Best Modular Helmets

7 Best Modular Helmets

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What’s better than a long peaceful ride on weekends? But before you go out, make sure you are safe. For that, you need the right modular motorcycle helmet. The aspect that makes modular helmets great for regular riders is comfort. With these helmets, you won’t feel like someone is smothering you. So, we have pulled out all the stops to help you find the best modular helmet.

Best Choice


Sportmodular Carbon Helmet by AGV

Premium Choice


Neotec 2 Helmet by Shoei

Best in Budget


Techno 3.0 Sena Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet by BILT

1. Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet


  • Many shell sizes for a better fit
  • Micro-ratcheting chinstrap for one-hand operation
  • Wind tunnels for increased airflow 
  • Cutouts for speakers


  • It is heavy
  • Pressure points in the temple area may get painful

If you succeed in finding the best modular helmet for yourself, you won’t ever feel the need to get something else. On that note, let us introduce you to a fantastic helmet by Shoei. The Shoei Neotec is a brilliant example of a comfortable fit, quiet, and solid modular helmet. Not only that, it has other superb features as well, such as the built-in drop-down sun-shield, removable inner liner, simple one-handed chin bar functionality, and ports for Bluetooth communication systems.

First of all, we will tell you about the comfort this helmet offers. It comes in four shell sizes,i.e., from the XS-XXL size range. With this description, you can tell that it provides a good fit for almost every rider out there. 

The shell shape is designed by keeping the noise insulation in mind. That’s why it has a wind tunnel for better aerodynamics and noise reduction. This mechanism that ensures quietness has wind deflectors on the cheek pads along with a Vortex Generator lip beneath the chin bar. 

The incredible system of this helmet gives for protection, ease, comfort, and the option to communicate without a problem. The ventilation system on Neotec 2 flows air inside. Also, the shield is sealed tightly with a Pinlock Evo fog-resistant liner which is a cherry on top. The QR chinstrap brings convenience to your life. 

It has cutouts for the installation of different headsets of your choice. Because of that, you can connect phone, music, GPS, and your fellow riders within a fixed mile range, talk time, voice commands, etc. 


  • Watertight Beading: keeps the water outside from the eye-port region
  • Quick-release Chinstrap: easily opens the strap within a few seconds
  • Dual-lock System: locks the chin strap safely
  • 3D Interior Liner System: makes it removable and washable
  • CNS-3 Shield: reduces noise and enhances safety
  • Vortex Generator lip and Noise Isolator Cheek Pads: don’t let anything disturb you

A verified buyer said that it is very easy to flip it up when you decide to stop. Even if you wear glasses, it would be comfortable to wear this helmet and take it off.

2. AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet


  • Extremely light as compared to the other variants
  • Available in 3 distinct shell sizes 
  • Plush padding for comfort
  • Ritmo/Shalimar reversible crown liner makes it suitable for all seasons
  • DOT and ECE 22.05 approved


  • A bit Expensive
  • The front vent can let in rain droplets and bugs
  • Chinstrap may be difficult to use

Mainly, the shape of this helmet is oval. The outer shell is fully manufactured with the 3K carbon fiber material. Due to that, it is lightweight, offers high-performance, balanced aerodynamics, impact resistance, and strength. 

All of these aspects are covered in this helmet. And, these qualities combine together to make one of the lightest modular helmets in the industry. Surprisingly, the chin bar of this helmet is composed of carbon fiber. Hence, a significant number of users love this helmet. 

The weight of this helmet is around 1285 grams. The aerodynamics design of this helmet makes it the best modular helmet for long rides. 

There is a reversible crown liner and is equipped with a rear spoiler to avoid turbulence. The carbon-fiber body makes the entire outer surface tough, so it makes it stronger than the other ones. And, you need little effort for the visor to go on or off. Besides that, there is a Pinlock anti-fog lens for improved vision. 

To fasten the helmet, there are titanium D-rings on the chip strap. Above everything else, it has certifications by DOT and ECE 2205. As this helmet is approved by these two certification bodies, you have a solid reason to trust this helmet.


