Honda Grom vs Monkey

Honda Grom vs. Honda Monkey

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Of late, many people are looking for lightweight motorbikes for their commuting purposes within the city area. When you go out in traffic, taking along your giant superbikes is totally inconvenient. So, daily office-goers look for lightweight bikes with good looks. Honda is famous for making city bikes, and now they have come up with two amazing small and lightweight bikes for the daily commuters. 

Honda Grom is one of the favorites of people out there, and Honda Monkey also gets love from riders. These two bikes have a superbike look, and at the same time, they serve their purposes. As several features are almost the same, it is tough for a buyer to decide which one to choose! In this article, we will help you to discover the features of these two bikes.

Honda Grom

Honda Monkey

Honda Grom: 

Honda introduced this bike back in 2014 and upgraded it in 2017. The popularity of this bike left many others behind. This looks like an amalgamation of a scooter and a superbike. Besides the looks, this bike also offers a lot of amazing specifications and features. The rider can easily handle the bike as it is smaller in size and quite lightweight. This is perfect if you are trying to learn to ride. 

You get a top speed of around 58-60 mph. The bike has a 125 cc air-cooled single cylinder. This spec is perfect for you if you are a beginner and just learning how to ride a bike. You will get 9 hp at 7000 rpm with this bike. This bike also offers a 4-speed manual transmission. The front and the back suspensions are also amazing. The front suspension is inverted and comes with 3.9 inches of travel. The back suspension is a rear mono-shock with 4.1 inches of travel. 

If you consider the price, this is the best bike in the market as per buyers. Every year more than 10000 units of this bike are sold in the US. Grom comes with a tachometer which is an additional advantage for the rider. Though the experienced ones may not need one, this bike is made for beginners. So, this tachometer thing is really helpful for them. 


  • This bike is tailor-made for beginners and daily commuters. 
  • The amazing console of this bike is fully digital, which makes it a perfect choice for a bike lover and a non-biker too. 
  • The bike is lightweight, so the handling is quite easier if you are a newbie. 
  • The ABS system protects you on the road and from unwanted and unexpected situations.
  • The bike looks amazing, and it works wonderfully for beginners. 
  • The rider can get good mileage from this bike, which is an added advantage. 


  • Not having tubeless tires can be risky in the long run. 
  • This bike doesn’t have 5th gear, but that is not required by the newbies! 

Honda Monkey: 

Now we are going to talk about a bike that has been in the line for more than 60 years. People of that time period must know about this beast. But this generation is loving the upgraded version of Honda Money. 

This bike was introduced back in 1961, and earned a lot of accolades from people of that era. But with the front suspension, anti-lock braking system, etc., high-end features, this bike is back with a bang. It returned to capture the market, and its look is so sleek that you can be sure of its popularity. 

The first-ever Honda Monkey had a mere 50 cc engine. But this new unit here has so many amazing features that you will be short of words for. The new model has a 125 cc engine. The bike delivers 9 hp at 7000 rpm, which is commendable. You will get a dual shock rear suspension. If you love shock-free movement and a smooth-riding experience, this bike is to die for. You will get disk brakes that provide proper grip on the road and powerful sudden brakes. 

A 1.5-gallon oil tank is here for you, and that can give you the freedom to ride a huge distance in a single go. This bike also offers a manual transmission for riders. So, if you are a newbie and learning how to control your bike, this is the best bike you should choose. It offers you a 60 mph top speed. This is the highest speed available in this range of motorbikes. 


  • The seats are well-cushioned. This makes the ride comfortable for the rider. You can choose this bike for a long journey. 
  • If we consider looks, this is one of the best bikes available in the market. It looks dashing, and the rider will look dapper for sure. 
  • The Honda Monkey bike comes with Enduro tires. These tires have amazing grip, and that makes it a perfect ride for rough terrains. If you are going off-road biking, this is the best bike you should choose for your trip. 
  • Honda Monkey comes with a five-speed gearbox. This bike also has a standard ABS system. You can get a spikier acceleration feature with this bike. 
  • The oil filter is now cartridge-styled for better maintenance. 
  • The new version bike comes with an LCD display which also shows a trip Odometer, grip positioning, RPM, and a clock. 


