How to Join a Motorcycle Club

How to Join a Motorcycle Club? – A Simple Guide

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Motorcycle clubs are like a family that is deeply committed to the club and its activities. It is made to enjoy riding a motorcycle and provide an opportunity to the members of a group to get together.

Motorcycle clubs are specifically formed for those people who have a lot of interest in the activities related to riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle clubs are the best place for those who are passionate about bikes. Clubs provide you the opportunity to get knowledge about new and different models of motorcycles

A large group of people from different communities can easily join the club and will able to exchange their knowledge in a friendly environment. Groups are formed of those people who have the same model or the same brand of motorcycles. 

Different activities and competitions are also held or sometimes are sponsored by the companies. Women can also take part in motorcycle clubs. There are few simple steps to enter the club; first, find a person who is already a club member and ask them for help. Second, find a person who has the same interest as yours. 

Search for the right club for yourself on the internet or ask the motorcycle club’s admins to help you join the club. You can also find a good club through mechanics because they might link with those who are already a member of that club. Usually, on Sunday’s riders also go for morning rides in groups, so you may find a way to enter a club through that.

How to join a motorcycle club?

There are several ways to get yourself into the best motorcycle club in the town. Everyone craves the best, exciting and thrilling adventure. Bike lovers often take their motorcycles out and have them with their friends and family. 

To get their attention, one needs to be skilled and experienced with the bike. In addition, with excellent riding skills, one could become their leader. This little gang does all the fun things together. However, some rules should be followed strictly. Follow these simple steps, and you`ll find yourself in an amazing company that will share the sorrows and your happiness by welcoming you into their brotherhood. 

1. Entire Focus on Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycle clubs are informal gatherings of people who ride motorbikes together. To be a member, there are usually no other important responsibilities or requirements. You have full freedom to join or leave a motorcycle club. 

If you’re searching for a group of people to ride or like to learn from others and want to increase your knowledge about riding skills, you might have to join a riding club. This is the best place to invest your time so you can get some information about the new riding techniques.

2. Brotherhood Among the Members

Motorcycle clubs are based on the social aspects of membership. Members of the club are like family, and you may be connected to the group for the rest of your life. Riding motorbikes is a fun social activity that members engage in together. 

If you want to be part of a motorcycle club, then you must have a motorbike in your possession. However, if you wish to develop a bond of brotherhood and friendship with other motorcycle riders or if you want to be a part of a club’s image, you might choose to join a motorcycle club. 

The one percent of the motorcycle clubs or the outlaw motorcycle clubs” are termed to describe some motorcycle clubs. Many clubs are involved in unlawful activities under the cover of motorcycle riding. If you’re looking for motorcycle clubs to join, be warned and try to avoid such clubs involved in illegal activities.

3. Looking for a Suitable Riding Club

If you wish to join a motorcycle club, you will have to search for it on the web. Most riding clubs have websites, search for such clubs using the terms like “motorcycle riding club in my surrounding” and other such sentences. 

Take your time and go through the web page to make sure the club is suitable for you. You can also look for the riding clubs that have developed their pages and groups on Facebook or in motorcycle forums. The sole pre-requisite for certain riding clubs is that you have a motorcycle license. 

Some riding clubs have some rules and regulations and require you to have a certain bike model, but it is more common among some high-performance riding clubs. Generally, it does not matter what kind of bike you ride. As long as you are good at riding on it, you are good to join in. 

4. Hierarchy System of Clubs

Motorcycle clubs also have a certain system of allotting positions. A president, a vice president, a sergeant at arms, and a road captain are normally the club’s top leaders. A secretary, a treasurer, and an enforcer are usually next in line. The rest of the full-patch members follow, followed by the prospects. Finally, a chaplain may be present at some clubs. 

If founding members are still active, they normally hold the highest posts in the club. The club may also vote for members in these positions as needed. Although the titles of the ranks may differ slightly from one club to the next, most motorcycle clubs use the same system. Non-members of the club are also considered a part of the club and are given titles like “friends of the club.”

5. Find a Member of Club and Become Prospect

Motorcycle clubs only allow selective people to join their clubs. It is better to approach someone who is wearing a patch of the club and ask them to guide you on how to join the club. You must respect the club members as they might reject you on the spot if they find you disrespectful. 

When you get to interact with a member of the club, ask them how to join. The first step is usually to start hanging out with the club at their public social events and get to know the members. Then, after you have been around for a while and the club members like you may invite you to become a “prospect.”