  • GT3 face shield: to cover the face properly 
  • Removable sun shield: anti-scratch inner sun shield for convenience 
  • Ritmo Cheek pads: to keep it free from bacteria
  • Carbon Fiber Chin Bar: noticeably lessens the weight of the helmet
  • Metal Chin Guard: eliminates the chances of accidental openings

According to user Daniel T., this helmet can be used in any season. After a year, the color and shine of this gear were the same. Plus, the internal visor drops down to a position where you can’t tell that the visor is not open.

3. HJC RPHA 90S Helmet


  • Has a chin guard 
  • Solid shell construction
  • Includes a fog-resistant Pinlock Max Vision 
  • Dropdown sun visor for UV protection
  • Certified by DOT and ECE 
  • Reliable 5-year warranty


  • At this price point, noise insulation is not that good

Mostly, in these types of helmets, people are concerned about the compactness and the quality of the lid. However, this is the best modular helmet when it comes to the attachment of the lid.

This model is an upgraded version of the pre-existing helmets by the same company. This helmet resembles their last helmet from this range. But, the graphics of this helmet is sporty for sportbike riders.

The construction of the shell consists of advanced composite construction. This kind of construction involves premium integrated matrix plus material. Because of this construction, it has a very premium feel to it. We won’t put it in the list of the lightest modular helmets, but it is neither heavy. The high-quality internals influences the total weight of the helmet.

The RPHA 90S performs well in unexpected situations. Furthermore, it holds the paint and finishes for a few years. Apart from that, it offers maximum ventilation to provide a sense of relief. The visor system ensures all-day relaxation. So, one thing that you must know for a fact is that when you buy this helmet, you are investing in quality materials.


  • P.I.M. Plus Construction: makes it shock-resistant
  • RapidFire III shield replacement system: helps in quick removal of the shield
  • Anti-scratch Pinlock face shield: protects you from sun rays
  • Bluetooth-friendly design: allows the installation of several Bluetooth communicators

An experienced biker Chuck W said that this helmet is the best bargain he could find. At below-freezing temperatures, the Pinlock shield and ventilation work amazingly.

4. Bell SRT Modular Helmet


  • Strong Fiberglass composite shell
  • Affordable price
  • Secure design for crash resistance
  • Internal sun visor for undistracted rides
  • Great variety of sharp graphics
  • Panovision visor for excellent peripheral vision
  • 3 different EPS sizes to avoid chafing


  • Quite heavy
  • Airflow is restricted 
  • PinLock ready is absent
  • Limited sizes 
  • Not for people with long narrow heads

The Bell SRT Modular gained everybody’s attention with the Predator Gloss-White appearance. People are fond of this helmet because of its stiffness and striking graphics. The SRT modular is the best modular helmet as it delivers the performance a normal biker expects from protective gear. 

The innovative design of this helmet is close to the helmets used on racing tracks. For example, it has a Panovision visor that provides better visibility. There is a long cutout on the lower side near the hinge area on each side for easier shoulder checks.

If you want a visor system that is clear and low maintenance, then this one is the best modular helmet for you.

 On the inner surface, the visor has an anti-fog coating for riding in very low or humid conditions. Even if you exhale frantically, the visor doesn’t fog up and remains clear. Although it doesn’t have a PinLock lens in it, the features it has are a good trade-off. The vent apertures have a decent size, and you won’t face any issues with them. 


  • Removable and washable anti-bacterial liner: makes it easy to wash and remove the liner
  • Inner Drop down sun shield: for riding during the day
  • Panovision face shield: provides a wide field of view
  • EPS speaker pockets: allow the addition of a speaker

An expert stated that it has outstanding ventilation, and the drop-down sun visor makes it super simple to use. It is easy to find the correct fit as it adjusts well. The visibility it provides is the biggest pro of this helmet.

5. BILT Techno 3.0 Sena Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet


  • Tinted shield to protect the riders from harmful sun rays
  • Intercom function to provide a mode of communication
  • Reasonable price
  • Sharp graphics and patterns


  • An Anti-fog shield is not present

This helmet by BILT comes with marvelous features. While wearing this helmet, you don’t have to fret over anything. It gives you safety, entertainment and adds up to your style. Those who are old to this world of motorbikes may know that BILT is famous for making beautiful helmets. On top of that, their products pass the most stringent safety standards. 