  • The bike is a little bulkier and heavier. 
  • You cannot go for a lot of customizations here. 

Things to consider while buying: 

We do not buy bikes every day, and this is kind of an investment for many. So, invest your hard-earned money in a good thing. Please go through this segment to know what to look for when you buy a small bike from Honda. 

Fuel efficiency: 

This is the first and the foremost question one should ask while buying a bike. The oil prices are rising up and up, and under such circumstances, this is the most suitable question you should ask. Gear changes, aerodynamics, the weight of the bike, etc., hampers and affects the fuel efficiency of a bike. You have to be very careful and cautious while choosing a bike. Check the fuel efficiency, and you must go through the online reviews to know more about it. 


You must understand the terrain you want to ride to. You can be a city person, a mountain one, or a beach person. But you must be really careful while choosing the future of your bike. Not every bike is suitable for every terrain. Some are tailor-made for particular terrain, and that is why you have to be really cautious before booking the bike for your future trips. 

Size and weight of the rider: 

The size and physique of the rider matter a lot. All bikes are not comfortable and suitable for every rider. If your height is around 6 feet or so, you can choose Honda Grom. For people less than 6 feet, Honda Monkey is there. Both the bikes look similar, but you have to choose something that suits your personality and, of course, something that provides a comfortable ride for you. 


This is another important feature when you are up for a buy. No matter how amazing the specs it has, unless it fits your budget, you cannot buy it. So, choose something that goes per your budget and never burden yourself with a lot of prices. If you are going for an EMI facility, do not overboard your capacity. Just choose a policy that smoothly pays the bill. 

Maintenance cost: 

Buying a super luxury and pricey bike doesn’t mean you do not need to spend money on maintenance. Maintenance requires a lot of prices, and you have to pay that. So, choose a bike that requires less amount of maintenance. In this way, you can cut down your yearly expenses a bit.



  • Is Honda Monkey Fast?

Ans: The 125 cc, the air-cooled fuel-injected engine can provide up to 50 mph for a rider. According to us, this is a decent speed, and you must not speed up with a city bike and that too within the city. Honda Monkey is specifically made for newbies and daily commuters. So, its purpose doesn’t fit speeding up more than 50 mph. 

  • How much money would I need to ensure my bike? 

Ans: Most people buy a bike just to skip the huge insurance amount. Car insurance ranges between $200 – $300 a month. In comparison, you can insure your bike for just $8 a month. So, it is quite cheaper to insure your commute if you choose a motorbike over a car. 

  • Is Honda Grom stylish? 

Ans: Of course it is stylish. The sleek look and finish of the bike are like a sportsbike. But when you ride it, you will feel that it is as easy as riding a scooter. This is the reason many people choose the Honda Grom over any of its contemporaries. 

  • Can I modify my Honda Grom? 

Ans: From seats to tires and even the engine, in Honda bikes, you can modify anything as per your choice. You are a buyer and a rider, too; it is your right to get a bike that you can customize as per your choice. So, this amazing bike is out there for you. It is a palette, and you can color it as per your choice. 

  • Is the Honda Monkey a perfect ride for highways? 

Ans: Honda Monkey provides you with a cushioned seat, and you can enjoy the ride on the highways too. If you are up for a long journey, you can easily take the Honda Monkey along with you. The relaxed and uber-cool ride would make you fall for the bike. 

Final words: 

You have gone through all the details, pros, and cons of these two mini commuters available in the market. Both of them are very popular among their buyers. These two bikes are quite similar as per the design, yet quite different when the features are considered. Now that you know these two bikes in detail, you can choose one of these as per your budget and your convenience. 

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