During this trial period, you must prove your worth and commitment to the company during your prospecting time so that you can get the vote of other members to make you a full-patch member.

6. Member as a Prospect

The precise amount of time you spend as a motorcycle club prospect depends on the club. You can get a feel for the club during this probationary time and see if you still want to be a part of it. Members of the club will also put you to the test to see if you are a suitable match for the group. During this period, either you or the existing club members may make a decision.

When you join the club as a prospect, it means that you agree to attend a specified number of rides, meetings, and events. In addition, patched members will ask you to do chores for them during this probationary time, but they will not ask you to do anything that a full member would not be requested to do so.

7. Follow the rules of the club

Rules are what make a civilized nation. Even every house has certain sets of rules that are enforced in order to keep everything in balance. Certainly, a motorcycle club also needs such standards to achieve its set goals. 

However, if you want to be a part of something bigger and better, you should try to understand their norms. Therefore, you must be aware of what the club acquires from its every member. Some certain rules and regulations are stated as follows:

8. Respecting members of the club

Seniority demands respect and their voice to be heard. The first and foremost rule of each club is to treat every member of the group equally. Spreading love will make everyone respect you even more. You will become honored in every decision they wish to take. 

9. Performing grouped mileage every day

If you want to be in that club for a longer time period, you need to convince the members of your commitments. If so, then you are going to spend some time together with the members. Moreover, ride some mileage every day to ensure your place and commitment to the club. 

10. Prioritize the calling

Whenever the club needs you, you must be there to provide support and cheer them up. Given that, it`s your call when and what to prioritize when it comes to achieve-avoid something in a difficult situation. 

Every time the group calls you, whether or not you are busy with something else, you must be there for them. 

11. Prove your riding skills

In order to get compliments from the best of the bikers, you are going to need a lot of practice and some nerve to do fun and adventure. Whenever someone new tries to enter into s club, they challenge him to win a race with one club member. 

If one succeeds in it, they will be given a chance to get themselves enrolled into a group of youngsters. However, if someone loses, they won`t be taken into the club. This way you will achieve respect among them. Moreover, it will also offer you a sense of belongingness that will bring joy to your miserable life. 

Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Club

Here are some important factors that you should know before entering into a motorcycle club:


  • You will get to meet new people. 
  • Brother-hood
  • Helps each other when in need.
  • Prioritize the club`s needs first.
  • Accommodation and connections with each other
  • Give respect and be honored. 
  • Get to know different styles of riding a motorbike. 
  • A standardized set of rules and regulations


  • Rivalry amongst the members
  • False fraternity and compromised environment with rivals. 
  • Sacrificing your freedom


How to join a club?

There are simple steps to join a club. First, you have to talk with the admins of the club that you want to enter, and you also get some help from your friends. You can also contact mechanics to help you in joining a club.

Is joining a club worth it?

If you are passionate about motorcycles, this is the best opportunity for you to invest your time to get some knowledge about motorcycles and the best model in the town. You can also have a good time with friends.

Is it necessary for every rider to join a club?

No, it depends on your choice, but if you want to get involved with the biker’s society, you have to join a club to enjoy riding and have fun.

Do different types of activities hold in these motorcycle clubs?

Yes, different competitions and activities are held for adventures, and these are sponsored by the group members of different motorcycle companies. For example, Harley Davidson is one of the best motorcycle companies, and their motorbikes also take part in competitions.

Are females allowed to be a member of these motorcycle clubs?

There is no particular restriction on females, but a very small percentage of females are seen in a motorcycle club. 

Final verdict

First of all, make the right choice and the best suitable club for that you have to do a lot of research. For example, different motorcycle clubs are present in the city, but all of them are not legally registered. Some might be involved in criminal activities. 

So be aware of them and try not to get involved in those types of clubs. Normally people join this club because they want to spend a good weekend and fun day with friends after a very long working day. However, if you are interested in motorcycles and the new models and companies, these clubs provide you an opportunity. 

In addition, you can also get in touch with daily news about the bikes easily. Along with that, you will be able to spend quality time without wasting it on other irregular activities. There is a proper outlaw for joining these clubs, so first, read the outlaw carefully and join a club. 

Try to visit different competitors and their showrooms often to get ahold of the advancement in technology. Other than that, you can get new ideas of different motorcycle activities so you will able to make friends, and you might get some help regarding how to enter a motorcycle club. So don’t waste your time if you have a passion for motorcycles and join a club because it is a healthy activity. 

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