A bonus feature that will surely attract a lot of buyers is that this helmet shows good stability. In simple words, you won’t find it too loud as compared to the other helmets. Aside from that, riders have the leverage to pick the helmets by measuring their head size. On the interior, the lining is removable and soft and has chin deflectors that make the helmet stable and softer. At a decent price, this is the best modular helmet.


  • Bluetooth Intercom: these functions help you talk to the riders on the road
  • Mesh Vents: the metal vents increase the aesthetics of the helmet
  • Quick Release Visor: grants clearer vision and quite simple to fix and remove 

A buyer wrote in a review that the clarity of the sound is unbelievable. And, the handset can be used with gloves on your hand. To set up the helmet with your phone online takes around 60 seconds.

6. Shark EVO One 2 Helmet


  • Ultra-compact aerodynamic profile
  • Sturdy thermoplastic resin body
  • New side plate design to decrease the noise from outside
  • Integrated chin curtain with magnetic fastening 
  • Eyeglasses port to fit your eyewear


  • Some customers complained about the built quality

A flip-up-style lid for everyday commute and rides seems like a good option. Nevertheless, many people think that they are heavier and noisier than other helmets. In reality, it is not necessary for a modular helmet to be heavy and noisy. From a couple of years, these helmets have evolved greatly.

Shark is one of the most reliable brands that are making a series of helmets with an excellent range of features. Through the EVO one, Shark has introduced the firm, lightweight modular helmet to lead the flip-front helmet collections in the market.

Because of the smart design and high-quality material, it guarantees a silent and smooth ride. There are internal chin channels to uniformly distribute the flow of wind through a single exterior chin vent on the surface of the helmet.

The auto seal system packs the helmet tightly to keep away the debris and traffic noise. By pressing a button at the center of the chin guard, you can move the curtain. In order to improve the balance and aerodynamics of the helmet, you can use jet mode. This is the best modular helmet because it has tons of cool options.


  • Kinematic face shield: changes instantly without any tool and give full coverage to the face
  • Anti-scratch sun shield: fully covers the face 
  • Revolutionary chin guard locking system: moves the chin guard swiftly
  • Auto up and down system: moves the face shield automatically 
  • Pinlock Max Vision: keeps the shield fog-free 

Josh P.—EVO, one of 2 owners, said that he loves this helmet. Even though it is a bit heavy on long rides, it is a great modular helmet. There is a drop-down visor, it is pin lock ready, and it is straightforward to manipulate the features.

7. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet


  • Five-year warranty on the entire helmet
  • Huge eye-port to fit goggles
  • Anti-scratch hardening to seal the shield
  • Folding visor hardware made of metal


  • The chin bar may be tight

If we are told to describe why it is the best modular helmet in a sentence, we will say that it is a well-ventilated, robust, and modular design helmet that ensures a pleasant ride. From the interior, there is a cushy head bed with a plush, anti-microbial Kwik-Wick lining that can be removed for washing. You get to choose the thickness of the cheek pads inside the helmet.

For the hot weather, it has a spring-loaded top vent that is wide enough to search and use with a gloved hand. You can open it, and the air enters through channels in the dual-density EPS liner. This promotes cooling on the top of the helmet. To mitigate the warm air, there are two exhaust vents at the back. Moreover, it comes in 3 shell sizes. On your head, this helmet is close-fitted and compact.

The makers used polycarbonate to construct the shell of the helmet. Plus, it weighs about 3.8 pounds that may be considered fairly heavy.


  • Drop-down sun visor: the dual-sided fog-free coating keeps your eyes on the track 
  • KwikWick II liner: inhibits the growth of microorganisms and keeps it dry and cool.
  • Dual Density multi-layer EPS: distributes the energy produced on collisions  
  • Ellip-Tec Ratchet System: seals the shield adequately

A user told us that because of the features; this helmet is perfect for long journeys.

