Yamaha YZ125 Dirt Bike

How To Pick The Perfect Dirt Bike – Complete Guide

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There is always something to lift your mood whenever you get bored. For motorcyclists, their passion is all about riding a perfect dirt bike to hop on, twist the swift whenever and wherever they want. Moreover, this fun automobile is geared with safety measures for the adventure seekers so that they can jump off and land safely no matter the circumstances. 

In addition, when thinking about getting a perfect dirt bike, multiple factors might confuse you. That being said, these motorcycles are meant to be fun and adventure. However, you need certain skills and experience to take on the road trip for this kind of adventure. 

Top 5 Dirt Bikes 

1. Roketa Dirt Bike

For the best racing experience, you need a perfect dirt bike that won`t throw you off while taking a rough turn. With that being said, our top of the list is the Roketa motorcycle is the 250CC with the air-cooled regulated mechanism. 

Along with that, it comes with an electric kick-start engine that can take you to the level of immense pleasure while you ride on the trail with this beauty. Moreover, it has large pneumatic tires to ensure a smooth ride. 

Similarly, the chain-driven motor enables it to get the accelerated speed with high torque. Besides, it is modified with steel construction, making it durable to last longer than any other bike. 

2. Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike

This motorcycle comes with noticeable features to enable them for the best racing experience they`ve ever had for the adventurers. Along with that, it comes with a maximum speed of about 40metre/hour. 

As with the powerful and the most durable tires, the front one is 14” whereas the rear one is 12” to give the maximum power for the push start. The power goes straight to the front tire with the maximum shaft, enabling this motorcycle to move faster. 

When it comes to applying brakes, this bike has no other match. It comes with a hydraulic brake system that makes it a one-of-a-kind racing motorcycle. Besides, this hydraulic handbrake is geared with multi-functioning elements such as the front brake, and along with that comes the disc foot break that enacts the rear brake system. 

3. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket

With the best ergonomics and detailed features, this motorcycle has outdone many others in the market. In addition, this motorcycle comes with soft rubber grips that cope well with the resistance upon the trail while racing, offering the best durable experience. 

Subsequently, this motorcycle offers smooth twist acceleration control that adds up for the swifts while riding. Moreover, this ergonomically designed motorcycle is geared with the modern feature that delivers electrifying fun with an accelerated speed for up to 15miles/hour. 

Also, this bike has a strong and powerful built-in battery that stays charged for as long as continuous use of 40 minutes. Furthermore, it is rechargeable because of the 36V sealed lead-acid unit. 

4. Kawasaki KLX110 Dirt Bike

Kawasaki has retained its popularity amongst the biker community with the most advanced features. This motorcycle is featured with a four-stroke system that is perfect for newbies and beginners. 

Moreover, this bike is an ideal choice, especially for tail riders. The size ensures that it is suitable for all ages and heights. Therefore, the top-shelf trailered motorcycle is the best option to race on the rough and rocky terrain. 

5. Yamaha YZ125 Dirt Bike

With the high demand for this ergonomically designed dirt bike, we have considered it amongst the top-seller motorcycles. Furthermore, we find ourselves to be amazed by the high-quality craftsmanship that comes with robust speed technology. 

Moreover, this motorcycle is lightweight, and with the two-stroke technology, it can also be easily handled. Hence, this motorcycle provides all the features to learn how to tail ride upon the rough terrain. 

Along with that, the engine runs smoothly with the high-accelerated power shaft that delivers a swift riding experience for the biker.  


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How to Pick the Perfect Dirt Bike

There`s a variety of options in the market that confuses you with their wide range of features. Therefore, we have acknowledged the need to compile the best features bikers would love to have on their bike. 

Thus, this would be more likely to increase the chances of getting your hands on the perfect and the most suitable dirt bike for yourself. So let`s get on with it. 


Every ride needs to understand the necessity of the skills they need to hone or polish in order to get their bike going. This kind of beast requires immense knowledge of the subject accordingly. 

Riding a regular motorcycle is a whole lot of different story when it comes to dirt bikes. For newbies, these bikes would feel like a difficult task to accomplish. 

Their lightweight and their clear steer acceleration make it difficult to handle them without having experience. So make sure to practice repeatedly before going out on the rough terrain. Also, make sure that the bike is suitable for your height and weight or throw you off the top. 

Check the setup

Before making a hasty purchase, make sure to check the setup. The setup comprises the placement of the tires, hydraulic brake system, adjustable seat height system, built-in rechargeable battery, and above all, the bars and levers are in the right place. 

Hit a Distant Trail with a trial

Make sure to test the bike before purchasing. Sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to control such a heavy beast. It is always wise to go for the one who feels compatible with your skills. This will give you an insight into how skilled you are and which bike will suit you more. 

The size of a motorcycle matters a lot. Sometimes, riders feel difficulty putting flatfoot because of the large-sized motorcycle. So make sure to look for the bike that has adjustable seat height, footpegs to put your feet comfortably.

These bikes are designed specifically for racing purposes, so you need to get the right size. This can be checked by giving it a try to hop on and cover at least a mile on it. If you can`t touch the ground, it would most probably risk your life. Ultimately it could lead to serious health injuries or towards the death of the rider.


Dirt bikes are designed to withstand immense pressure and absorb the shock waves to deliver a smooth ride. That is why they are geared with the hydraulic brakes and with the built-in spring shocks. 

4-stroke Vs. 2-Stroke

This feature highly depends upon the rider`s preference. For beginners, 2-strokes are very quick and easy to ride. Moreover, two-stroke dirt bikes are lightweight and pocket-friendly as well. Therefore, this feature is better for covering the short distance. 

Whereas, 4-stroke dirt bike is a bit heavy task to accomplish. These bikes are better for long distances. In addition, they are heavy and large. That makes it difficult for beginners to ride on. 

Final Thoughts

Dirt bikes come a long way with fun-seeking adventures and racing sessions. However, these bikes are made for rough terrain, so you need to understand how they work best. To ride on such a beast, you are going to need lots and lots of practice. 

Having said that, this guide is here to help you find the most compatible and the perfect dirt bike for your riding venture. So read along, and you`ll get the hang of it. 

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