Winterize A Motorcycle

How to Winterize A Motorcycle?

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If the snow throws a cover over your bike, it will jam the bike’s engine, making it impossible to ride. In addition, the cold breeze is harsh to the ones riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders get cranky even if they have worn warm clothes and gloves. It is hard for them to get past the cold winds with super-fast speed. That is why most of the riders pack away their motorcycles. 

Considering the cold outside, it is nearly impossible to ride under such weather. However, having said that, when it starts to snow, there won`t be any windscreen that will save the rider with ultimate protection. Meanwhile, certain items will save you from frostings in the case of an emergency, such as heated handgrips and motorcycle seats. 

For that reason, some people might consider putting their bikes to rest. Given that, motorcycles also require a little maintenance when they are put to rest. This is also due to the fact that sometimes people leave salt upon the road to deal with the excessive snow and ice. When the snow melts away, the salt will remain upon the road and ultimately erode the shine and protective layer upon the motorcycles. 

Winterizing Motorcycles

There are several ways for which you can winterize a motorcycle. First, however, the riders need to be aware of the accurate time to determine when to winterize their bikes. Mostly, October and November are the time of the year when the weather is unpredictable and cold with the frost. 

If you are a newbie and know nothing about the maintenance of your bikes or are unaware of the fact of whether and how to winterize your bikes, then you`ve come to the right place. We will make sure to add every single step within this guide to help you along the process. So, without further ado, let`s get started. 

1. Formulate a plan

Startup with a plan. You need to acknowledge the ways and techniques that will help you later on while preserving your bike. 

Come up with a different idea, and you can also take help from the internet or from your friends who are experienced and experts in such matters. Besides, it would be best if you emptied your petrol tank or it will end rusting your motorcycle. 

2. Storage unit

If you are about to store your bike for at least a month or two, you must save someplace for them. As motorcycles are heavy and require more space than the usual items, get yourself registered at a storage unit for your motorcycle, or empty a corner in the garage. 

Storing outside will expose it to the harsh weather, and it will eventually erode the shine and the polish of your motorcycle. Having said that, it is beneficial for motorcycles to be locked inside the storage house or heated garage. 

3. Gas Tank

If you want to preserve your bike for more than a month, you should clear out the gas tank. The sealed containers in the motorcycle, such as the gas tank, must be maintained properly to protect them from their internal environment. 

Doing so will make them secure from rust and corrosion. Sometimes, in the winters, when the environment is humid and moist outside, it will start condensing on the inside and corrode the metal swiftly. There are two ways for which you can preserve the gas tank for long:

  • Fuel Stabilizer

The easiest way to preserve your bike for a long is by adding a fuel stabilizer such as Sta-Bil. Pour this stabilizer into the tank and then fill the tank with fresh gas. 

  • Heavy oil

Some people who cannot afford such expensive maintenance can use heavy oil 50W at a bare minimum amount and pour it down to the gas tank. Rotate to make it stick to every single corner of the gas tank. And then fill it with the fresh gas. 

4. Battery

Batteries cannot store electricity. Instead, they preserve the chemical that produces electricity. When it is not in use, the acid inside will slowly destroy the electrodes inside it. The temperature shaft also serves as a destructive agent and will surely reduce the battery`s life. 

Besides, the constant deranging of the electric charges destroys batteries. Moreover, if your bikes have a lithium-ion battery, you can easily remove it from the motorcycle. 

There are intelligent chargers inside the battery that constantly works to monitor the condition of a battery. This will monitor for when the voltage drops down the charging kicks in and head start the process along with it. More importantly, it would be best to top off the battery with the distilled water now and then. 

5. Engine

Moving forward, the engine`s environment is somewhat more toxic than it looks. The mobile or lubricant oil is designed to suffer and withstand high temperatures. Having said that, this will lead them to carry away the by-products with thousands of explosions every minute. 

However, when the engine stops, these by-products, highly contaminated for the motorcycle, settle out from the oil and enter the unprotected metal. Meanwhile, a change of oil once a month will settle the score for your motorcycle`s longevity. 

Once you have changed the oil, run a test with the test drive to ensure that the oil has been thoroughly flushed and there aren`t any contaminants left inside the engine. However, most of the cylinders walls of sportsbikes are evenly coated with alloys instead of iron. 

  • Lubricating Spark Plugs

Moreover, there are still some risks regarding the moisture and the air trapped inside the chambers that will corrode the metal. So as to avoid this hazard, it would be best if you were more cautious. For example, you can remove the spark plugs or squirt some 50W lubricant onto the spark holes. 

Therefore, before reinstalling the plugs, crank the engine to coat the things before installation a few times. An additional technique to avoid such mishaps is spray fogging oil onto the spark plugs holes that will provide an extra protective coating. You can find this oil in common auto parts stores. 

6. Carburetors

Although most of the time, people usually ignore such hassle, maintenance is still required for them. Carburetors are still installed with the bikes that also require winterization to last longer. They are designed with tiny orifices that clog up easily and are able to resist cleaning. 

However, gasoline is made up of tiny compounds for which some of which are highly volatile. So, unfortunately, the vast majority of its components are exposed to the environment, and that being said, it will evaporate into thin air. 

While it evaporates, leaving behind the hazardous gasoline components. To avoid this build-up stuff, let your bike rest for more than a week that should drain the excessive or left out residue. Moreover, the potential consequence is an expensive repair or time-consuming. 

However, the most convenient way is to groove float bowls. Besides, you can fasten it to the hose with the nipple at the bottom of every hose. Afterward, loosen up the drain screw and let the gasoline pour down to a clean container. 

7. Tires

Motorcycle and tire manufacturers usually require a stand for their long-term storage. This is because the tires need to move rather than storing them on the same spot. Whenever you store the bike, make sure to reduce the air pressure by about 20 percent. 

However, in certain conditions where you don`t have the means to reduce the pressure from the tire, you can always fill them up. However, doing so will require maintenance for every couple of days. 

Moreover, you can rotate the tires periodically so that the weight retains equality at each side of the tread. Finally, whenever the ozone ages the rubber, you`ve got to store the bike away from the refrigerators. This will increase their shelf life. 

Final Verdict

When the winter comes, automobiles get jammed up with clogs, or sometimes it is impossible to ride on them, especially when it comes to motorcycles. For that reason, you need to prepare them if you want to winterize them for long. 

Preparing your motorcycle for storage requires the process of hibernation. Besides, it is always good to perform some maintenance for their service. However, the clutch and Brake`s hydraulic fluid replacement and the chassis are always a good spot, to begin with. 

Pay extra heed to the cables and chain; otherwise, they will jam and stuck whenever you apply pressure upon them without lubrication. Similarly, washing the dirt away will keep it nice and clean, and doing so will protect the finishing and finer protective layer. 

You can also apply some extra coating for protection. Spray the protective corrosion spray over the exposed metal parts and keep them away from the dirt by covering them with the sheet. Make sure that the cover is breathable and the air will circulate amongst it. This way, you can keep your bike fresh as new for as long as you want it to.

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