Best Motorcycle Shoes

7 Best Motorcycle Shoes For Avid Bikers

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If you are a biker, you know the adrenaline rush our body gets when we hit the open road or travel across the country. To keep the fun going, you need high-quality equipment to ensure your safety and comfort. And, the best motorcycle shoes must be on top of that list as they offer both maximum protection and comfort to your feet.

Best Choice


Alpinestars J-6 WP Shoes

Premium Choice


Dainese Dinamica Air Shoes

Best in Budget


TCX Street Ace WP Shoes

1. Dainese Dinamica Air Shoes


  • High-quality construction
  • They are legally certified
  • Perforations for ventilation
  • Nylon reinforcement on heels for support


  • They cost more than 200 dollars

Riding in summer is indeed a magical experience. But, like everything else, it has its boons and banes. For example, your feet may get more sweaty than usual during this time of the year. This is why you need a pair of shoes that keep your feet well ventilated. Thankfully, to save the day, we have the Dinamica Air Shoes, which is one of the best motorcycle shoes to keep your feet feeling fresh during hot weather. 

From professional racers to commuters, everyone can give them a shot as they look good with whatever outfit they wear. But, make sure you face any course. They can compete with any waterproof boots in the market.

The primary materials used in the making of these shoes are microfiber and high tenacity polyamide fabric. Or, in layman’s terms, we can say that they are made with a tough textile. When these two materials are used in combination, they form a soft and abrasion-resistant product. For the ventilation, there are tiny holes in the shoes. 

Coming to the protection, they are verified by CE CAT 2. That means they have undergone many tests to reach the marketplace. You will find a nylon heel, incorporated rubber on the area front side, and a TPU heel counter for defense. A TPU heel counter is mainly for armor. If you want, you can add soft inserts for more comfort and protection.

To stride on the route, the sole is made of rubber. On the top of the shoe, there is another TPU toe shifter guard. What’s more, a zipper is present at the back to remove or wear the shoe easily.


  • Zip at the back: opens and closes the shoe swiftly 
  • Flexible joints: helps you in walking
  • TPU inserts: provides comfort and a decent grip 
  • Reflective accents: makes sure that you don’t go unnoticed
  • Toe guard: prevent bruises from shifting the gear shifter

A user shared his experience with us where he said that he had worn these for a couple of months, and they offer great comfort.

2. TCX Street Ace WP Shoes


  • Versatile because of the looks
  • The lacing system provides a better fit
  • Stiff to protect you from different forces
  • Budget-friendly


  • They may soften eventually
  • Shifts on the empty side

A few years back, TCX joined the trend of producing top-quality shoes with great looks. Since then, for commuter riding, they are making the best motorcycle shoes. As this trend is still rising, there are many countless options in the market. Can you tell the one thing that every rider would hate? Carrying a spare pair of every day. Because of that, TCX has made shoes that would go perfectly with your casual and office attire.

These are not the commuter boots that would gain attention on social occasions or in the office for the wrong reasons. You can find these shoes in various sizes. Just like the previous one, these boots have tough skin. And that is due to the thick and stiff leather used in the manufacturing process. Except for the toe and heel section, the shoe is full of perforations. 

These perforations create a breathable lining to avoid sweat and bad odor. It has a stiff and non-slip rubber sole. There is protection on the toe, ankle, and heel, so your foot doesn’t get hurt after an impact. Moreover, the stiffness of the sole is beneficial for dealing with the rotational forces amidst a crash. 

There is a lace mechanism that can be troublesome in some situations. For instance, the laces can get stuck in the pegs or levers of your motorbike. Nevertheless, you can tie the laces short or push them into the top of the shoes.


  • Full-grain leather: makes it super tough
  • Waterproof lining: stands water splashes
  • Comfort-Fit System: increases the feeling of comfort
  • Heel reinforcements: help you walk through long distances
  • Lace closure system: allows adjustments
  • Replaceable insole: helps you change it as per your preference
  • Stiff rubber sole: makes it wear-resistant 

A biker Case H. defined these boots as casual, practical, soft, and well made. They can be worn every day.

3. Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes


  • They are CE certified
  • Superb quality
  • Available in different colors
  • Provides the best value for money


  • You may find them narrow

A majority of bikers take an interest in shoes that are versatile and look sharp on the road. If the same features attract you, let us introduce you to the best motorcycle shoes with a gorgeous look and an impressive price tag: Sektor Vented Shoes by Alpinestars.

 Most of you guys may already know that Alpinestars is a brand that has years of experience in producing gears for Formula 1. That makes it pretty obvious that their technology takes inspiration from the F1 boots. So, the fit and lace tie is reliable.

To close the shoe quickly, there is a single-piece Velcro strap. With that, you can imagine how convenient the closure would be. Also, the lacing system helps you adjust the boot.  

On the inside, it has a 3D mesh inner lining and tongue padding to let the airflow. In addition to that, there are mesh air inlets made of metal on the exterior side of the shoe. The presence of a TPR lateral slider and TPR inserts on the side of your ankle saves your foot from rubbing against the shoe. 

