Fodsports M1-S Pro And Plus Review

Fodsports M1-S Pro And Plus Review

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The massive advancement in technology has encompassed almost every domain of life. This also includes the case of a motorcycle. Therefore, you might often think of a device that could help you while riding on the bike as a means of communication. Certain technologies have been designed to meet this cause, and among these, Fodsports m1-s remains top of the line. This device would save you the time of stopping and using your smartphone. Rather, you would do all the work while riding.

Moreover, it remains the most effective tool as a Bluetooth-based device that can be connected via a wire. We believe that it is one of the most suitable devices with an attractive cost. It can help your communication with other riders, and your riding would become much more joyful. This device holds a series of features and can be easily attached to your helmet. It is an effective tool for most bikers and those who move out in a group for traveling.

Fodsports M1-S Pro


  • Extensive battery timing owing to 900mAh battery size
  • Long-range of communication up to 2000 meters
  • Multiple methods of connecting like Bluetooth and wired system
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Completely dust as well as waterproof


  • The communication is effective more in 500 meters which is quite less for riders.
  • Therefore, for eight riders, its effectiveness becomes less.

When we talk about a communication device, the first and the foremost concern is the affectivity and the range up to which the device can function. Unfortunately, most of the device either lack affectivity or they lack the in communication distance. However, Fodsports m1-s is here to save you from these concerns as it aces in both of these aspects. 

Similarly, in a normal routine, this device can continue promoting intercommunication within a distance of almost 2000 meters. However, this distance can be between hilly areas or skyscrapers which can somewhat create a hurdle, but it keeps a connection between the riders. Therefore, for 100% results, it is preferred that the riders are between a range of 500 meters as in this range, there is a lack of communication losses, thus giving the best results.

This Bluetooth-based device can be connected to your smartphone to help you receive calls and attend to them as well. It is like a Bluetooth headphone but with a long-range distance that can connect others in the group. Your riding would become much more fun when you use this device, as riding with others can be even more communicative.

It can connect almost eight riders at a time. So if you are thinking of leading a group of riders, you can use this device to guide them during your travel. It can also support calls among multiple people at a time. You cannot only use it for communication, but if you wish to listen to your favorite music, you can use the headset for that as well. So what more can you expect from such an exceptional device?

Riding sometimes demands the use of GPS navigation as a means of finding the route to your destination. But how do you expect to use the GPS while riding? Do you intend to stop again and again for the sake of looking at the route? Through the device, you can use GPS and even activate it using your voice. So you don’t need to look at the ma; rather, it would guide you orally. 

Most of the users usually complain about the sound quality of the intercom device. Well, it is the right concern as the entire purpose is the sound quality. Fodsports m1-s has a crystal clear sound quality, and even while riding, the air noise reduction mechanism reduces the surrounding noise to a minimum. 

Having said that, the excellent reproducibility of bass can provide excellent sound quality. In addition, the CSR chip that s embedded in the headset minimizes wind noise or any other kind of additional sound that could interfere with sound quality.

Another feature of this device is its resistance to water and dust as it is installed on the helmet, so it is likely exposed to water and dust. So feel free to use it in any form of weather. All that is left is the biggest concern which is the battery timing of the device. The device cannot be credible as long as its battery timing is not good enough.

The 900mAh battery has working hours up to 20. So even if it is a long tour, you can feel free to use it for as long as a day. So get this easy installation and Bluetooth-based device as soon as possible. 

Fodsports M1-S PLUS


  • Microphone mute function
  • Long-range of communication 
  • Universal connectivity via Bluetooth 
  • Clear sound quality
  • Completely weatherproof


  • The sound is not clear enough.

This amazing headset is developed based on M1-S pro. It is one of the new Bluetooth headsets that allows communication between 8 riders. So while you ride through the beautiful scenery, you can share the experience with your friends and enjoy it together.

In some cases, when you feel like staying silent and staying alone to enjoy and feel the surrounding scenery, you feel like taking off the intercoms so that no one may be able to contact you. Why take them off when we have such an amazing alternative. These intercoms come with a unique microphone mute function. Now you can enjoy your privacy without any disturbance.

Now share your music with your friends who are riders like you. These advanced intercoms are made to stay connected via music by sharing between two M1S PLUS. That being said, the M1-S PLUS helmet speakers with Bluetooth connectivity also comprises of having FM capabilities. Furthermore, the CSR sound reduction chip, which is built-in, can also reduce wind and engine noise. With 40mm speakers, the M1-S PLUS communication system outperforms other intercoms in sound quality and volume.

M1-S PLUS motorcycle helmet Bluetooth is simple to set up according to sound reminders. It features battery detection and low battery reminder capabilities, so you can always know how much battery power you have. In addition, you can make or receive hands-free calls, listen to music, and get GPS voice assistance. Being weatherproof, these intercoms can be used in any weather condition. 

M1-S PLUS intercoms are compatible with most Bluetooth headsets or earpieces on the market. Its universal pairing makes it unique and easy to use. It comes with two microphones: and along with that, there`s a booming microphone for flip-face and the open-face helmets and a button microphone for full-face helmets.

Things to Consider Before Buying


Before investing in such a device, you must be able to understand the need the buy it. You should be investing in these intercoms if you’re a bike lover and enjoy riding with your friends daily. 


Before you spend money on a random intercom, go through the specifications and features it offers. Best intercoms are the ones that can provide good quality of sound for music as well as for listening to other riders while communicating with them. 

However, a good battery that can hold on for long is the best feature to look for in your intercoms. It saves your time and helps you reach the destination on time. Some intercoms do not have a GPS, carefully check and buy the ones that have it.


If you’re a regular rider, intercoms are a must for you. You cannot enjoy yourself with a group of riders if you cannot communicate with them. If you do not want to be a lonely rider, these intercoms are best for you. Although if you’re an occasional rider, you may not desperately need them, so why waste money.

Features and Benefits


The design of these intercoms is classy and will stand out in the group of riders. First, you have to attach them to your helmet, and they are activated. Then, connect through Bluetooth, and you are good to go. The features of this device are designed in the simplest way possible.


It has a Bluetooth mode that works in connectivity and also allows the rider to stay connected. The GPS mode allows you to track your route and also guides you to the destination. And calling mode helps you make calls and talk to your friends and family.


The intercoms are easy to keep and maintain. They work great unless they are exposed to extreme weather conditions or other such issues. Then, you can contact the company for technical issues and can get your product fixed.

Other Features

The device allows the riders to stay connected not only but communicating but also by sharing music. It also comes with a CSR noise reduction chip that can reduce wind and engine noise and provide you with excellent sound quality.

Final Verdict

These devices are the best alternative to cell phones. Using phones is dangerous while riding the bike and also requires extra focus on the road. These devices will do their work easily without involving the rider’s extra attention, hence making it safe for them.

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