Things To Consider When Buying A Modular Helmet

The Correct Fit

The fitment of the helmet is essential as the degree of protection depends on it. Fit depends on a number of things that involve the size of the helmet, material, the size of your head, design, safety, and weight. For the size of a helmet, you often get a size chart that is different for every brand. The material inside it is foam, and it comes in various densities, so you can check them.

The head shape of every person is not the same. Not all helmets work with specific head shapes. Thus, you need to determine which one is for you. The design of helmets consists of elements like padding, inserts, etc., that have a lot to do with the fitment. If the helmet is light, the energy transferred will be less. And, the comfort will be satisfactory.


The primary function of a helmet is to save your head during unfortunate incidents. That is why your helmet must pass at least the local regulations. These regulations are different for every region of the world. For instance, In North America, there is DOT; in Europe, it’s the ECE. 

Moreover, these two standards have been proven safe and acceptable for the road. The two that are written above are the minimum ratings for a helmet. The far more superior safety rating is Snell. 

The Interior & Liner Of A Helmet

Again, this is an integral element to consider when you purchase a helmet. Basically, the material that constitutes the helmet’s lining of a motorcycle must be of high-grade quality. Not to outdone, it must feel comfortable and soft against your skin. 

Additionally, the internal padding of a helmet serves as a barrier between the head and the internal parts of the helmet. If that barrier is hard and stiff, the experience would be very painful. On that account, we emphasize picking the right liner shape according to your head shape.


Can A Helmet Actually Save My Life?

Yes, if you have a helmet on your head, it can save your life. For instance, when you ride in a car, a seat belt or airbag can protect you from injuries. In the same way, a motorcycle helmet is the most crucial type of equipment that you must keep with you whenever you go on a ride. They are specially designed to protect you from an impact. In a sudden crash, wearing a helmet acts as a barrier between your skull and the road, a tree, automobile, etc. 

That means whether you ride at high or low speeds, it can save you from different kinds of trauma.

Do I Need a Full Face Helmet Or a Modular Helmet?

Honestly speaking, picking a full face or a modular helmet is a matter of your liking. Many bikers prefer to wear half helmets to feel the open air during their rides. This feeling makes their experience even more enthralling. On the other hand, some people like full-face helmets because the] head and face protection they deliver is better. Also, they completely block the wind for a ride with turbulence and loud wind noise.

What Must Be The Ideal Weight Of A Motorcycle Helmet?

Normally, a large-sized modular motorcycle helmet weighs around 3 to 3.5 pounds. Some of the helmets are lighter than this weight range. Other helmets may be heavier than that. However, this isn’t the criteria to judge if the helmet is suitable for you or not. Usually, it is better to consider the helmet sizing, shape, and kind of safety certifications it has. After that, you must see if the weight of the helmet is desirable or not. 

The only way to figure out this factor is by trying the helmet. You can wear it for a couple of minutes to see if it is straining your neck or collarbone. A lightweight helmet that is large in size slips and rubs against your head. Due to this uneven distribution of weight, certain areas of your head start hurting. 

That is why it is important to check the shape and design of the helmet. Every person has a different head shape and size, so the helmet must fit nicely. And then, you must see if the weight is bearable or not. In this way, you will end up buying the best modular helmet for you.

Which Is The Best Modular Helmet For Long Rides?

Long rides on a bike can be cumbersome if you are not well-prepared. Because of that, you must keep things with you that reassure your comfort and overall protection. Moreover, if you don’t have a suitable helmet, you may suffer from headaches, allergies, pressure points, strain over your eyes, etc. 

According to us, the best modular helmet for long rides is the equipment that is easy to take on and off as you ride. We have mentioned the good brands in our article that will save you from bad weather and crashes. In addition to that, you can feel the fresh air without taking off the helmet, which is the whole point of buying a helmet.


In this article, we have thoroughly shared the information about modular helmets. And, we are positive that after reading it, you will be able to find the best modular helmet for you. Always remember, the ideal helmet is so comfortable on your head that you forget that you are wearing something. 

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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