Best Motorcycle Gloves

10 Best Motorcycle Gloves

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When it comes to riding, safety is important. Therefore, it is quite vital to select the best pieces to safeguard you. Riding gloves are one of the main protective components on a bike you require. You know how vital it is to have the best motorcycle gloves if you’re a keen motorsport rider. You may not truly enjoy motorcycle gloves until you have your first lengthy ride if you’re a novice riding motorbike rider.

In addition to protecting your hand in an accident, you get numerous benefits from the usage of motorcycle gloves. The vibration of the motorbike is absorbed by motorcycle gloves. This helps to minimize the stiffness and numbness experienced by many motorcycles. You certainly will experience this numbness if you grip the motorcycle handlebars for too long. Motorcycle gloves also give additional cushioning, helping to make you feel safe and comfortable while driving.

Best Choice


Dainese Blackjack Gloves

Premium Choice


Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves

Best in Budget


Scorpion EXO Klaw II Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are available now in many different styles and brands. It’s vital to know what to look for in the finest motorcycle gloves before purchasing the first couple of gloves you see. Here are the greatest motorcycle gloves on the market if you want to purchase a new pair of motorbike handles. These handkerchiefs may make your bike more fun and help you look amazing.

1. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves


  • Leather and mesh main chassis construction
  • Touchscreen compatible 
  • CE-certified


  • Stitching could be better

The trendy running gloves are among the best on the market throughout the summer. They come in six sizes so you can be sure that you have the pair you need. It is a short form of the cuff so that you may have additional flexibility around your wrist for greater control. The gloves are constructed of high-quality leather with tiny mesh parts. The leather helps to make sure your hands are cushioned and protected, while the mesh helps to make your hands cool.

This motorbike glove has it all if you want the best of both worlds. It has a strong polymer system for additional accident protection around the knuckles. The gloves also have side padding to protect them additionally. These gloves have stretch areas on your finger and backhand to assist guarantee you have a complete range of motion. These areas enable your hands to extend in all directions without your gloves being taken off. This offers increased riding comfort.

Since the driving is usually taken by your hands, it is great to extend your hands without removing and replacing your gloves. The gloves are additionally fastened so that the gloves may be secured when riding.


  • areas of strategic perforation and air mesh
  • Advanced poly-blend reinforcements with foam padding on thumb and palm
  • Synthetic suede reinforcements in side-impact areas
  • Ergonomic stretch insert between palm and thumb
  • Hard polymer knuckle protection system
  • Stretch on fingers and back of the hand
  • Hook and loop grip wrist closure
  • Integrated padding on fingers

2. Dainese Blackjack Gloves


  • Classic style
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Don’t slip
  • Overall high quality


  • Finger length may be too long
  • Only for summer/spring riding

The traditional appearance of Dainese Blackjack Gloves doesn’t make you mistaken. Made of leather, these gloves have a traditional style for spring and summer riding. The fingers and delicate insertions on the back and knuckles are curved. With some modern conveniences, such as Velcros, the flexible inserts, and the back and knee cushioning, an exquisite alternative for a better coffee-making or a personally fashioned atmosphere.

The reinforced leather palm, elastic inserts, a hook, and loop shutter in the wrist region are other characteristics. Users say that they can be put on and off easily and don’t slide. The seams are high quality and offer optimum breathability. The inside lining is often soft, flexible, and easy to use. One of the drawbacks is that some users may have some finger lengths. They also tend to fade over time, and through the hole of the Velcro strap, you acquire a tan mark.


  • Goatskin leather
  • Leather palm reinforcement
  • Hook and loop wrist closure
  • Elastic inserts
  • Precurved fingers
  • Soft inserts on knuckles and back

3. Scorpion EXO Klaw II Gloves


  • CE-certified
  • Goatskin leather 
  • TPU molded knuckles 
  • Very comfortable
  • Good value for money


  • Stitching could be better

CE-certified gloves, the Scorpion EXO Klaw II, have an aggressive style and three distinct colors to pick from (black, white, and grey).  They are made of goatskin leather and flexible neoprene, making them lightweight, comfortable, and long-lasting. You won’t have problems if you have to wear those gloves throughout the day.

