Are Motorcycles Worth The Risk

Are Motorcycles Worth The Risk? Yes! But Keep These Things In Mind

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Regardless of being the most difficult and dangerous, motorcycle riding is the most popular ride among youth. The feeling of excitement and freedom makes the ride lovable.

Before riding on a motorbike, you should properly learn how to drive it. Besides, make sure that you have an admirable road sense to handle a bike. Many people said that riding a motorbike is very risky. Still, if you strictly follow the traffic rules, the risk will reduce about 50% as a motorcycle is a two-wheel vehicle, so it isn’t easy to maintain balance. 

Unlike the car, a rider is not safe and fully covered on the motorbike; that’s why people don’t feel safe while sitting on a motorbike, but that’s all a myth. It all depends on the person who is driving a bike. So if we talk about the benefits of a motorbike, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is the perfect ride for two persons. 

You can easily enjoy the good weather by having a wonderful motorbike ride. For a short distance, motorbikes are best because you don’t have to worry about its parking as it covers very small space, but you need a proper space for parking for cars. Moreover, a motorcycle gives a very good average of petrol and is considered an inexpensive ride and worth daily use. Your driving skills also improve because of motorbikes.

Reasons Why Motorcycle is Worth the Risk

Motorcycles are somewhat inexpensive as compared to luxurious cars. At the same time, they do hold their value in their wild specifications. A person must be passionate if he is going to spend his value upon motorcycles. 

Sometimes, as the teens love adventure and thrill, they tend to urge for an ergonomic and versatile bike in their possession. They can use it for racing with their companions, or sometimes it is easy to pass through the heavy traffic in the middle of the road. 

However, certain factors make it more valuable and worth the risk. So read along, and you’ll find out some important information about whether motorcycles are useful or not. 

Gives Passion

People are thrilled by the passion that a motorcycle ride evokes. As a result, many individuals are addicted to motorcycle riding and consider it more than a hobby. People crave it as much as any other sport, and some people can’t start their day without riding a motorcycle.

Improves Physical Health

Motorcycle riding improves and aids in the treatment of mental health issues, but it also aids in the development of physical strength. Riding a motorcycle helps in improving the balance of your entire body. In addition, it helps you to stabilize the body. 

Meanwhile, whenever you hold the handle with the sheer strength of your hand, it also helps in strengthening the grip and thus builds muscular strength. Riding a motorcycle will help you lose some calories as well. 

You lose between 150 to 600 calories per hour, and it depends on some factors. These factors include the weight of the motorcycle and your weight. You burn more calories if you’re working hard and applying more effort to ride. 

Improves Mental Health

Riding a motorbike is the finest way to improve and deal with mental health problems. A motorcycle ride gives you a sense of freedom that makes you much more awake and helps your brain be more creative. 

Many individuals have been able to cope with their mental difficulties by motorcycle riding. It is rare to witness a motorcyclist struggling because of mental problems. Riding a motorbike is one of the easiest and affordable ways to treat psychiatric issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression. 

Stress and anxiety can be released by riding a motorcycle and puts you in a good mood. Hormones are released that make you happy and release any stress from your body.

Helps to Socialize

Motorcycle riding is one of the best methods to meet new people and become more sociable. Bringing people together and letting them interact and exchange ideas provide the best opportunity to know people around you. 

Only a ride like a motorbike can grant such a chance of socializing. You often meet new people on the road and wave each other, and create connections among them. This normally does not happen when you’re riding a car.

Enjoyable Ride

A motorcycle ride gives you a thrill and, with increasing speed, gives you a sense of independence and happiness. You may not be able to enjoy a car ride like you enjoy a motorcycle ride. However, most people ride on a motorcycle to enjoy themselves. 

This fun and thrill cause a rush of adrenaline release in your body and multiplies your fun even more. You never get bored of this particular ride. 

Lightweight, Economical and Efficient

A motorbike has numerous advantages and is far superior to all other vehicles in terms of performance and efficiency. It’s incredible, and it’s also a transportation tool that works effectively and efficiently on the road. 

