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Everyrhing You Need To Know About Skull Motorcycle Helmets!

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Who hasn’t seen a badass biker wearing a skull helmet on the streets? These two components go together like rock and roll, whether in a film or a commercial. And they’re not only on helmets; skeleton motifs like these can be seen on everything from rings to shirts to vests in macho motorcycle culture. Skulls are on it if bikers wear it!

Harley-Davidsons, as well as other large black choppers, are often associated with skulls. Those eerie motorcycle skull helmets provide the unbreakable link between the vehicles and their riders, creating a really unique picture of toughness.

If you’ve found your way here, you’re probably on the hunt for the ideal outfit to convey your metal-head persona, in which case you’ve found it! Helmets, in our opinion, are a must-have accessory for bikers, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. Here are some of the greatest motorcycle skull helmets to accompany you on your journey through the hellish blazes! 

Why Skull Motorcycle Helmet? 

Bikers have spent decades creating a fiery, rebellious image that warns us not to mess with them. And what symbol better expresses that tough attitude than skulls? NONE! Why are they so popular?

Of course, riding a motorcycle is risky. Bikers know that every time they go on their motor-babes, they’re risking their lives. But isn’t that the thrill? That adrenaline rush every time you drive. And motorcycle skull helmets became the symbol of this ideal: life is short, therefore enjoy it to the utmost!

But hurrying to appreciate it doesn’t imply rushing to death. That’s why a motorcycle helmet skull protects your real skull. May the gods take your gear with you to ride in the afterlife!

Meanwhile, let the finest skull motorcycle helmets link your mood with your safety! You may be the threat, but you should not endanger your life. Choose the skull that best represents you, and let’s go!

Safety Level Of Skull Motorcycle Helmets 

The amount of protection provided by your preferred skull motorcycle helmet will vary depending on the base helmet utilized. After all, it’s only a standard helmet with some unique modification that gives it the appearance of a skull. These modifications may involve airbrushing, pinstriping, and custom paint.

If you want to be extra certain that the safety of your custom-painted skull helmets is top-notch, entrust the design process to an expert or a business. Depending on the characteristics needed, you may get full-face skull motorcycle helmets with a visor, chin bar, and additional padding. There is nothing unique about the many styles of skull motorcycle helmets. You may purchase nearly any type of motorcycle helmet and then customize it to create a beautiful skull motorcycle helmet.

Price of Skull Motorcycle Helmets

This element is heavily influenced by the quality of the basic helmet’s materials and construction, as well as its features. The price of a skull motorcycle helmet that is only for the show may be as cheap as 200 dollars (or 165 pounds/184 euros). Custom-painted skull helmets of excellent quality may cost up to 1000 dollars (or 826 pounds/924 euros) if you want them in high demand. Every aspect of the transformation is dependent on the firm or individual specialist you select to perform the work. 

Design of the Skull Motorcycle Helmets 

To begin, a basic helmet is required (which is any helmet you want, from full-face to cap style helmets). To accurately translate the desired pattern onto the foundation, we will want the ideal, appropriate paint for custom painting and airbrushing techniques. Prior to beginning the painting process, we need to remove all non-paintable components (such as visors). Naturally, we need to have a cleaner capable of cleaning the outside shell of the helmet.

After completing all of these steps, the helmet is prepared for airbrushing and painting. It is a time-consuming and careful procedure. For the finest results, we recommend contacting specialists with experience in helmet airbrushing. 

Weight of the Skull Motorcycle Helmet

A properly fitted helmet should not place undue strain on the head and neck during extended riding. A decent helmet should be light enough that it does not cause tiredness on lengthy trips. And you may wear it on your head without experiencing dizzy or claustrophobic feelings.

A lightweight material suited for this purpose must be either a thermoplastic alloy or a polycarbonate shell. Both of these materials add to the lightweight nature of the helmet. When purchasing a skull helmet, ensure that the weight is accurate.

And the average weight of the Skull motorcycle helmet is 1400 to 1800 grams. 