The Klaw II gloves will not betray in terms of protection. The TPU mounding knuckles are fitted for enhanced resistance to abrasion. Their careful palm and fingers are created particularly to enhance grip and comfort. Well, like a glove, they fit your hand! The rib-stretch expansion panels, which keep your hands super flexible, are another amazing feature of the Klaw II engine gloves. A neoprene strip in the wrist area helps to alleviate any sort of pain and to prevent discomfort during lengthy drives. The handles are fitted with a standard VELCRO strap hook and loop wrist clasp. In all, the Scorpion EXO Klaw II is great summer and spring glove, which are suitable both for city riding and sports. It’s soft and comfortable, but yet sturdy.


  • Pre-curved palm and fingers for grip comfort 
  • TPR molded finger protectors 
  • Rib-stretch knuckle expansion panels provide flexibility. 
  • Neoprene wrist relief panel 
  • Hook and loop wrist closure

4. Alpinestars Celer v2 Gloves


  • Pre-curved fingers with contours to reduce fatigue
  • Manufactured with goatskin leather
  • Velcro fastening
  • Touchscreen compatibility


  • Previous customers have had some sizing headaches.

The Celer V2 is an upgrade of the original Celer from 2014. This glove is an amazing deal with its short, practical cuff style for everyday driving, but featured on strong racing gloves. The most important material for this glove is goatskin, which is a favored industry for gloves. It’s thin but robust and works nicely with the hand’s suddenness. The glove’s inside is well lined with comfort in nylon.

The most important protective parts here are the one-piece armor knuckle and the thick foam protection on the hand. Some gloves have a firm slider in the hook of your hand, but the dense foam is pleasant and should protect you rather well if necessary. Most of the glove is drilled so that in warmer temperatures they would operate effectively. The ideal times will be Spring, Summer, and Autumn. In the warmest summer days, they may get toasty, and in freezing weather, they won’t perform that well.

The handle ends on a simple closure strap of Velcro. These guys are likewise fingered on most Alpinestars gloves today with the third and fourth finger bridge. The bridge helps to keep a small toe near the ring finger and reduces the risk of harming it.


  • PU padding reinforcements on the landing zone
  • Patented 3rd/4th finger bridge 
  • Perforated leather on the back of the hand
  • Short cuff design with a hook-and-loop grip closure
  • Open knuckle gusset
  • Ergonomic stretch insert between thumb and palm
  • Stretch accordions on fingers and thumb
  • This garment is CE certified Level 1

5. BILT Sprint Gloves


  • Full leather construction
  • Pre-curved sport fit
  • Hard knuckle and finger sliders
  • Unlined for a closer, more precise fit


  • Hot 
  • Lack of grip

BILT Sprint Gloves are an aggressive, short cuff glove that will carry you in the warmer months from apex to apex. This budget glove is available in five colors: black, grey, blue, red, and white. If you want to match your other gear or motorbike, this is great. The protective structure of the leather will feel like a second skin layer. This helps you maintain your skill and touch, so you can feel the same riding your bike.

The suede overlays give strength to the control interface of the palm and grip – the fore part of the palm, index, and middle finger. The airflow is increased by drilling the back of the hand and the fingers. Molded TPR sliders are also unlocked to further enhance the ventilation. The drawback is that the extra coloration might turn your hands black. The leather is thin on these gloves, which may or may not feel as long-lasting as other gloves.


  • Perforated finger and back of hand for added airflow
  • Molded, vented air-flow hard knuckle and finger sliders
  • Suede reinforced overlays at palm, index, middle finger, and grip
  • Contrasting, high tensile external stitching
  • Pull-through hook and loop wrist closure

6. Dainese MIG C2 Gloves


  • Cowhide leather
  • Suitable to use in any season
  • Very comfortable


  • Not touchpad compatible

A very useful pair of motorcycle gloves for men and women is the Dainese Mig C2 Gloves. You seem like a race, yet you are unbelievably comfortable. They offer the style, comfort, and security that a rider may need. The mounting of the handles is ideal and fits all hand sizes. They are composed of abrasion-resistant cowhide, and synthetic suede has been strengthened in their palms. Protection and safety are protected by polyurethane inserts on the nuts and soft inserts on the thumb and the little finger. Other tasks such as flexible wrists, pre-curved fingers, and mesh inserts are included in the set.

