Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

5 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

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The one certainty about riding a motorcycle is that you must be covered from all hazards, including heat, rain, wind, and the possibility of an accident. A motorcycle jacket will be your second best buddy after a helmet in this situation. Therefore we’ve put together this list of the finest motorcycle jackets for sale to protect you from all the above.

Our picks for the finest motorcycle jackets are based on seasonal considerations and adaptability. We sought choices with extra compartments, manual vents, and detachable sleeves in hot weather. We opted for high-tech materials with built-in protection or provided space for additional protection under the surface whenever possible.

Best Choice


Alpinestars Viper v2 Air Jacket

Premium Choice


Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket

Best in Budget


Icon Mesh AF CE Jacket

5 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets Reviews

1. Icon Mesh AF CE Jacket


  • Breathable mesh lining on the inside.
  • Front and back foam cushioning.
  • Fully reflective for nighttime visibility.


  • No powerful armor.

When it’s hot outdoors, Icon’s Mesh AF CE Jacket is just what you need. The Icon Mesh AF CE Jacket boasts a great attack fit and a rugged textile chassis. This one-of-a-kind jacket’s back, elbows, and shoulders are reinforced to withstand collisions. Icon Mesh AF CE Jacket is your next riding jacket, and you’ll enjoy a safe and pleasant ride thanks to its CE certification.

Large mesh panels provide airflow, and textile reinforcing offers abrasion resistance. Complete elbow, shoulder, and back protection are included in the Icon Mesh AF CE Jacket when you purchase it. This jacket is well-made. It’s lightweight, yet it’ll keep you safe when riding your motorcycle, even in the hottest portion of the day.

Because it is perforated, it provides ideal breathability to provide maximum comfort while also providing an air route to keep you cool. You can forget about the sweat dripping down your back throughout your bike. Icon Mesh AF CE Jacket is a high-quality, water-resistant jacket that is great for summers. It is suitable for all seasons and body types.

2. Alpinestars Viper v2 Air Jacket


  • CE Level 2 certified in terms of protection.
  • Adjustable jacket with pockets.
  • Pre-curved sleeves for lengthy riding.


  • Zipper of poor quality.

If you’re looking for a sporty-cut jacket that will be worn mainly throughout the warmest days of spring and summer, the Alpinestars Viper v2 is a good option. The jacket ensures maximum air circulation thanks to large mesh panels across the chest and arms. Alpinestars’ Viper V2 Air motorcycle jacket is one of their most popular models, and it’s no surprise why.

It’s no wonder that this jacket is popular among bikers. Throughout, high-quality textiles were used. To reach its aim of becoming the ideal summer jacket, the garment incorporates various materials. Mesh composites cover the back, front, and sleeves, allowing maximum airflow and cooling. Except for the waterproof pockets, there is excellent airflow throughout.

In the Viper V2 Air jacket, nothing is ignored. The jacket is CE-rated for ultimate protection and contains an inside windbreaker that can be removed. Adjustability may be found anywhere. Straps on the waist, neck, arms, and cuffs may be adjusted to fit different sizes and shapes. Overall, this is a jacket that should be considered. Alpinestars is a brand that you can’t go wrong with.

3. Klim Induction Jacket


  • The highest level of impact resistance.
  • Waterproof and high-quality zippers.
  • Armor in the elbows and shoulders.


  • The lining is thin.

When we think of the Klim name, we instantly think of riding gear for adventure and dual-sport riding. Aside from their remarkable build quality in the adventure motoring world, specific alternatives like the Klim Induction jacket are more general and not necessarily oriented toward adventure enthusiasts. The Induction jacket debuted in 2012 and has proven to be a popular choice.

It has maintained its position as one of the greatest summer jackets Klim has ever created. We wish the detachable waterproof lining had been preserved, but it’s still a good alternative even without it. CE1 vented armor is provided at the shoulders, elbows, and back of the suit. The Induction is also CEAA-certified for those paying heed to specific Euro requirements.

The 500D reinforcement and the industrial-grade, high-strength Karbonite mesh used in the Induction provide a more robust feel than many other summer-weight jackets without compromising the core advantage we’re after airflow. If that’s still not enough protection, you may want to choose the Klim Induction Pro, which offers an even higher level of security.

4. REV'IT! Eclipse Jacket


  • Removable elbow and spine armor.
  • It’s fashionable and quite comfy.
  • The highest level of impact resistance.


  • Zipper of poor quality.

If you seek a durable textile jacket with a straightforward design, the REV’IT! Eclipse jacket is an excellent choice. Because the jacket is made entirely of A-grade abrasion-resistant polyester fabric, REV’IT! has been able to keep the price of the jacket low. Your skin will be protected against low-speed collisions and slides due to using this product.

Wearing this jacket out and about won’t make you appear out of place, which is still another plus. Some of the most impressive vented mesh panels we’ve seen on jackets are on this one. However, it does not affect the jacket’s defensive properties, which is excellent given that the mesh panels account for the bulk of its surface area.

Breathability and airflow are prioritized in the design of these back protectors. Thanks to the wrist and waist adjustment straps and the jacket’s top-tier design, the fit is exceptional. It’s form-fitting, with nothing riding up or flapping in the breeze. Despite the REV’IT! Although the Eclipse lacks the protective characteristics of pricier coats, the low price more than compensates.

5. Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket


  • Extra protection from double armor.
  • It has a detachable waterproof liner.
  • The arm straps may be adjusted to suit.


  • Airflow may be impeded.

This Dainese jacket, which has consistently been one of the best-selling coats, will gladly accompany you on your hottest summer rides, whether they are on or off the beaten path. While riding, the Super Speed Textile has huge mesh panels on the outer shell’s front, back, sides, and arms for direct airflow.