Weather Resistant of Skull Motorcycle Helmet 

A decent helmet should add to the wearer’s ability to be weather resistant in all conditions and should not cause harm to the headgear. The majority of helmets are designed to work in all weather conditions. It is dependent on the sort of rider you are and how frequently you go out on the bike.

If you are a basic commuter, seek a skull motorcycle helmet that is resistant to all weather conditions because your journey will be affected by a variety of climatic variations.

Top 3 Skull Helmets

1. 1STORM HJDJ11ABS – Full Face Skull Design Motorcycle Helmet


  • An outer shell that is both ultra-lightweight and robust.
  • Effective ventilation duct
  • Exhaust spoiler has a venturi effect of minimizing wind resistance while increasing stability.
  • Three different shield choices to choose from depending on the weather conditions.
  • The glossy finish provides UV protection.


  • The visors of the helmet are neither UV resistant nor scratch resistant. 
  • The visor gets foggy easily, which makes it difficult to ride. 
  • The helmet is not suitable for the night.

1Storm has made it to the list of skull motorcycle helmets. The mechanic skull motorcycle full-face helmet has an ultra-lightweight and durable shell. This helmet has everything you need for a mechanical skull design! The full-face helmet is designed to be aerodynamic. The thermoplastic alloy shell allows for a lightweight, aerodynamic design. Long rides will not cause extra head and shoulder weight.

2. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet


  • A sun visor that you may adjust to reduce eye strain under different light levels.
  • For nighttime cycling, dark smoke and a transparent visor are included.
  • You may remove a front mask to allow for open-face operation.
  • A fabric that is antimicrobial and moisture-wicking to help you stay cool and dry in hot conditions.
  • Worn in a variety of situations


  • Magnets made with neodymium are not very powerful.
  • Quite a bit of weight
  • Because the wind noise is uncontrollable, it is rather loud.

ScorpionExo Covert is suited for a full-face skull helmet. ScorpionExo Covert has all the characteristics you need for a skull-shaped helmet! The skull full-face motorcycle helmet’s matte black style protects the head. The second item on the list has an innovative polycarbonate shell for lightweight head protection. Long rides will not stress your head or shoulders!

The helmet includes a retractable tinted sun visor for eye protection in different light situations. It ensures a safe ride under all lighting situations. Nobody will bother your eyesight! The product comes with a black smoke visor and a transparent visor for night riding. It helps you ride at night. The device includes a detachable front mask with neodymium magnets that converts the helmet into a half helmet.

3. TORC T50 Route 66 Smoke Skull Lucky 13 Open Face Helmet


  • A sheared cotton fleece designed to provide maximum comfort.
  • For the correct scale, there are two outer shell sizes.
  • The ultra-suede fabric helps to drain away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • A woven knit polyester that allows the head to be stretched.
  • It is appropriate for intermediate oval shapes.


  • The inside of the bags is not washable.
  • Little ventilation may induce headaches and dizziness
  • It is necessary to use goggles or visors.

TORC has designed a variety of eye-catching helmets to choose from. Because of its fearsome skull design, it is ideal for riders who want to kill. This helmet is perfect for those looking for natural ventilation. The interior of the skull-shaped helmet is sheared cotton fleece for maximum warmth. It maximizes energy displacement and protects your head from a crash.

In an intermediate oval shape, it fits riders with average-sized heads. The outer shells of the headgear come in two sizes to match the scale. It allows for a precise fit and standardized development at high speeds. To change the level of the visor, the helmet comes with three snap peaks. To avoid residues entering your eyes, adjust the visor level.

Wrap Up 

As previously said, skulls have depicted a diabolical appearance for decades. Skulls are frequently used in a variety of devices. These processes have developed into a link between risk and the macabre. This macabre design gives skull motorcycle helmets a devilishly entertaining yet devilishly dangerous style of motorcycle riding.

The evaluations of these striking skull helmets inspired motorcyclists looking for a safe yet rebellious ride. The purchase guidelines assist consumers in locating an optimal motorcycle skull helmet without sacrificing road safety or head protection.

Due to the primary precaution of head protection, skull helmets will always be a safety concern.

Therefore, purchase a skull motorcycle helmet and prepare for an exciting trip!

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