These might be one of the most comfortable gloves for ladies who seek little security or elegance on their motorcycles. You have sufficient air to wear on hot days and also keep your hands warm during the cooler seasons. The only downside is that these gloves are not connected to the touch screen.


  • Synthetic reinforced palm
  • Pre-curved finger
  • Adjustable cuff strap
  • Mesh fabric inserts
  • Soft inserts

7. REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves


  • Great design
  • Hardshell protection for the knuckles, thumb, and palm sliders.
  • Goatskin build material
  • Elastic wristband
  • Waterproof design


  • Weak stitching
  • Mid-range durability

The REV’IT!  Brand is a renowned name in manufacturing high-tech REV’IT mobile equipment;  No exception would be their Cayenne Pro Gloves. These gloves are designed to provide consumers the greatest comfort possible from a handkerchief. The REV’IT! Cayenne Pro glove is composed completely of a soft, rubber-proof material. This motorcycle glove is presented with a water-resistant coating to further enhance this construction. With a leather perforation, ventilation is readily achieved to enable sufficient air circulation. The ventilations on the fingers, palm, thumb, and finger cuff are placed.

 For knuckle protection, REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves additionally uses the TPU hard shell. In addition, EVA foam is included in the wrist area for convenience and safety. A TPU durable shell protects both the thumb and palm slides. This motorcycle glove is also a reflector of the rosy finger for aesthetics and visibility.


  • EVA foam
  • PWR yarn
  • PU injected finger knuckles
  • Tricot liner 
  • Wrist and cuff adjustment system
  • Ventilated dual comp protector
  • Outside stitching
  • Short cuff

8. Joe Rocket Super Moto Gloves


  • Goatskin leather
  • Integrated TPU palm protection
  • Pre-curved ride-friendly design
  • Secure hook-and-loop wrist closure


  • Stitching issues may occur

The traditional style of this glove comprises palm goatskin leather and a blend of stretchy spandex, and a back polyester. The palm is drum-dyed with synthetic overlays of leather to improve long-lasting. If you print Silicone, you get more grip. TPU protection is included in the palm. You enjoy the fingertip and thumb-leading nature of utilizing your intelligent screen gadgets to make the gloves comfortable to wear. To decrease manual fatigue, the glove is curved. There is PVC protection on the rear of the glove. The wrist is made of neoprene, providing a safe but coated grip for improved comfort.

Unfortunately, the color options for this glove are minimal. There are several colors, but the glove’s body is primarily black with colored accent lines. This minimal look can be appealing to some people.


  • Stretch Span/Poly construction
  • Drum dyed goatskin leather palm
  • Synthetic leather overlays on the palm with silicone printed grip
  • Conductive materials at the fingertips and thumbs for instant touchscreen access
  • Hard PVC knuckle protector
  • Neoprene cuff

9. Klim Induction Gloves


  • Goat leather 
  • Reasonable price
  • Good cold and rainy weather gloves
  • Comfortable
  • Index finger visor wiper


  • Fitting issues

KLIM is a new brand that creates motorcycle gear of the highest standard. It is located in the Australian city of Canberra. A warm, soft-touch glove made of quality cow leather provides comfort. In the Kwik Access dual adjustment entrance, the Klim Induction Gloves improve on the fundamental hot climate feature, which means that you can effortlessly slush in and out. The mesh at the back of the hand fans while the punched goat leather gives resistance to abrasion. Poron XRD absorbs impact energy at the hand knuckle and palm while still offering comfort and flexibility.

For motorcyclists searching for an urban lifestyle glove, KLIM Induction Glove is an excellent alternative. The KLIM Induction gloves consist of high-quality cow leather and seem urban in contrast to a full-fingered riding glove. Several tests by KLIM were performed to guarantee that the wearer felt comfortable and pleasant.


