How To Load A Dirt-Bike On A Truck

Simple Ways of Loading a Dirt Bike Into a Pickup Truck

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Hauling your bike in a truck can be tricky. Here, you will learn how to load a dirt bike into a pickup truck to save yourself from embarrassment. 

First off, loading a dirt bike and a street bike in a pickup are two different things. Dirt bikes are considerably lighter than normal bikes. Fortunately, this factor makes the loading and strapping of your bike easy. Secondly, a good loading system is essential if you face such a situation often where you need to load your bike into a truck bed. Because dirt bikes are one of the sturdiest bikes out there, a loading accident is not something to worry about.

Loading a dirt bike into a pickup truck tends to be a daunting task, but what if you have to load more than one dirt bike? Sounds nearly impossible. In this article, we are going to tell you how to load a dirt bike into a pickup truck

Moreover, we will share the technique for loading and tying down dirt bikes in some simple steps. If you are a beginner in the world of dirt biking, you will experience obstacles at the beginning of your loading practice. However, a few practices later, you will gain faith in your skill with no problems.

We know that it may sound a little rude, but some riders just don’t seem to use their common sense at times. When you load your dirt bike, it’s supposed to go in the upward direction. And, it stays in the same position until you take it out again.

It is quite obvious that the higher up the truck is, loading your bike in it is going to need more strength. It is pointless to use such trucks to load your bike. So, if you are alone and want to drive a pick-up or a trailer, go for a low-bed truck to make loading easier. Before we start with the process, let us answer the question that every biker has.

Is It Possible To Load A Dirt Bike Without A Ramp?

If you don’t have a ramp to load your dirt bike, you will need a person to help you. Then, you will have to lift the bike on the side of the handlebars and forks. By doing this, you can place the front wheel of your bike on the tailgate of the truck. Followed by that, you can use a swing arm to lift up the rear of the bike. 

When both the wheels of the dirt bike are in the pickup truck, make sure you hold the bike before it falls. 

Also, we found a tip that is helpful in loading a bike. In the beginning, you need to set the tie-straps out. In the front of the truck bed, put the hooks on the loops. Due to this, it gets convenient to get the bike up. 

Before we jump into the article, you need several pieces of equipment to perform the task: Durable Tie-Down Straps, a ramp for loading your motorcycle, and a wheel chock. It is fine even if you don’t have wheel chocks. They are usually used when you have more than two bikes to load into the truck.

  • Loading The Dirt Bike

One thing that looks unimportant but has a great role to play in the process is a flat area. Yes, you read that right. Your truck must be parked on a flat surface to make sure that the loading ramp is at the ideal angle. Once the angle is perfect for loading the bike, unfold your ramp. Keep the finger ends onto the tailgate of the truck. It must be on the other end on the asphalt.

If your ramp is loose or unsteady, and you are uncertain that it will stick to its position during the load, use tie-down straps instead. They secure the metal endpoint below the tailgate.

Now, let’s come to the handling of your dirt bike. You need to set it into neutral and take it a few steps back from the foot of the ramp. What you need to do is to stand on one side of the bike and hold the handlebars tightly. One smooth motion is enough to roll your dirt bike up the ramp into the pickup truck.

Those who want to load a single bike, place it diagonally in your truck bed. This way, the front wheels of your bike will be in the front corner, and the back wheels in the backward opposing corner. If you have to load two bikes, keep them straight with the front wheels inwards facing each other. It keeps the bikes stable on the road when you don’t have wheel chocks. 

  • Tie-down Your Dirt Bike

If you have people to help you, ask them to give you a hand. When it is about tying down more than one dirt bike, you will definitely need your mates. To tie down one dirt bike, you can follow the method we have explained above. 

On top of that, diagonal loading keeps the bike stable, so you can hold it effortlessly with one hand. Meanwhile, the other hand can be used to grab the straps and for the preparation of tying down the bike.

In order to tie down your dirt bike, hook the end of the strap that is meant to hook the metal ring on the front-right inside of the truck. The opposite soft loop-end of the strap must be tied to the right handle of your dirt bike. There is a ratchet mechanism to fasten it up. Once both sides are tied, your task is done.


You require only 5 minutes from your day to read our article on how to load a dirt bike into a pickup truck. And, in return, you will never find a problem in loading your dirt bike ever again. Remember, if you don’t know how to operate a piece of equipment to load your bike, you can find plenty of information on the internet.

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