Best Motorcycle Hoodies

5 Best Armoured Motorcycle Hoodies

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Motorcycle riding is an accelerating experience. You can go for a motorcycle ride whenever the skies are clear, the wind is smooth, and the clouds are not in the sky. Any day can be a  good day for going on a motorcycle ride. Here you can put on clothes such as your pants and boots. It would help if you always had a rider’s jacket, as it will always protect you from any weather or accident. 

But nowadays, when you like to get to your coat, it is like the same old hi-viz, retina-burning, or any neon green/yellow leather, or you may be having a simple mesh jacket. This is the kind of feeling that is too familiar for many riders. Here a person wants to enjoy the fine weather and then freedom in the ride. A motorcycle hoodie is only a piece of gear, and it often looks super casual. Still, this product always has a significant impact, and it protects a rider when they experience a slide in the roads. 

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Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoody

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First Manufacturing Vendetta Jacket

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Fly Racing Armored Tech Hoody

5 Best Motorcycle Hoodies Reviews

1. The Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoodie

Here, the Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoody has taken the casual look of a hoodie, and it has infused it with a lot of reinforcement at the elbows, shoulders, and back. Here this jacket also comes with a CE-rated elbow and shoulder armor. Here the hoodie can go in the standard variant, and here, the back armor is inserted and sold separately. You will also find a waterproof inner pocket ideal for your cell phone.  


  • This is a casual-style riding hoodie that has been made by knitting all the fabrics with the main shell. 
  • Here it comes with an Interior aramid reinforcement on the shoulder, elbow, and back for the strength and durability of the rider. 
  • It has a one zippered hoodie-style hand pocket on the front, too, and it also has a high collar which is a removable storm hood for any real-world weather condition that you will experience on a long ride. 
  • Here the back compartment of the hoodie is specially designed to accommodate a good quality back insert as this thing is sold separately. This hoodie also comes with a waterproof inner document pocket for peace-of-mind storage. 
  • This hoodie also has level 1 CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors to protect your body against all kinds of impacts.

2. First Manufacturing Vendetta Jacket

This is a hoodie that is specially designed for withstanding cold weather conditions. Here you can use this hoody when it is chilly outside, and you can also use it if you wish to remain incognito or remove it entirely. The Vendetta model is a leather hoodie that gives the feel of a denim jacket that was quite famous among all the riders back in the day. Here, these hoodies come with two chest pockets with flaps, and here the hand pockets are thoughtfully arranged to feel easy while entering your hand here. Here you can also add some optional armor, which is sold separately without any impact protection. The Vendetta Jacket is often considered one of the safest hoodies that you should have. It is also ideal for a person who is getting his/her first motorcycle hoodie. 


  • This motorcycle hoodie comes with a generous American cut. It has lightweight distressed sheepskin in it and comes with a mandarin collar. 
  • Here you will also find a removable zip-out hoodie and a good quality chest pocket. It has two chest vents in it which makes the hoodie fully vented. This also has two snap slash pockets and a zipper on each sleeve. It has a permanent mesh liner. And an action back. 
  • If you wear it in a whole sleeve, you can also zip out the insulated thermal liner. You will also find concealed carry pockets with tapered holsters for a more stable fit for the rider. 
  • Here the bags can also come with optional CE 1 armor, and they are sold separately. Here the hoodie gives a lifetime warranty on the hardware and zipper. It is a very tough hoodie that you can wear any time without getting out of style.

3. Street & Steel Kickstarter Moto Hoody

If you are an experienced motorcycle rider, you know that a standard hoodie can’t hold up to all the rigors you will face in two-wheel travel. So here, the street & steel Kickstarter Moto Hoody is specially designed to fulfill the purpose of looking casual. This motorcycle hoodie will always keep you comfortable and protect you from weather conditions. Here the S&S foregoes all types of standard cotton blend material, and then it uses a more robust poly/aramid knit to have a good quality abrasion resistance in it. It also comes with CE-rated armor that meets level 2 requirements without adding excess weight to the hoodie. This also comes with complete impact protection by slipping in a CE-rated back protector, but this thing is sold separately. 

