Most Reliable Motorcycle Brands

5 Motorcycle Brands That You Can Rely On

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Are you that kid who always dreamt of buying a superbike? Well, we are here to turn it into reality with our article on the Most Reliable Motorcycle Brands.

Growing up, we all were fascinated by the bikes we used to see on TV. Love for motorcycles never dies, most of us are still passionate about bikes, just like we were back in the day. This industry has also expanded with several manufacturers and products that have been launched in the market. 

Due to this, it is extremely hard to find the best motorcycle for you. As every manufacturer tries to project an image that proves them to be a reliable company, selecting a motorbike becomes an overwhelming process for the customers.

In addition to that, almost every year, famous companies put new motorbikes up for sale. Because of that, those interested in motorbikes must find out the performance of these brands and models. Only then comparing the important features of these bikes would be possible. If you are searching for a bike that belongs to one of the most reliable motorcycle brands, we are here to help you.

Japan is known globally for the inventions and advancement in various departments. In the same way, in this industry, they have done a noticeable amount of work. That’s why brands that are associated with this country are considered worth buying. We are not just saying this; we found it out after going through the consumer reports. 

Usually, their motorbikes deliver a low failure rate, decent fuel efficiency, and affordable repairs. Moreover, when we have to make up our minds to buy a motorcycle, there are multiple factors that are integral other than big names and the reliability of their products. After testing out these brands, we have written a summary of five motorcycle brands that are famous for their reliability.

1. Yamaha (11% Failure)

In the second half of the 1800s, Yamaha was built. Soon after that, it became a hot topic in the world. This company was quick to win over the trust of people globally. It saw a new height of success when it got associated with MotoGP and the professional motorcycle racers of that time, such as Valentino Rossi, used their product on the track. And Valentino was the winner of several MotoGP world championships. 

Until today, YZF-R6 is declared to be the best motorcycle by Yamaha. Also, fans love how this bike looks. Most importantly, Yamaha bikes have a lot to offer other than the outlook. They deliver reliable transportation at a reasonable price.  

Yamaha has bikes in several designs, so it is easy to search for your motorcycle for some new adventures. Yamaha is a brand that produces many types of vehicles like high-powered ATVs, Snowmobiles, and even watercraft. Besides that, the failure rate of a four-year-old bike of this brand was 11%. This rate makes it safe for you and other people on the road.

2. Harley Davidson (26% Failure)

Who doesn’t know Harley Davidson? They are popular for the is most legendary motorcycles in the world. In 1903, Harley Davidson was founded by a group of men named William S. Harley, William Davidson, Walter Davidson, and Arthur Davidson. These men were childhood friends and had a passion for building their global empire.

With their iconic and superfast bikes, they are adored by every biker out there. Most of their models target the riders who prefer large-displacement cruiser-type motorcycles. Moreover, these motorcycles are pretty expensive. 

However, for quite some time, their cross-country options are popular among the youngsters. They have made sleek street-style motorcycles that are easy to control and comes at an affordable price. Mostly, we see Harley Davidson as a one-of-a-kind motorcycle brand.

Nevertheless, after the first four years of usage, 26% of the motorcycles by Harley Davidson need repair and maintenance. Luckily, during the early years, they offer warranties to cover the major damages. 

3. Honda (12% Failure)

Honda became a part of this industry in 1963. Even though many brands had a powerful position in the market at that time, Honda managed to become the largest motorcycle manufacturer globally. For more than 50 years, they have maintained that image. That’s why we count it in the most reliable motorcycle brands

Honda is excellent at making internal combustion engines. The motorbikes they produce are for all lifestyles. Also, they have off-road motorbikes, street models, full-size vehicles, ATVs, and scooters.

Their bikes are available at a relatively expensive price range compared to the other motorcycles made in Japan. Honda is a brand that doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products. 

They have many awesome motorbikes, but their CB500 is top tier in every sense. In MotoGP, Honda is one of the most trusted brands among the riders. That being said, the failure rate of Honda is 12%. 

4. Suzuki (12% Failure)

Suzuki and Honda have almost the same work and reputation in this field. It is a brand that has a rich racing heritage, and you will observe it in all its models. Some of the fastest bikes that we all know are by Suzuki. They were the first brand that made a liquid-cooled motorcycle engine in 1970. 

Their motorcycles are not very pricey and require low maintenance. That’s why we give them full points on their durability. Their affordability and uniqueness increase their desirability as well. They have many models that are a part of MotoGP and other racing events.

Their engines receive appreciation from experts all over the world. Suzuki pushed the boundaries when it comes to style and speed. The failure rate of Suzuki is the same as Honda .i.e, 12%.

5. Kawasaki (15% Failure)

The motorbikes from Kawasaki are the true depiction of speed and fun. They deliver high performance at a low price. The sporty designs make their bikes grab attention on the road. They are close to the ground and can run at lighting fast speed. The KLR and Ninja are the most victorious models by Kawasaki.

Their designs are what make them special and outstanding for the racers. As a matter of fact, Kawasaki produces aircraft and other means of transportation. It is a good reason to list them down with the most reliable motorcycle brands. Within the first four years, 15% of Kawasaki motorbikes need maintenance. 

Final Words

Most reliable motorcycle brands produce models ideal for a comfortable ride. Not to outdone, they must provide superb handling and efficient transmission. Apart from that, the failure rates are right in front of you, so you can decide which brand is worthy of investment.



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