Honda Grom

7 Best Honda Grom Clones and Alternatives

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Motorcycles for young and beginning riders are primarily designed to provide pleasure and enjoyment to the younger generation. Honda Grom is a great entry-level motorcycle, but there are several other options you should look into before settling on this one. In 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the top Honda Grom clones and replacements, all constructed in the style and elegance of a mini motorcycle.

1. X-PRO X-Pect Bike Adult Dirt Bike

The X-Pect is a genuine package that needs minimum changes and tweaks and can be delivered directly to the track right out of the box. It has a massive lot of power and is quite simple to use, making it the most popular choice among rookie riders. There are several benefits to using an EFI engine because of the ECU, which is the engine’s brain.

The ECU analyzes data from sensors throughout the engine to keep it running at peak performance. Carburetor maintenance and replacement expenses are eliminated, as is the requirement for as much service as is often associated with these components. Any engine’s performance may be affected by changes in altitude, and there’s less oxygen at higher elevations.

The fuel going through the injectors would then be adjusted to produce the proper mixture for the present altitude. All of the components of an EFI system are electronic. So it features an injector instead of a carburetor’s fuel float, making it more fuel-efficient. Carburetor floats may bounce about, generating issues, particularly while vehicles are moving.

2. Massimo Motor MB200 196CC Engine Super Size Mini

The MB200 is the best micro bike today; it’s high-quality and straightforward. With speeds of up to 24 mph, you can spice up your adventure-filled weekends! You can’t beat this little bike’s 196cc, four-stroke air-cooled engine! Off-road tires boost ground clearance and traction, while dual front suspension improves ride comfort and comfort.

Forget about your continual refilling problems since this bike is equipped with a vast gasoline tank! The MB200 comes pre-assembled at your door; add petrol and attach the handlebars, and you’re ready to go! For added ground clearance and traction, the off-road tires on this vehicle include broad, wide off-road treads wrapped in the dual front suspension.

This tiny bike is an American icon because of its classic appearance and ease of use. This extra-large mini bike easily supports teenagers and adults weighing up to 200 pounds! Forget about your continual refilling problems since this bike is equipped with a huge gasoline tank! There hasn’t been a single rider who has been dissatisfied with the performance of this motorcycle.

3. X-PRO Hawk 250 Dirt Bike Motorcycle

Upgrades have been made to the new Hawk’s handlebar and clutch assemblies, making it more user-friendly. Using the clutch after a halt is as simple as tapping the handle. It is not necessary to engage while simultaneously holding the break. This bike comes with a beautiful, high-performance exhaust pipe to improve performance and aesthetics!

A hensim-haosen engine is used in the NEW model. The current model offers increased power, body frame optimization, and decreased high-speed jittering for a more pleasant ride. The wheel components on the X-PRO Hawk are now more robustly constructed to enhance both performance and longevity. The X-PRO brand has a fresh new look, thanks to the decals.

This model comes with a brand-new Bluetooth speaker system created specifically for the X-PRO Hawk 250. You may listen to music on your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device while driving. This variant comes with a phone holster that fits various mobile devices. There is no need for assembling. While biking, make use of the navigation features on your cellphone.

4. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Although it’s a great dirt bike for beginners, it’s also a good option for experienced riders who want to have a trip. A 125cc four-stroke engine with a maximum torque of 7,500 RMP powers the machine. It has a peak speed of 55mph, so you can expect to keep up with traffic on the road and small trails. The gearbox of the motorcycle is a four-speed manual clutch.

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are used to stop the bike. Despite its small size and weight, the Apollo DB-X18 is quite durable. Because of its heavy-duty steel frame, the model is very tough and durable, especially when used on rugged terrain. Its air-cooling technology will keep the motorcycle cool while riding over difficult terrain or bumps.

You don’t have to be concerned about riding the motorcycle on dusty paths since you can replace the air filter. Even while ascending slopes, it makes no loud sounds so that you won’t bother other drivers. The adjustable riser handlebars make it easier to control the bike—a delight to ride. However, the carburetor on this bike is less efficient than on other comparable motorcycles.

5. X-PRO Lifan KPR 200 Gas Motorcycle

The Lifan KPR 200 is swiftly establishing itself as one of the industry’s most powerful Grom clones. This motorcycle’s clip-on handlebars and jockey-mount footpegs provide the rider with an aggressive riding position, which, along with the contoured tank’s knee pockets, should be comfortable for most riders. However, pilots with six feet or more may find it uncomfortable.

The saddle is rather soft, and at just 30.5 inches tall, it makes for a very friendly bike to ride about a parking lot like Fred Flintstone. A brief rise in the subframe elevates the passenger’s seat, with the usual oh crap grips on either side also serving as a convenient location to hang one’s bungee net for transporting stuff.

A LED taillight with tucked-under housing tapers to the terminating point of the subframe below. The waste heat is dealt with by water cooling, and the water jacket prevents excessive sound pollution from exiting the mill. Fuel injection helps the mill accomplish remarkable mileage promises while improving emissions to suit current regulations.

6. Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is a lot of fun to ride since it is strong, comfy, and has a long wheelbase that is easy to maneuver. Its 125cc 4-speed manual engine allows it to reach top speeds of 37 miles per hour (MPH), which is respectable given its size. The motor is tranquil and has a reliable single-cylinder construction that is corrosion and rust-resistant.

