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How To Install Motorcycle Intercom in A Helmet: Step by Step Guide

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Motorcycle intercoms are intended to keep you in contact with life while out and about. Installing these devices is fairly simple and most of them come with a user manual. The most basic of steps you can take is to thoroughly inspect the helmet and move on removing padding, adding adhesive and placing the speaker and microphone.

The present digital technology is the thing that permits us to remain associated through the digital organizations that support our lives. Furthermore, with regards to motorcycle riders, there’s one sort of digital communication that comes in particularly helpful: motorcycle helmet communication systems. These motorcycle helmet speaker systems are intended to keep you in contact with life while out and about. 

Be that as it may, to get the advantages of these systems and ensure they’re protected to utilize while riding, you’ll need to realize how to install them accurately. In this speedy guide, we’ll give you some essential pointers for installing a motorcycle helmet intercom. 

An intercom has involved a speaker (set close to your ears), microphone (on your jawline), and the links/lines going along with them (these go under the lining of the helmet). The same as a Bluetooth headset, you need to remember this before installing one. 

Investigating the Helmet

Since various helmets have various sizes, shapes, holes, and padding, you need to examine within your helmet already wholly. Discover the region in the helmet where your ears rest. This is the place where you need to put your speaker. That being said, most current helmets accompany a predefined space close to the ear territory to keep speakers-so this will not be too difficult even to consider finding. 

Eliminate the Padding

Eliminate your helmet’s cheek and ear cushions; after this, reveal the cushions are remaining. Take note of what part goes where-this is to put an adhesive with the correct fit to oblige the intercom speakers. Wipe down every earhole with a liquor cushion to make a perfect, clear surface for the speaker mounting cushions. 

Add Adhesive, Followed By Speaker

The ties utilized in-helmet Bluetooth intercoms come in two sorts adhesive and Velcro. Both are put inside the ‘ear pocket’ similarly. 

Take the VELCRO® mounting patches for motorcycle helmet speakers and strip them away from their support paper to uncover the adhesive side. Cautiously connect them to the inside surface of the helmet, one in every ear depression. Append the left speaker to its mounting square utilizing the VELCRO® snares on the rear of the speakers. Then, eliminate the head padding from the back of your helmet and run the long side of the speaker line under where the padding goes. Join the correct speaker the same way you did the left on the off chance that your helmet’s earholes are profound and the speakers are excessively far from your head, utilize the included VELCRO® spacers to change the fit. 

Having issues with the Velcro tumbling off? Have a go at utilizing a solid adhesive. On the off chance that the limiting is greater than the pocket, measure it against the circuit of the bag and trim out the edges with expert scissors. Append the speaker to the adhesive similarly. 

Note the Position required to insert The Microphone.

Since you know where the speaker is set, you need to dispense the situation of the microphone position likewise. The microphone should be put close to your jaw, with plentiful space for taking care of it. Utilizing a marker/pen/pencil, decide the length of the microphone, how the helmet fits on your head, and how they compare to the speaker’s situation, so you realize where to install the microphone. 

Ensure the Microphone Fits Well Within the Helmet before Installation

Drill fittingly positioned openings inside the helmet so you can embed board/retainer screws later to get the situation of the microphone. It would be best if you were extra cautious during this progression. 

Installation of Microphone

Install the microphone inside the helmet alongside the screws referenced previously. This progression will rely upon the style of helmet you have. Here are how to connect the mic: 

  • Full-Face: Attach the adhesive cushion for the microphone on the jawline bar of your helmet. Append the corded microphone to the adhesive cushion and run its string along the helmet’s left internal edge. 
  • Open-Face/Modular: Attach the two VELCRO® cushions for mounting the blast microphone on the left cheek region. Utilize the two VELCRO® cushions on the blast to connect the mic to the helmet, and make sure to utilize the flexible cushion to get the ideal fit. 
  • Half Helmet: Use the blast mic support pack (sold independently) to append the blast mic to the sound support. (For directions, go to the subsequent stage.) 

Following this, you need to embed the speaker. 

Conceal the Wires under the Padding/Lining

You’re nearly there! Utilizing a proper device, eliminate the internal lining of the helmet so you can embed the wiring in the middle. This is vital; you can’t leave any wiring in the helmet since this will be an issue once you begin utilizing it. 

So Why Do I Need An Intercom?

Helmet intercoms are generally worshipped and all things considered.  Tuning in to music, sans hands calling, GPS headings to your area without hauling your telephone out to check where you are every one of these, and a lot more benefits make your life substantially more helpful. 

However, considerably more significant, however much fun as it very well might be to ride motorcycles, in calm minutes, we as a whole need to concede to ourselves how dangerous riding motorcycles is. The US Department of Transportation revealed that motorcycle mishaps contained up to 37 fold fatalities per vehicle mile when contrasted with vehicles. 

No daily routine merits are experiencing where one doesn’t face enough challenges, yet you can moderate these dangers by taking the perfect measure of insurance. Helmets, coats, gloves, and boots give actual wellbeing. Be that as it may, intercoms, GPS systems, and run cameras make the requirement for such actual wellbeing much lower. 


We have examined the significance of Intercoms and how to install them on your helmets. Installing an intercom is a genuinely simple errand. Most organizations give installation manuals with their gadgets. In any case, we have clarified it quite efficiently.

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