On the ankle, A 3D protector is added with a sole that has a decent tread. The shoes don’t show the sign of wear and tear after usage because of a metal shank integrated into the sole.


  • 3D protector: avoids deformation 
  • 3D mesh inner lining with tongue padding: provides sufficient ventilation
  • Lacing system: adjust the shoes properly
  • Velcro strap: quickly closes the shoe
  • Microfiber construction: makes it resistant to the damage caused by friction.

In a review, a purchaser wrote that they are very comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for extremely hot weather.

4. Alpinestars J-6 WP Shoes


  • Have a casual look
  • Comfortable and classy
  • Fully Waterproof 
  • Fits everyone


  • Limited protection

From the first four candidates, you may have learned the quality of the traditional motorcycle shoes. However, J-6 Waterproof Shoes can be anything but the regular shoes that you see in the industry. In terms of quality and durability, they are the best motorcycle shoes that are being made today. The design of these shoes makes them short casual motorbike boots that are waterproof. Honestly, if you haven’t tried these on, you miss out on some great things in life.

You can wear them during for all kinds of work. It is best suited for riders who use go to work and wear them all day long. Whether you are at your feet at work or sit behind a desk, these are fantastic. They keep your feet warm and dry, so you won’t ever feel hot in them.

They have an exterior of smooth and classy suede leather. On top of that, they are available in brown color with a cream sole or a dynamic black version. Also, in both of the versions, there is a fine metal logo detailing. These two color schemes will steal your heart at a glance. They are waterproof and have the CE level 2 certification. 

For grip, the sole is in the form of an advanced rubber compound cup. And it is ideally shaped from the upper portion. For further stability, there is a midsole placed between the upper part and the sole. The EVA and Lycra footbed are replaceable and removable.


  • Ergonomic design: increase the quality
  • Metal eyelet: improves the lacing system
  • Internal toe box: keeps your toes relaxed
  • Heel counter reinforcement: provides a good tread

A happy customer Brian said that he has been using these shoes for exactly 3 years and the comfort they provide is nowhere else to be seen. After all this time, they have an excellent condition.

5. Spidi X-Ultra Shoe


  • Soft Polyurethane Reinforced areas on heels, malleolus, and shifter area
  • Reflective areas for nighttime riding
  • Sporty look
  • Vulcanized rubber sole for hardness 


  • Need better protection on the ankle

Some riders need shoes that offer good and are comfortable to ride around the town without looking goofy. The Spidi X-Ultras will end your search if you are one of those riders. Even though they are somewhat new to the market, they don’t fail to provide a good fit. If you are new to this brand, Sidi has a history of producing remarkable products in this field. You don’t have to be scared while buying shoes from this company. 

SPIDI aims to manufacture the best motorcycle shoes with great quality, maximum safety, comfort, and ergonomy. Through this model, they were successful in achieving their goal. Hence, they are outstanding for hot weather and rain. Along with that, the sturdiness makes sure that they go a long way without losing their functionality.

The design these shoes have will never look out of place even once. Without ruining your style, you can wear them to work, parties, or a trip. They are made by utilizing vented microfiber. These shoes are lightweight and abrasion-resistant. Their construction is the factor that ensures that the comfort and protection don’t disappoint the owner.


  • Vented microfiber: allows breathability 
  • 3D inner mesh: promotes transpiration
  • Composite shoe insole: enhances gait efficiency and redistributes forces
  • Shock absorber: protects the heels
  • Rubber slider: makes the wear-resistant, non-slip, and flexible
  • Lace and Velcro closure: adjusts and secures the shoe

A customer told us that the footbed is flat to give us a roomy feel. In short, it is snug and maintains comfort.

6. Dainese Motorshoe D1 Air


  • Rigid structure 
  • Polyurethane grip control insert
  • Mesh liner and ventilated fabric for airflow
  • Reflective inserts for improved vision
  • Rubber sole to allow grip


  • Their height makes them a little uncomfortable

These boots are constructed with high-strength polyamide fabric and leather. These are the best motorcycle shoes that remain ventilated during hot days. So, don’t worry about cooling your foot. The firm insertions on the malleolus make sure that your ankle is safe. The heel and the toe areas are reinforced with plush polyurethane.

In the gearshift area, reinforcements are present to protect the delicate parts of your foot. Besides that, the inner ankle protector has two roles. It serves as a protector and helps you with the grip of your motorbike.

The factor about these shoes that outshines the most is the grip control. That is due to the polyurethane that encloses the back of your foot. With this insertion, you get protection from injuries. Aside from that, it helps you drive the bike.

For safety, you will see reflective inserts on the external surface of the boot on the cords where you fasten the shoe. The reflective zones give visibility at night or dim light riding.


  • Nylon interior: keep your feet nice and cool
  • Rubber sole: offers a grip and balance in wet and dry conditions
  • Laces: fits excellently
  • Shift lever protector and reinforced toe: gives an absolute grip

An expert said that these boots have a wonderful feel awesome. The control is incredible, and they look awesome. The airflow well.