  • Heavily perforated 
  • Kwik-access dual adjustment entry
  • YKK auto-lock zipper
  • Matte carbon fiber hard knuckle protector
  • Poron XRD knuckle and palm pad with DuPont™ Kevlar® reinforced Schoeller overlay
  • Accordion stretch on the back of the hand
  • Mult-E-Touch smart device functionality
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • Exterior top and bottom stitching on fingers
  • Mesh in fourchettes
  • Lap seams on palm and outseams on fingers
  • Klim-engineered rider grip articulation

10. Icon Anthem 2 CE Gloves


  • Comfortable 
  • Touchscreen enabled 
  • CE certified


  • Narrow fit 
  • Velcro can snag on mesh fabric

The light and breathable gloves you put on your hands will be the most comfortable. The mesh return provides you with the greatest ventilation. The D30 knuckle guard is integrated into the mesh to protect your hand. The palm feels like a silky Laredo palm of cabbage leather. It is color: choice of black, red, blue, and bright yellow that makes this glove so distinctive. Here are no subtle accents: the glove colors are the whole back of your hand. Other features include a velcro shutter and a thumb and index finger touchpad. They are CE-certified, which you will also enjoy.


  • Mesh backhand
  • Laredo’s palm
  • D3O knuckle insert
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Hook-and-loop closure

Things To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Gloves

You will have to indulge in a pair of motorcycle gloves to provide more comfort and protection if you are an experienced motorbike rider. Motorcycle gloves can provide abrasion resistance, protection against the knuckles and serve as one of the finest protective equipment.

When purchasing your next pair of motorcycle gloves, several aspects have to be considered. Some of these aspects are personal preferences; therefore, before picking a motorcycle glove, you have to look at every brand and design. Here are some of the major variables to consider before you buy your next couple of guides.

Riding Style 

The riding style of your glove is one of the key elements to consider while searching for the right pair of gloves. For example, if you desire a cruiser guy, you will most probably see a conventional type of glove, whereas you will probably want a pair with a lot of colors and even metal imprints if you’re searching for sports gloves.

Weather Conditions

Another thing you have to consider is what sort of time you normally drive when you get your next pair of gloves. Many motorcyclists only drive their bikes in good weather to prevent accidents and falls. There can be no option for other cyclists when they ride. You certainly want to consider purchasing a waterproof glove in damp and rainy weather. You probably want to have leather guides for extra protection if you’re riding during other dry weather conditions. Choose cushioned motorcycle gloves for chilly weather.

Size and fit 

It’s important to fit your gloves properly to guarantee that you are comfortable and confident as you ride. You have to fit in all places when you purchase a pair of gloves. Many gloves include a strap that may be adjusted for additional safety. You have to make sure that your hands, fingers, and wrists fit the gloves. A tight fit helps to make sure your bike becomes better.

Length of Glove

The length of your glove is another major element to consider. You should locate a couple of gloves that provide this design style if you desire a short guy that just goes to your wrist. You may choose to invest in long gloves if you want to have more protection in a fall or if you wish to keep the hands and wrists warmer for a ride. Both kinds of gloves are wonderful, but the type you select is your taste.

Touchscreen Capability

You might wish to invest in a pair of touchscreen gloves if you prefer to use your phone while riding or when taking a brief break. You probably won’t want to take your gloves off when you’re on. It’s hard to achieve the right fit and then remove the gloves because you’ve got an essential call. You may want a pair of gloves with touchscreen capability if you use your phone throughout the journey. You may then reply to your telephone while driving.


Any driver needs to evaluate the price point that he wants to stay inside before purchasing a pair of gloves. However, there are fantastic gloves in all price ranges, and all handcuffs are built and fashioned differently. You must choose a glove that fits within your budget range to make your money comfy to keep you safe and comfortable while riding. Determine the characteristics that matter best to you and select a glove that has every attribute you care about inside your price range. This might assist you in locating a less than you imagined glove you adore.


How long will gloves last for motorcycles?

Leather gloves of premium quality may last for years. There is, however, just one thing you should do when it is injured during an accident. Say “thank you” to them and tuck them in. Gloves are effective as with other motorcycle gear just as long as they are untouched.

Should gloves be tight for motorcycles?

They should be nice but not too tight to limit movement. The issue is, as you continue to use leather gloves. You must thus take this into account while selecting the right size.


This review, I hope, was beneficial for you. Motorcycle gloves are created for many different reasons, but in pricing, quality, and utility, we think the gloves examined here provide the most.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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