The main reason that makes the Kickstarter Moto Hoody a better option for all the riders is that it comes with sturdy rib knit cuffs and a waistband. This helps you seal off the garment from any wind, and here the hoodie will also hold everything in place. It also has a flannel line which will provide extra warmth and comfort while riding the bike. Here you will also get drawstrings for the hood, and they all are cleverly positioned inside the hood, and it prevents them from flapping in the wind. 

Here you can stow all of your stuff in the handwarmer pockets without worrying about something slipping out of it. This is because it has simple zipper closures in them. Here all the connection loops are also attached to the hoodie and also to your jeans. So there is significantly less chance of the hoodie riding up when you are going fast. It also comes with blacked-out reflective material on the shoulders, and it is incognito right up until the headlights hit it. Here, the Street & Steel Kickstarter Moto Hoody will safeguard you from any impacts and abrasion while also giving you a casual look on the bike.


  • This hoodie comes with full coverage and has a poly-aramid knit construction. It has plush rib knit cuffs and also a waistband in it. 
  • Here the mesh airflow liner provides coolness in warm weather conditions. This jacket has a rubberized American flag graphic at the bicep.
  • Flannel that is lined with the hood. This also comes with drawstring adjustment, which exits inside the hood. This keeps you protected from any wind. 
  • It has Zippered handwarmer pockets and also a jacket to pants connection loop. Here you can also add low profile CE Level 2 elbow and shoulder armor for extra protection. 
  • Here you will get a pocket for an optional back protector, and it is also sold separately. 
  • It has carbon black reflective accents on the shoulders for nighttime visibility, and they also come with full YKK Vislon zippers. 

4. Merlin Hamlin Hoodie

The Merlin Hamlin Kevlar Hoodie is a particular type of hoodie that looks like a typical hoody, but it comes with a Kevlar lining. Here it had CE-approved armor and also had jean connection loops. It has a drawstring hood with ribbed cuffs, and it also has helmet concealment with all of its technical construction.


  • It has a kevlar protective lining all over the body with a high resistance property. 
  • It is also very light. This hoodie comes with a removable CE-approved shoulder and also elbow armor in it. 
  • Here the mesh lining is given to provide comfort and air circulation to you. Here the pockets are also optional for back protectors, and they are sold separately. 
  • It comes with a YKK center front zipper and has a ribbed cuff and hem. 
  • It has a drawstring hood in it and two front pouch pockets. Here you can use the YKK jacket-to-pants connecting zipper in a fast ride.

5. Fly Racing Armored Tech Hoody

The Fly Armoured Tech Hoody is a versatile jacket for you when you are going for short runs to the market or simply going out for the evening. If you’re a rider who is always looking for safety and style, and you are a person who does not want to stand out too much while you are in your motorcycle gear, then you can choose from this range of motorcycle hoodies, and they are definitely for you. Motorcycle hoodies are becoming popular day by day, and many people are also shifting from motorcycle jackets to these types of hoodies. 

These types of hoodies have been around in the market for a very long time, and here some of the riders even prefer to keep their closets all clean, and here they even don’t want to have any redundant motorcycle gear. Some riders nowadays also want to have just one set of motorcycle gear. So if you are a rider and you can still easily rock a casual and stealth look, you can go for these hoodies without any doubt. You can wear your regular leathers, and then you can put a bigger-sized hoodie jacket over it. 


  • This hoodie has a Techshell construction, which is ultra-comfortable and lightweight. It is also windproof and comes with a water-resistant, breathable membrane. 
  • This will keep you warm and dry when riding in the rain. It also has reflective piping and logos for all kinds of night visibility. 
  • This has a Mesh lined interior that adds comfort and warmth to you. It also comes with a shock cord waistband and has a removable hood. 
  • Here it has EVA armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back. You can also upgrade this hoodie to a CE armor one where you will get optional FLY CE armor kits, which are all sold separately. 
  • You will get an abrasion-resistant sub-panel in the elbow and shoulder area. 