7. Fly Racing Street M21 Riding Shoes


  • Long-lasting Double-stitched shoe
  • The composite shank can withstand a crash 
  • Stiff sole for additional grip and traction
  • The outer side made of leather to allow extra wear protection


  • The design of the velcro strap needs improvement

In the warm weather, your feet experience a burning sensation due to heat. For that reason, these shoes are well-ventilated and have an easy mechanism for wearing and taking off. The sole is hard. Due to that, they last for more than you expect. 

They provide stability whenever you lose control. The styling is subtle and beautiful. The simplicity of the design makes it one of the best motorcycle shoes out for sale that justifies its price.

While the outside of the shoe feels stiff and shiny, the inside gives support and comfort. Leather was combined with the mesh side panels for ultimate protection and airflow for the production of these shoes. The feature that needs to be highlighted is the lacing pocket. Simply, they don’t let the laces tangle with your pegs as you ride.  


  • VELCRO shoelace: tightens the shoe conveniently 
  • Vented mesh on sides: enhances the airflow
  • Removable comfort insoles: provides an easy replacement. 
  • Integrated pocket: to tuck in the laces

A customer said that protection and look wise are great, but the company needs to do some work on the ventilation.

Things To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Shoes


To deliver high protection, a shoe must cover your ankle. Also, the top area must have solid construction. Not only that, stable material gives you the ideal amount of support. Usually, high-top boots are hard, making them less comfortable than the shoes that touch the ankle. However, these types offer different protection.

According to reports, during a crash, the foot of the victim is often trapped. As a result, the ankle can sprain or injured if the support is not enough. Due to such incidents, the ankle bone protrudes out of the leg. Or, during a slide, the ankle can be dragged on the rough road. Now, you can think how painful it can be, even in a simple low-side crash. That is why you must keep your ankle covered.


Material is crucial when it comes to the making of protective gear. The shoes that are produced with regular walking consume soft leather. This type of material is not at all good for the road. Hence, you must check if the shoe is made of stiff leather that is abrasion-resistant. 

Currently, many brands that produce boots are making shoes out of textile materials. Surprisingly, this material is not just abrasion-resistant, but it also provides breathability. Apart from that, high-wear zones must have reinforcements, such as multiple layers of leather, textile, plastic sliders, etc.

Weather Protection

All around the world, the weather is different. Yes, you all know it. If you ride in different weather conditions, you surely require weather protection. And, to cater to that need, most of the companies produce boots with this factor in consideration. In addition to that, the shoe must be made with treated leather only. That is because untreated leather tends to absorb water. The leather must have the knack of repelling water to keep them dry and comfy.

Closure System 

There are two types of popular closure systems in a pair of shoes: laces and Velcro. Nonetheless, it depends on your preference how you want to open or close your boots. These days, laces are more liked by the riders as they give ease of removal. Furthermore, they give a more accurate fit. The biggest disadvantage of the lacing system is that they can get undone as you ride.

The second type of closure is the velcro closure that comes with buckles. They are a better feature than the laces. Significantly, the boot doesn’t come off in the event of a crash.


Hundreds of riders ask questions about the products that protect riders. Many professional riders end up making wrong choices. It is not unusual as there are many products available. It is natural to get overwhelmed. 

We advise you not to fall for the ones that create hype. Rather than that, pick the shoes after doing research and understanding your needs. Fortunately, many companies are making shoes with unique styles.

Why It Is Good To Have Replaceable Parts?

For everything that involves wear and tear, maintenance is important.  In the same way, you must clean or air out your boots. Hence, it is better to get a pair of boots that have removable and replaceable parts. These parts include toe-sliders, etc. 

Because of that, you don’t have to spend your money on new shoes. You can just change the damaged parts.

What Are The Best Motorcycle Shoes For Bikers?

Every rider must wear shoes that are made for riding. Such boots are tough, non-slip sole contains ankle protection, and provide comfort. 

Why Can’t I Wear My Regular Footwear On A Motorcycle?

Because the slippers or sandals that you wear casually come off your feet while riding. To put it simply, wearing slip-on shoes on a bike is an unwise idea. 

What Kind Of Sole Is Better?

The material of the sole depends on the type of riding you do. According to your riding style, you need a specific amount of grip. Although a soft sole has a better grip, it is more likely to wear down in a short time. So, if you want your shoes to be durable, go for the rigid ones. Also, they must be oil-resistant and waterproof, so your bike doesn’t slip on the road. 

How Can I Order The Right Fit?

If you are going to shop online, you can easily find the sizing charts of the desired shoe. Note that European companies often make narrow-shaped shoes. Another thing you must bear in mind is that if you wear socks, the shoe’s fit would be different. On that note, it is better to go to a store and try the shoes on to see if they fit you perfectly.

How Can I Tell If The Construction Is Good?

The best motorcycle shoes will have double or triple-stitching. This ensures that they don’t tear in a bad accident. The sole must be bonded strongly to the boot. Glued soles are not that long-lasting. On the contrary, soles sewn protect your feet and last for years.


The best motorcycle shoes are those that don’t renounce your comfort to give protection. Also, make sure the sporty appearance of your shoes makes them suitable for almost every event. Most importantly, check the armor and its quality to make certain that you invest in the right product for a safe and sound ride.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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