Garmin Zumo 590lm VS 595lm

Garmin Zumo 590lm VS 595lm

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In this adventurous world, you want to travel to all kinds of places, from winding places where you can park your bike to places with almost no roads, but no one wants to get lost in a place where you cannot use Google Maps. 

Garmin is well known for its quality, a top-rated product that stands out for motorcycles. Garmin Zumo 595 and Zumo 590 are Garmin’s top GPS navigators. Garmin has spanned its way into the Multi-disciplinary world of GPS technology. 

The company has dedicated many types of research on marine, automotive, motorcycles, and many more. For motorcycles, Zumo 595lm is its flagship model. The same holds for 590lm, which is equally respected by the motorcycle community, though with a tighter budget.

You need a GPS System that is precisely designed to suit your nature of riding. That’s why we authored this article to help you pick the most suited GPS System according to your needs.

What to consider before buying


A budget can help you understand how much you spend on buying things and is that product worth all your investment or not. It would be best if you keep your expenses to a minimum, avoid catching up with trends. This should apply when you look at the Garmin Zumo 590lm and 595lm, just like any other product you buy.

Features in common 

1. Screen size

The Screen size in both Zumo 595lm and Zumo 590lm is the same. Both devices have a touchscreen that even responds while having gloves on. The pixel resolutions of both GPS devices are 800×480.

  1. Conversion of text to speech
  2. Both devices have excellent text-to-speech conversion capabilities. Those who live in more rural areas will be pleased to hear that the prompt voice system on these devices includes the exact street name and the exact number of the street, for example, “Turn right to Harley Street.”

The voice guidance in these devices is excellent and updates in real-time throughout the journey.

2. Traffic and weather

Zumo 590LM and Zumo 595LM offer us access to real-time weather and traffic data through the Smartphone Link2 app with lifetime map updates.


Both GPS devices are rough and tough enough to endure fuel spills, UV rays, harsh weather, and cruise & adventure riding alike. 

3. Durability

The GPS you are going for must be durable to environmental factors such as it must be water-resistant, it must be UV- resistant, it must rugged and firmly attach to the handlebars. It must have the ability to survive hard bumps. It must be shockproof to avoid getting broken by shaking it. Zumo 590 and 595 are durable for lasting longer.

4. Bluetooth compatibility 

Zumo 590lm and 595lm are compatible with Bluetooth for hands-free calling while connected to your smartphone. It will allow you to play music, call, and navigations.

5. Preloaded Maps

The brand new updated GPS, today in the market, is coming with preloaded maps inside them, which allow them to use fewer data. It can be helpful in areas with low networks as the GPS with preloaded maps doesn’t use heavy data. If you want to travel internationally, you should go for that GPS whose maps keep updating by the manufacturer. 

Zumo 590 and 595 have lifetime map updating features.

6. Battery Life

Zumo 590lm and 595lm GPS devices consist of a battery backup of almost 4 hours which is a really good backup for a GPS device, so that’s rarely an issue because the GPS devices will connect to the battery of motorcycles anyway. So no power will be wasted.

Additional Features in Zumo 595lm that are not present in Zumo 590lm

1. Music Streaming Via Phone

The new Zumo 595Im has a feature of streaming music when linked through your smartphone. It can play music through Spotify and Pandora or even your locally saved music, but Zumo 590 lm does not have this feature to play music.

2. Hands-Free Call 

The Zumo 595lm has brilliant voice navigations. It allows you to call anyone just by using your voice. It uses voice commands to accept or even decline the calls. More ever it has the ability to show the notifications of your smartphone, but Zumo 590lm does not have the ability for notifications.

3. Adventurous Routing

Garmin Zumo consists of a smart, adventurous routing system. If you want to go on a ride according to your mood, it will set up the route you choose for a certain mood. For example, curvy roads, highways, and hill roads. You can choose any path according to your mood 4. preference. 

4. Live Tracking

The Zumo 595lm allows you to link it with your smartphone. This will allow you to set your live tracking on. Live tracking is a feature that will continuously update the location of your motorcycle no matter where you go; you can share your live location with your family and friends. It can be very helpful for anti-theft purposes.  

Other Features

  1. Speed camera warning
  2. Lifetime map updates from the manufacturer 
  3. 2D and 3D maps
  4. IPX-7 waterproof rating.

Garmin Zumo 595LM

The motorcycle GPS navigator Garmin Zumo 595LM is wind resistant, works well on rugged and uneven roads, has a bright display, shows lifetime maps, has an MP3 player or music control on the screen of a compatible smartphone, and warns the driver when approaching sharp turns, animal crossings, or nearby high-speed cameras and red lights. 

It displays mobile notifications like text messages so that you can stay in touch on the go. An onboard computer with a digital fuel gauge is part of the standard equipment of the Zumo 595LM, so you can easily estimate how many kilometers you can travel before the fuel runs out.

Zumo’s sturdy structure can withstand the effects of fuel vapor, ultraviolet rays, heavy rain, and many other weather conditions.

Garmin Zumo 590LM

This GPS comes with a five-inch and dual-orientation touchscreen display that is glove-friendly and offers a sunlight-readable display. The sunlight-readability lets you read even in the sunlight. This GPS works for any road and rider. 

Zumo 590LM offers us access to real-time weather and traffic data through the Smartphone Link2 app with lifetime map updates 4. This GPS also contains an MP3 player with an iPod and Pandora compatibility that allows us to control the music on the screen display. 

This GPS will help you find your way out when you are lost, and it will record routes that are new to you so that you can easily find that road again when you want to ride and explore new ways. 

This product is compatible with tire-pressure monitor system VI. It is Rough and tough enough to endure fuel spills, UV rays, harsh weather, and cruise & adventure riding alike.

Now you can ride your favorite twisty by setting Zumo590LM to steer to winding rides. Zumo590LM also offers you to download and view 3-D Terrain detail. 

Which One Should I Buy?

This decision depends on your needs and your budget. If you want some basic navigation features in your GPS, you should go for Garmin Zumo 590 lm. If you are more likely to want your GPS to have some extra advanced features, you should go for Garmin Zumo 595. But Zumo 595 will cost you 100 dollars more than the Zumo 590. 

We have mentioned some of the things you should consider before choosing which GPS is best for you.


For a good music experience, you should consider the Garmin Zumo 395lm because it has Spotify and Pandora that you can easily link through the mobile phone app and enjoy music all in one GPS device. Zumo 590 does not have this feature.

Riding Style

If you use a GPS navigator to explore the streets, Garmin Zumo 590 is the best option. However, if you like to drive off the beaten track, then 395lm is your best choice.

For extra safety

If you are traveling alone, Zumo 590 has a Live tracking feature which can be very helpful to find your destination. Your friends and family can easily track your live location. Garmin Zumo 595 is ideal for it all.

Final Verdict

GPS has a considerable positive impact in today’s world. The GPS device is a smart invention that makes our life very easy, especially for adventure and motorcycle lovers. 

Unsurprisingly, all available electronic devices in the future will use GPS technology. Through continuous updates, it can do more than just tracking and displaying. 

Some GPS devices have certain qualities and features, so it’s up to you to buy them more profitably than others if these features are worth the price difference.

Although there are several GPS devices on the market, the Garmin Zumo 595lm and 590lm are the top two devices, and they are both the best motorcyclists GPS devices among them.

Although both have advanced features, Zumo 590lm gets the job done, and the Zumo 595lm has some extra advanced features that some customers might like.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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