How to choose a suitable motorcycle hoodie

Going for a good motorcycle ride and then trying not to stand out too much with the riding gear is a long-lasting problem that you may have experienced before. Fortunately, nowadays, many motorcycle gear manufacturers have listened to this plea and have now produced hoodies. They all are now getting in on the action. Here the riders might doubt how protective such a piece of equipment could be and how it would save them from any harm. 

There are a large number of hoodies that are available in the market and are made from soft cotton material. Anyone who is a fan of motorcycle riding knows that every time they go out for a ride on a motorcycle, they all know that they are now going to be at risk of sliding on a belt sander. Any cotton jacket doesn’t do so well on a belt sander. This is the main reason for which best motorcycle hoodies are produced, and they are becoming popular day by day. 

Nowadays, many motorcycle hoodies are made of synthetic fiber with excellent tensile strength and heat resistance. They are now made out of performance materials that can also be found in race tire rubbers, bulletproof vests, and everything in between them. Many motorcycle gear manufacturers are using these new synthetic materials on all kinds of soft cotton jackets. They are now integrating these into the hoodie jackets, and now all the riders can have protection, style, and comfort in their gear.

Earlier the best motorcycle hoodies were made out of cotton. On their own, you can see that it is a very soft material, and this would do very little to protect a rider from any crash. But now, these hoodies are built from all types of synthetic materials and cotton, making them relatively safe and reliable. These materials are also used to make full suits for the riders. One of the most interesting facts is that some motorcycle hoodies are also bulletproof. 

Nowadays, many companies add a reliable layer of complete protection around a rider. These hoodies have been proven to protect you as a rider if you face any crashes. They have also saved countless lives. These hoodies can also come with hard armor, or they can also come with a soft body that will harden later, and it will then protect you from bumps and impacts but will remain weak and malleable when the bike is moving.

Advantages of having motorcycle hoodies

One of the main advantages of using a good quality motorcycle hoodie is its safety feature. Here they always provide absolute and reliable protection for all the riders. Many of the riders prefer hoodies rather than going for a jacket. Nowadays, this has slowly become a staple in every rider’s closet due to its increasing popularity. A suitable motorcycle hoodie which has been by RevZilla generally gives all of its riders an extra five seconds of slide protection. You will often see that five seconds is just the benchmark for some motorcycle gear manufacturers, and many of the companies have even tried to go above this.

These motorcycle hoodies are also quite stylish. Here, you do not have to wear skin-tight leather whenever you ride around the town. You can get this best motorcycle hoodie as it generally looks and feels like some regular clothing. One of the main reasons many riders would prefer wearing hoodies is the style choice they get from them. Here, a motorcycle hoodie will benefit riders from not standing out too much in a crowd while getting off their bike. It also has a good number of notable features. 

Things that you can wear with a motorcycle hoodie

Here you will find that these types of hoodies pair great with any riding jeans that can be either made up of leather or any synthetic material along with cotton. Here you should also see that these jeans should have protection ratings too. 

It would help if you bought the riding jeans with the same level of protection as these hoodies. It would be best to purchase the level 1 CE-approved armor on the knees and in the pockets. Here you can also add an optional hip armor. Here these things also significantly add to the style factor, and they always go with the stealth theme that a lot of casual and daily riders are gravitating to nowadays.


We all know that safety is the number one concern for all riders when riding a motorcycle. Nowadays, many riders prefer not wearing any proper gear because they dislike the style, and many of them also think that they are unnecessary. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who make more casual motorcycle hoodies. 

Because of this, more riders are also moving towards wearing these gear every time they ride. Here there is a rise of regular-looking motorcycle gear, and this is also getting more people into riding motorcycles. All the riders who are going for a ride generally need to wear the proper equipment.

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