Freedconn Bluetooth Helmet Review

Freedconn Bluetooth Helmet Review

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Helmets are a necessity for motorcycle riders due to the rough mileage and accidental hazards. Besides, they are an important part of the bike’s equipment since they keep the rider safe from the head and spinal injuries. 

From several pieces of research, we have come to acknowledge the importance of these helmets. However, if you plan to go on a long route riding on your motorcycle, make sure to wear your helmet before setting off route. These ergonomically designed Bluetooth helmets are what you require for your safety and for listening to songs, making calls, or for GPS direction that is just one click away.

Best Choice


Freedconn Motorcycle Helmet BM12

Premium Choice


Freedconn BM-S 2-Way Bluetooth Helmet

Best in Budget


FreedConn BM22 Bluetooth Helmet

1. Freedconn Motorcycle Helmet BM12


  • It is light and weighs 3.9 pounds
  • Six vents for ventilation
  • Intercoms that allows the rider to talk to others
  • Noise cancellation systems for clear audio


  • The visor does not defog at high speeds
  • Poor Bluetooth quality

Freedconn has brought you the best helmets for your safety. These Bluetooth helmets are designed in an innovative style that suits your personality and adds style to your appearance. Your motorcycle helmet’s safety is paramount. FreedConn BM12 is a highly durable helmet, thanks to its excellent ABS shell. These CE & DOT-approved motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth provides outstanding protection.

This DOT helmet Bluetooth offers you a safe ride even if you ride on a rough road. The visor of this helmet is tinted that cuts out the sun while still providing a clear view in front of the bike. In addition, this helmet has a strong lithium battery that provides eight to10 hours of speaking time and 300 hours of standby time. 

Answering calls, intercom, listening to music, and FM has now become an easy task. GPS allows you to find your track. In addition, the simple voice command system makes it easy to be used while you are riding. 

The FreedConn Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has powerful functionality, making it ideal for everyday use and extended trips. Enjoy the convenient and efficient talk with other riders and your family, listen to your favorite tunes, and have a safe ride.

This full-face helmet has a Bluetooth intercom that supports three riders in a pair, although only two can talk simultaneously, with a range of up to 500 meters in open terrain. In addition, this helmet has built-in speakers and an anti-noise microphone with DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. With all these features altogether, you can have a clear conversation with other riders, listen to music, and enjoy FM and GPS navigation.


  • Built-in ventilation system
  • Enhance airflow
  • Detachable liner
  • Echo cancellation 

Expert`s opinion

This Bluetooth helmet is just the right choice if you want to experience comfort and be more secure while riding a motorcycle. You can take calls and get the right directions with the GPS voice prompt without a hassle and have a more secure journey.

2. Freedconn BM-S 2-Way Bluetooth Helmet


  • Automatic connectivity to calls
  • Noise suppressor
  • Echo cancellation feature
  • Water-proof helmet headset
  • GPS voice prompt feature


  • One unit has a bad connection and gets disrupted after a couple of uses. 

You must invest in a helmet that fits properly and is securely fastened. This full-face Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is extremely light, weighing only 3.9 pounds. The size of the helmet is determined by the removable liner, which ranges from Large to XX-Large. 2 additional liners give you further options.

If you are concerned about wearing this helmet in the hot season, you should know that this helmet has six air vents to enhance airflow. These vents are perfect for providing ventilation. Additionally, wearing the FreedConn Bluetooth helmet offers a comfortable and breezy experience.

Last but not the least, among our top-rated products here, comes another one with an intercom capability for up to 500m. With being most versatile, it connects three devices at a time; however, only two can talk simultaneously. You can easily connect it with your smartphones, music players via Bluetooth. 

This feature is the most wanted among the motorcycle club riders. You can tune-up to multiple stereo stations or get the GPA voice prompt’s directions that are just one click away. Besides, the built-in hands-free calling function enables the users to ride more intently and safely while connecting with their loved ones. 

There is so much noise in the background when you are on the bike, and the recipient cannot get the clarity of what you are saying. In addition, one feels obligated and embarrassed when they have to yell at another person to convey their message. Similarly, when purchasing a bike, make sure to look for the echo cancellation feature and noise suppressor that will make your calling sessions more comfortable. 