The inner of the jacket is made with a sterilized, perforated fabric that conducts sweat away from your body, as well as a removable windproof lining that can be replaced later in the day to prevent cold airflow to the jacket riding in the morning. The elbows and shoulders are protected with a replaceable CE level 1 composite protection.

As an added safety feature, it has reflective inlays for greater visibility. For the Super Speed, the “anti-floating sleeve system” essentially means thumb loops you can tuck beneath your gloves to keep them from rising during your throws. The jacket feels exceptionally comfortable at its edges with a fastening mechanism that enables you to match it with a pair of Dainese pants.

Buying Guide

While expert motorcyclists may not need this information, those new to the sport may benefit from some pointers on what to look for in a jacket. Here are some pointers on choosing a motorcycle jacket:


Which material is best for your motorcycle jacket depends on the type of rider you are. Synthetic fabrics may suffice if you’re merely a casual rider. Leather is a better choice if you bike furiously or at high speeds since it offers more robust crash protection. If you’re a sportbiker, the best option is an armored jacket designed to perform well and protect you in an accident.


It’s critical to find a jacket with the correct fit for you. If it’s too tight, you’re less inclined to put it on in the future. Jackets with armor might sometimes feel snug, so check the size chart before purchasing. Another issue that might arise when the jacket is too big is that it may flap about in the air at high speeds, which can be pretty distracting.


The most excellent motorcycle jacket will keep you cool and dry. Warmth, thickness, and density are all qualities of certain materials. These jackets may be exceedingly unpleasant if they don’t have appropriate ventilation. Many of the greatest men’s and women’s motorcycle jackets include perforated leather or breathable textile panels due to air vents that you can open and shut.


CE-certified protection on the elbows and shoulders is standard on the best-armored motorcycle jackets. The back and torso of some of these jackets include armor as well. Flexible or stiff armor is available. Instead of soft foam, the latter features a hard shell layered with soft cushioning. Although more comfortable, flexible armor offers less protection than rigid armor.


In cooler weather, the greatest motorcycle jacket will feature a tailored fit that allows you to layer beneath. While riding, the sleeves should reach your wrists. If the jacket is armored, the parts should be able to be worn comfortably over your shoulders and elbows. Motorcycle jackets with several adjustments for the waist and sleeves are the most desirable.


Although people ride various bikes, everyone wears a variety of multiple protective types of equipment. If you are riding a sportbike, you probably won’t be wearing a black leather jacket as Fonzie did. You’ll need a jacket that can withstand the weather if you’re an adventure rider. Choose a jacket that complements your style in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Additional Features-

You may wish to invest in a jacket with fluorescent stripes on the shoulders and back so that other drivers can see you better at night. Depending on your riding gear, the quantity and location of pockets may also be significant. In addition, some coats include linings on the inside that have pockets and media ports for attaching headphones or phone cords.


  • What makes a good motorcycle jacket for the summer?

A decent summer motorcycle jacket should allow as much ventilation as possible. In textile jackets, this is commonly accomplished via perforated holes or a breathable mesh material (leather jackets). Motorcycle jackets should provide some measure of protection.

As a result, shoulder and elbow guards must be worn. Also, check for protection inserts in the rear. Adjustable jackets are necessary for a well-fitting jacket for various body shapes. There are Velcro fasteners on the hips, wrists, arms, and a button or buckle on the neck that may be used to secure the wearer.

  • Between textile and mesh jackets, which is the safest?

Mesh jackets are unquestionably capable of protecting against severe accidents and injuries. They also feature armor and cushioning for protection and safety. They are, nevertheless, designed to withstand some wear and resistance. An armored mesh jacket offers higher security than a mesh jacket without armor.

Textile, especially armored textile jackets, is still preferable over mesh. Because they are developed and constructed with the idea that they must protect the mind. Textiles are just more resistant to abrasions and injuries. The difference is in the material used since the cloth is thicker.

  • How do I determine the suitable mesh motorcycle jacket size?

Using the measuring tape, take measures of your chest and back, then compare them to the size table to choose the one best fits your physique. You may choose one size bigger, but not the smaller ones. Mesh jackets have become more popular due to the growing popularity of motorcycling.

Simply ensure that the mesh motorcycle jacket you choose is light, breathable, and adaptable. Consider the pros and cons of the various jackets described here, and then you’ll have no trouble finding a mesh motorcycle jacket that’s suitable for you.

  • What is the difference between CE Level 1 and Level 2 Armor?

When it comes to casual road riding, Level 1 armor is acceptable and can handle a fair bit of impact. The minimum armor level necessary for a ride at your local track is level 1. If you’re riding more difficult or high-speed courses, you’ll need to upgrade your clothing armor to lessen the risk of harm.

This form of armor provides excellent protection from high-speed collisions and is recommended for use on sophisticated rails. You should wear it while riding your motorcycle on the interstate or in other high-speed conditions if you have one. It’s terrible to hit the pavement, and level 2 lowers the traumatic effect the greatest.

  • What’s the difference between a Bomber Jacket and a Motorcycle Jacket?

The style of collars is the first noticeable change. Bomber jackets feature a complete collar that folds, unlike stand-up motorcycle collars. To keep you warm, bomber jackets are usually constructed of leather and have a fluffy inside. On the other hand, original motorcycle jackets have been built of solid denim.

Motorcycle jackets then turned to leather to further confuse the matter. Bomber jackets either feature a center zipper or are buttoned up, unlike motorcycle jackets, which have a side zipper. The waistline of a bomber or motorcycle jacket is usually snug, allowing the wearer to move freely.


In the end, the decision to wear one of these jackets is entirely up to you. However, the choice is still based on the reasons mentioned above. Evaluate those elements and then determine what you need to ensure that you purchase what you require. We expect that you’ll be able to make a more informed choice after reading this.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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