Besides, a motorcycle should be able to travel between planes and cars, saving you time when moving from one location to another, something that a car cannot accomplish. As a result, a motorcycle will allow you to travel faster than any other vehicle, even in the areas that have the highest traffic. 

In terms of fuel, a motorbike is the most cost-effective vehicle. Being less expensive than other vehicles, this ride seems to work great economically. In addition, due to the tiny size of a motorcycle, finding a parking spot is simple. 

Unlike a car, which can take up to half an hour to find a parking spot, you can park your motorcycle practically anywhere you choose in just a few minutes. This compact ride allows you to travel practically everywhere, such as between mountains, through woodlands, and almost anywhere else. A car can not just fit into any place due to its large size.

What could go wrong while riding a motorbike?

While riding a motorcycle is helpful at some point; however, it is also risky. Therefore, we will discuss some important factors that need your attention before going out on a ride. Please have a look at them to be mentally prepared for any uncertainty that comes your way. 

  • Group rides

Teenagers often get too excited over little things, and they want to try out the thrill themselves. For that reason, with the group of buddies, they travel together, stay together and do dangerous and risky things. 

The same thing happens when more than two people ride together on a bike. Meanwhile, riding a bike needs the rider to be more focused and attentive all the way rather than car drivers. Besides, riders who push themselves beyond their abilities could jeopardize their lives. 

  • Lane Splitting

While crossing paths with cars and heavy trucks might get risky for a rider. However, a person must have a nice road sense, and experienced enough to get ahold of the situation, and could carefully ride through it. 

Moreover, research has shown that the majority of motorcycle accidents happens because of speedy lane splitting. However, you can also avoid this situation by keeping low speed. Riding at a safe speed could cause less damage and protects you from overspeeding cars and unexpected U-turns.

  • Road hazards

Oil slicks, potholes, debris, puddles, uneven pavement, and wrong parking of the vehicles could lead to the disaster and causes unprecedented motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle cannot afford to have bumps on the road. It will lose its balance, and the riders will fall out on its face and be seriously injured. 

  • Cars waiting to turn

Intersections are more dangerous than you think. Drivers ovens make careless turns, which could lead to traffic jams and cause multiple accidents upon the road. If the rider tries to make a shortcut in heavy traffic, most of the accidents happen in the world because of this reason. 

  • Panic Stops

In addition, each time, there`s still a probability for a bike wreck as soon as someone slams on the motorcycle brakes. However, it’s always dangerous for a motorbike rider when the breaks fail. In the meantime, your front handbrake offers 70% of the stopping power. 

Besides, you must check the breaks while going on the ride. However, if you apply too much pressure upon the breaks, they will eventually break.  Get yourself an automatic anti-lock mechanism that will mitigate such problems. Under heavy braking, if you don`t have ABS, you are more prone to the risk. 

  • Inclement Weather Conditions

Changing weather could also be a risk factor for road accidents. For example, riding a motorbike in the rainy and stormy season becomes miserable. The rain could get into your eyes, and you get all soggy. Along with that, drivers splash waters upon the bike riders. 

Sometimes, large puddles that start depositing at the bottom of the hilly areas become sticky due to the heavy rain. Thus, they make it nearly impossible to drive through them. The roads get slippery, slicker, and with reduced visibility due to the steam that deposits inside the visor. 

That being said, it is advised not to ride under the heavy storm and rainy season. Besides, if you`re riding over the ground where there is no snow, you need to stay more careful as you may never know what`s ahead of you. 

Ways to Reduce The Risks of Motorcycling

Safety Equipment

It is important to wear all safety equipment if you’re riding a motorcycle. Never ride a bike without a helmet, as these helmets can save you from any unfortunate injury on the head if you encounter an accident. 

Such accidents even may lead to death. But if you are wearing your boots, helmets, gloves, and body armor, you can protect yourself while enjoying the ride. It reduces the chance of any risky accidental situations.