  • Budget-friendly Bluetooth headset 
  • Auto-connectivity with the incoming calls
  • GPS voice prompt system
  • Clear voice signaling

Expert`s Opinion

With being pocket-friendly, this Bluetooth helmet is an essential item to go with the motorcycle gear. Besides, this Bluetooth helmet is water-resistant, and the auto-noise suppressor feature makes it one of the best headsets.

3. FreedConn BM22 Bluetooth Helmet


  • Composite fiberglass shell for strength
  • The lightweight of 4 pounds 
  • Multi-density foam for comfort and perfect fit


  • Poor Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth technology is fully integrated into these Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. Bluetooth connectivity offers secure phone calls and helps us get easy GPS directions. It has 12.5 hours of speaking time and 10 hours of intercom time. With a Bluetooth range of up to 1000 meters, you may easily converse with six riders simultaneously.

The DOT and ECE certified this full-face helmet has an aerodynamically built composite fiberglass shell makes the helmet corrosion resistant and provides a good strength to its structure. The multi-density EPS foam helps to produce the optimal fit. In addition, the helmet intercoms ensure the maximum level of safety for your journey.

The Bluetooth helmets have a one-touch control system. If you want to make a call, reject or accept the incoming calls, you can easily do it with a single controlled touch. The incoming phone call takes precedence over the intercom, FM radio, music, and navigation audio. This helmet for motorcycles is ideal for motorcyclists who are constantly on the move.

With approximately 4 pounds, this FreedConn helmet is extremely light in weight and relieves the rider’s neck pressure. The dual visor provided superior visibility at all times, even if you ride at night. In addition, this multi-color customizable Bluetooth helmet comes with a removable liner wash.


  • Built-in cheek pads 
  • Safety phone calls
  • Aerodynamic design
  • D-ring straps to hold them perfectly upon your head
  • Dual-visor
  • Removable liner
  • Breathable

Expert`s opinion

This helmet fits well upon the head and is easier to set up. Moreover, automatic connectivity makes it more comfortable and safe while riding a motorcycle.

Things to Consider Before Buying


Helmets are an important part of a rider’s equipment. So, of course, when purchasing your first helmet, you want to be sure it meets all of your safety and comfort requirements. Unfortunately, a first helmet, like a first motorcycle, is almost certain to be abandoned. 

Normally it is believed that as you move up the pricing scale, you gain access to more luxurious features and more comfort. However, it is important to understand that the costliest helmets aren’t always the safest, contrary to popular opinion.


Aside from safety and comfort, evaluating the helmet’s functions to its wearer is important. Purchasing a helmet with enough ventilation is a must feature that helmets should possess, especially in hot summers. Other than ventilation, the helmet must be comfortable and easy to wear.


It is important to know how you will use the helmet. Whether it is for a sports bike or a daily bike ride. If it is for sports, you must look for and invest in a strong, multi-featured helmet that can protect you. But if you have to ride the bike for fun, look for a less expensive yet protective helmet.

Features and Benefits


These Freedconn helmets are made very attractive and appealing for its users who are concerned about the outlook. These are not only stylish but are cleverly integrated with intercoms and other features to enhance their look.


These helmets have Bluetooth mode as well as GPS mode. Bluetooth for connectivity and GPS to track your location.


Maintaining these helmets is very easy and affordable. They normally come with a washable liner which makes your work easy. In case of any issues, you may contact the company.

Other Features

These helmets are well ventilated and provide the rider clear audio on phone calls, which is a must. Since when you drive fast, the audio gets disrupted. These are comfortable helmets with a classy visor protecting you from harmful rays.


How can you listen to songs safely while riding a motorcycle?

It is better to get yourself a Bluetooth helmet that will automatically connect you with the other devices via Bluetooth to protect your head from spinal injuries. In addition, doing so will save you from accidental hazards as you can focus solely on the road. 

How can I install Bluetooth in my helmet?

You can do so by purchasing a Bluetooth device from the market, and by following the manual, you can attach them inside the lining of your motorcycle helmet. Or else, you can buy a Bluetooth-installed helmet to save yourself from such a hassle.

What are the basic features in a Bluetooth helmet to look for?

It should be able to connect with the Bluetooth device up to maximum range automatically. In addition, they should have a noise suppressor system, prompt voice system, breathable mesh material, clear visor, and lightweight to protect your neck from hurting. 


Freedconn strives to provide you with the best and technologically innovative, visually appealing helmets, so invest in the brand to enjoy its features. If you want to replace your old helmets or look for an innovative helmet design, this guide will help you get the right one.

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