have to distract himself from the road to adjust the microphone near his mouth. 

Besides, these devices allow you to control anything from your smartphone’s screen in a single touch. So now invest in these devices and enjoy the innovative and smart way of staying in contact with the people around you.

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