Avoid Rain

People often go on bike rides while it is raining to enjoy the weather. However, it increases the risk of accidents much more than riding on a sunny day. Rain makes the roads slippery and sloppy, and you will struggle to keep the motorcycle’s balance. 

So, try to avoid riding a motorcycle in the winter or when it’s raining, since this can lead to rust and damage to the motorcycle’s design and construction and can also cause you more harm than the enjoyment you seek.

Riding on Slow Speed

Motorcyclists usually ride at faster speeds to enjoy the thrill, but this ride is most dangerous at a higher speed. Every turn on high speed on a bike can risk you with your life. However, if you ride at a low speed, it is possible to reduce the life-threatening risks to a minimum. 

If you want to enjoy high-speed rides, you can do it on roads other than the main road to avoid cars and other big vehicles.

Stay Focused

Most people lose their focus on bikes that can lead to accidents. It is a ride that requires constant attention. Using cell phones while riding is a commonly observed habit. Avoid such risky habits if you want to get most of the fun on a motorcycle ride.

Avoid alcohol consumption

Before riding on a bike, you must avoid drinking alcohol, or else you will end up having an accident, or you might hurt someone else. Unfortunately, 50% of the accidents are happening because of this reason. Moreover, alcohol consumption is harmful to health and the basic source that will trouble you a lot while riding on a bike.                 

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Before purchasing a motorbike for yourself, make sure to do a little research on the factors you want in your motorcycle. Make sure to look for certain safety measures that will make your life easier. However, it requires certain skills and experience to acknowledge the right one for yourself. 

  • Anti-lock brakes

These brakes often come in handy while making a shortstop if you are going full speed. They have been proven life saviors. Moreover, it is more likely to prevent fatal crashes. 

  • Acknowledge the right gear

For the utmost and maximum protection, make sure that you are wearing the right and proper gear according to the weather conditions. For example, if it is cold outside, then you must wear leatherette gloves, jackets, and ankle boots to avoid getting wet and all soaked up. 

  • Be more careful

It would be best if you were extra vigilant while riding on the highway. Certain cars might try to crossover and tailgate, which will frustrate the rider. Thus, keep your calm and ride with utmost clarity and confidence while you are on the road. 


Is riding a motorcycle safe?

It depends on the person who is driving a bike. A person should know about the traffic rules and should have road sense. All safety precautions like wearing a helmet and hold a handle tightly must be followed. These all measures make a bike ride safer.

What is the right age to drive a motorcycle?

According to the law, below 18 are not allowed to drive. Therefore, you should first learn driving and traffic skills and get a license for your safety.

Is it easy to fix a motorcycle?

As a bike is a piece of small machinery, a car can easily fix it at home if you know about it. Small videos also help you fix a bike at home, and you don’t need to go to the mechanic shop.

Customization of a motorcycle is difficult?

You can customize a motorbike in this modern world as you want; you can also do it yourself. But have to learn some basic skills if you are planning to do it by yourself. After that, it is very easy to get whatever design you want.

What are motorcycle advantages over a car?

It is very cheaper to run, and you can easily park it because they do not need a lot of space. Enjoy the weather if you want as they consume very less petrol.

Final verdict

Most people prefer to ride a bike because it is very easy to drive and comfortable traveling a short distance. This motorbike ride is best if you want to enjoy the weather. A ride of a bike is very cheap so for poor people it is very suitable and comfortable. 

A  bike can benefit you in your daily house chores. They are also very long-lasting if a person drives them carefully. A car is preferred during the long journey, but bikes can drive in the city anywhere easily. It is a wise purchase for a financially unstable person. 

If you misuse it like one wheeling is very dangerous and more than two persons are sitting on it simultaneously, it will also lead to an accident. If you are a bike lover, you can customize a bike of your own choice, unlike cars. Handling a bike is very easy on a road, and you will also be able to move a bike from between the cars and don’t need a large space to move a bike like cars. 

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