As a result, it may be ridden in the mud, snow, or rain without causing severe mechanical problems. The Kickstarter used by Taotao DB17 is a manual one that needs some effort to launch. Thanks to the CDI ignition technology, it starts quickly in most weather conditions. It also boasts a chain-drive mechanism that does not rust and does not break easily.

As a result, Taotao DB17 125 CC Dirt Bike is a long-term investment. They feature a broad wheelbase, increasing their stability and traveling effortlessly on all terrains. This Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike features four speeds and heavy-duty components that will last a long time. It also comes with off-road-ready heavy-duty wheels.

7. X-PRO 125cc Vader Adult Motorcycle

In the realm of Honda Grom Clone replicas, the X-Pro 125 is fast becoming a favorite. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between him and the “OG” Grom at first sight. It features everything you’d expect from a high-quality clone: an air-cooled 125cc engine with a carburetor and a manual transmission with four speeds that can be changed by hand in seconds.

Its front and rear disc brakes are excellent, which we appreciate. The greatest part about the Vader is that you can spend all of the money you saved on customizations after spending a fraction of the price of a new Grom to have it brought to your door! A broad, heavily cushioned seat provides unrivaled comfort and luxury for riders and passengers.

Your new bike may be transformed from an inexpensive scooter to a stylish compact motorcycle with a few simple changes. The large headlight improves vision at night, and the electroplated headlight housing adds to the overall appearance. Some assembly will be required: Handlebars, wheels, brakes, and batteries are part of a moped or scooter’s assembly.

Things To Consider When Buying A Grom Alternative

Before you dive into the numerous complexities of tiny dirt motorcycles, there are a few suggestions and variables to consider. The following are some of these factors:

  1. Starter System: One of two kinds of starting mechanisms is often seen on dirt motorcycles for youngsters. They come in two types: electric and kick-start. Turning on the bike with an electric starter is as easy as pressing a button. On the other hand, a kick-start starting mechanism is for dirt motorcycles with higher power and may need parental help to start.
  2. Bike Size: Dirt motorcycles come in various sizes, much like their riders. Age, weight, and height are all factors to consider, and your child’s overall reach. Some bikes are designed for younger children, while others are designed for older children and teens. Before purchasing a dirt bike, it’s good to let your kid sit on it and see whether both of their feet contact the ground. 
  3. Tire Size: Typically, dirt motorcycles have a smaller diameter in the rear wheel than the front tire, which provides additional grip. Choose wheels with a smaller diameter but thicker tires for a better off-road experience. When riding over uneven terrain, this will assist the rider in maintaining control of the bike.
  4. Brand: Dirt motorcycles vary by brand and size range. Depending on your preferences, certain dirt bike manufacturers may be more suited to your needs than others. Always opt for well-established micro dirt bike manufacturers that provide simple repair and maintenance services.
  5. Maintenance and Costs: Finding a dirt bike that is simple to maintain and won’t break the bank in maintenance is a little more complicated. Dust motorcycles, like any equipment, need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to operate safely on and off the road. A tiny dirt bike is perfect for you based on your ability level with bike mechanics and the sort of engine you like.
  1. Throttle Control: Although little dirt motorcycles appeal to a wide range of riders, this does not necessarily imply that they have robust throttle control. You should seek dirt motorcycles with this function since it aids in youngsters’ learning and prevents them from going too quickly.
  2. Transmission size: The size of a gearbox varies depending on the bike type. The size of the engine should be examined since it might affect how simple it is for your youngster to sit and change gears on the bike. For young children just starting, a 50cc engine is excellent, whereas, for teens, anything more significant is preferable. Many motorcycle engines range in size from 50cc to 125cc.


Is it possible to modify Honda Grom clones?

There are, of course, some. As is always the case with everything that has wheels, someone will find a way to make it more functional. There are aftermarket components available, albeit you may have to look more challenging for them than usual. Take, for example, a look at some of the custom Grom clones we’ve discovered.

Is a dirt bike with a capacity of 250cc too large for a beginner?

The size of the rider and their ability to manage the power of a novice dirt bike will determine the answer to this question. The 250cc beginning dirt bike may not be ideal for youngsters since their weight is much lower than that of a typical adult, and they may not be able to handle the weight of such a large machine. On the other hand, this force may be harnessed by highly skilled riders in their youth.

Is it safe to ride a 125cc dirt bike as a beginner?

Beginners should start with 125cc dirt motorcycles since they are a great way to get started in the sport. It’s a full-sized novice dirt bike, so grownups won’t have to choose between feeling uncomfortable and being able to accommodate a juvenile rider, so it’s the best of all worlds. This range is ideal for learning and practicing for both adults and juniors, regardless of their degree of riding expertise.

Which is better for beginners: 2-stroke vs 4-stroke?

The primary factors in this selection are how quickly the novice wants to learn and what level of stability they desire on their first dirt bike. 2-strokes provide quick acceleration out of bends, and a strong desire to accelerate, while 4-strokes are better suited to riders who want more stability and consistent practice. Make the most informed selection possible based on your unique requirements.


Finding the finest little dirt bike for trail riding doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems. Several models to pick from may deliver the most thrilling trial or motocross adventure money can buy. We wish you well in your quest for the ideal dirt bike for any future outdoor activities you have planned.

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