How to Make Your Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper

How To Increase Back Pressure On Motorcycle Exhaust

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The most crucial part of a motorcycle is its combustion system. There is a myth most of you might have heard is that reducing the backpressure will automatically increase horsepower. However, that`s not the case here. Some might be unaware of the term backpressure. 

Backpressure is the antagonistic force upon exhaust gases released from the combustion engine to direct them smoothly to pass through the restricted system. The engine overrides hydraulic resistance to get rid of the excessive by-products that produce these gases. The pressure or the force that is produced as a result is known as the back-pressure. 

Impact of Back Pressure upon motorcycle Exhaust

Some might get the idea by reading the term “Back” to revitalize the flow of fluid in antagonistic movement. However, as per physics interims, gases don`t have any unified direction and a proper flow. Thus, this pressure is produced by the diesel that compresses the gas to high pressure to obscure the flow.

Nowadays, there is a slight change in the manufacturing of motorcycles in the replacement of new diesel particulate filters commonly known as DPF`s. This remarkable feature allows the engine to produce more backpressure and thus increasing torque and accelerating speed.  

Effects of Increased Exhaust pressure

Numerous effects are caused by the increased exhaust pressure upon the motorcycle. Some of them are discussed below;

  • It increases the rate of pumping work.
  • Turbocharger problems arise
  • Combustion effects and cylinder scavenging 
  • Compact intake manifolds boost the exhaust pressure

Back Pressure Limit

Every automobile has a certain allocated limit for the combustion pressure to withhold. However, the same goes for motorcycles. Manufacturers have defined the backpressure limit upon the exhausts in the user manual. This must be followed. 

Otherwise, the pressure when backfires cause damage to the engine that will be costly while it invalidates the longevity of the combustion system. Therefore, as discussed earlier, we should look to alternatives if we want to increase backpressure. This can be done by using or replacing the new DPF`s that will ultimately become the reason for increased production of the backpressure. 

Use Of DPF`s:

DPF is usually successful when someone wants to increase back pressure upon the motorcycle exhaust. However, it filters using a passive filtration system and allows maximum backpressure limit to the exhaust to exit the gases smoothly. 

How the Back Pressure is increased upon Motorcycle`s Exhaust

As we have already discussed, some aspects somehow play an important role in the combustion mechanism. First, the exhaust system is used to create a pulse through the manifold. Second, this pulse is passed through the stages of combustion and eventually released through the exhaust to get rid of it. 

Each element is carefully designed into the exhaust system to ensure the smooth flow of the gases through the chamber. Each step contains ergonomically designed pipes, with the point of expansion along with that comes the internal routing. This passage is properly followed as gases tend to leave through the exhaust so there won`t be any blockage and the engine won`t get dismayed. 

How does the Back Pressure Improves Exhaust Flow?

An exhaust system is manufactured with the precise measurement into confined tube-like pipes that cause the gas to be stuck there for a while, ultimately increasing the backpressure. However, it is very useful in many ways. 

If the exhaust pipe has a perfect and sustainable diameter, it could breathe swiftly, causing the flow with adequate positivity. That is why make sure to get a high-quality and reliable pipe for such a tedious task. 

Fundamental Features of Increased Back Pressure

For a novice rider, if you want to increase the backpressure, you are going to need a good quality combustion system with a high-quality exhaust pipe. This will help in boosting the torque and producing a better noise with a smooth flow. 

If the filtration system is not suitable accordingly, it will destroy the efficiency and performance of your motorcycle`s engine. Therefore, an efficient filtrate system is necessary for this purpose. Furthermore, exhaust gases, while being filtered, greatly rely upon the fresh air. 

However, we advise you not to increase the back pressure. This will put a negative impact on the overall condition of your motorcycle. It usually disrupts the natural flow, thus causing an ultimate danger to the combustion system. Moreover, if the quality of the exhaust pipe is low, when the gases backfire with the increased RPM will make them even thinner than they ever were before. 

In addition, if the pipe is wide, it will lower the intensity of RPM, causing lower performance that is also dangerous for the longevity of your motorcycle`s engine. Therefore, it is keenly advised to read the manual and understand the optimum level for backpressure for which the engine works at its best.

Understand the ways to Take Care of Backpressure! 

There are several ways for that reason. However, some of them proved to be more effective. With that being said, as there are many myths regarding the topic of backpressure. For example, some might say it is the basic aspect upon which the motorcycle’s performance greatly relies. In contrast, others say that it affects but only a little. 

This conspiracy has broadened the research. However, while fruitfully concluding this, back pressure tends to greatly impact the performance, torque, and acceleration of a motorcycle. Furthermore, it has been observed that the backpressure tends to be more problematic than being beneficial. 

When it is increased, emphasizing the high RPM will destroy the engine and impact greatly upon its shelf life. Similarly, it eventually recomposes the constant flow of the gases while perpetually hindering the overall performance. That is why it is best to read and go through the manual once to clarify the optimum level to run a bike on, which will be beneficial for your safety as well as for your motorcycle. For better understanding, keep reading this might help you clarify some terms in a better way. 

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