Best Heated Jacket Liners

3 Best Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liners

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A valiant Adventurer Ranulph Fiennes famously quoted, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." A heated jacket can be quite useful in extremely cold weather, due to which we have mentioned some of the best options below.

Riding motorcycles in winter and unpredictable weather can be a turn-off. Also, it’s incredibly dangerous if the rider is not adequately prepared for it. Our heated leather jackets are the perfect solution for these sub-temperatures spells, which will keep you warm as you cruise along. 

We have listed the Best Heated Motorcycle Jackets to save you from bad weather days.

Best Choice


Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner

Premium Choice


Gerbin Heated Jacket Liner

Best in Budget


Hotwired Heated Jacket Liner

Your look isn’t complete without a stylish heated motorcycle jacket. Here we present the best jackets for you to keep you warm and styled.

1. Gerbing 12V Heated Motorcycle Liner


  • YKK Zippers
  • 135°F Maximum heat
  • 77W power consumption
  • Pre-Wired Linked Gloves
  • Flexible cuffs
  • Enhanced coverage


  • Development of bad hot spots due to the wiring inside the jacket.

Garbing 12V heated jacket liner is the best-heated jacket to go on a journey with unpredictable and unfortunate climate conditions.

It has a unique interconnect system connected easily with your motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, boat, snowmobile, and even airplane. Keeping you warm on any adventure.

It is wind-resistant, made from a smooth nylon shell, lightweight, and quite compressible clothe. The best objects to go on a journey with unpredictable climate conditions. This product comes with two plugs to connect with heated gloves and heated pants. 

The Garbing 12V heated jacket liner has a warmness output of 77 Watts and offers heat up to 135f, making it the freshest product with an amazing lifetime guarantee on the heating elements on this warm wear.


  • Maximum Heat: This liner jacket will provide you with a maximum heating system, i.e., 135°F.
  • 7 Micro Wire Heating Regions: This liner comes with 7 heating regions, such as two chest, two arms, one collar, & 2 back regions.  
  • Drop Tail Back: Garbing comes with a drop tail back that gives an enhanced coverage while riding. 
  • Modest Flexible Cuff: Comes with an elastic cuff that fits any size.
  • Pre-Wired Linked Gloves:  Feature pre-wired Linked gloves at the end of the sleeves of the jacket. 

This product is overall the best heating gear. At first, you might think that this is a normal jacket. But it has many built-in features. We highly recommend this product as it is super comfortable, decent looking, giving all the specs and benefits to the rider with a lifetime guarantee.

2. FirstGear Heated Motorcycle Liner


  • Pre-Wiring for Gloves
  • Optimal transfer of heat
  • 70W power consumption
  • Temp-neutral liners
  • Durable
  • Zippered pouch


  • Heat Controller is not available with the liner.

This Firstgear 12V Heated Jacket Liner guarantees a very good shape using integrating stretch panels into the liner’s design. 

It has a very soft material, it’s lightweight, its fit is not overly bulky, so it doesn’t go underneath your jacket, and the heating elements on the insides are minimalistic. Overall the design is very simple and decent. 

The long-sleeve liner envelops its wearer in warm temperature through organizing heating factors throughout the top and down back, in the sleeves, and across the neck; struggling with the outcomes of wind chill, the liner concentrates warmness withinside the front of the jacket. 


  • Pre-Wiring for Gloves:  Feature pre-wired connections for adding gloves at the end of the jacket’s sleeves. 
  • Optimum Heat Transfer: This jacket is designed with form-fitting that should be worn close to the body for the ideal transfer of heat.
  • Energy Consumption:  Consumes up to 70W of power and 7.5 amperes. 
  • Temperature Neutral Liners: These liners are designed to be temp-neutral, allowing wearing when there’s no need for active heating. 

This product is the highest-rated product. It has all the features you need while cruising, a very comfortable heat gear you definitely will need in your closet.

3. Hotwired Heated Motorcycle Liner


  • Lightweight
  • Six region heating components 
  • Temperature controller
  • Thermal protector
  • 2 Years warranty


  • The controller is too close to the body, making it impossible to see when wearing a full-face helmet.

The hotwired 12v heated jacket is a good option to consider here, as it’s a total game-changer for the people who love to travel in cold weather.

It comes with the harnesses you need to attach to your battery and even has a built-in controller for easy access to its heat levels. You will have a combination of three levels Green, Yellow, and Red, letting you know which level of heat is going to be keeping your body warm and toasty. 

The big change with Hotwired New Evo system is that the elements running through it are all carbon fiber. Unlike other manufacturers, it feels so smooth that the jacket has a nice range of motion. It consists of good stretch material that runs down to the torso and helps with the range of motion.

The jacket stays nice and snug against your body and keeps you warm, and it moves freely even when you are wearing an existing jacket underneath it. If you are searching for a low-priced heated jacket, hotwired 12v is the way to go.


  • Carbon Fiber Heating Components: Feature carbon fiber components that provide a better heating system. 
  • Lightweight Nylon External-shell: Designed with a Nylon external shell, light in weight, and a better-heated liner for riding. 
  • Two Years Warranty: Come with a 2-years warranty. 
  • Energy Consumption:  Consumes up to 74W of power and 6.2 amperes. 

This hotwired 12v heated jacket is a wise choice. It is budget-friendly and has all the specs for the buyer. This product has multiple complete features. If you want something reliable and comes within the budget, then hotwired 12v heated jacket is what you should consider.

Things to Consider Before Buying Heated Jackets

When you purchase something, you need to make sure that you know how reliable the product is.  There are features you should be considering right before purchasing any heated motorcycle jacket. Stated as below:

Heating element 

In heated jackets, the first thing to consider is its heating elements. Elements should be either carbon fiber or steel plates. The carbon fiber and steel plates make the jacket safe to wash, flexible, and lightweight.

The products we provide you have these elements. That’s why it is best to read the instructions and descriptions before buying the product.

Weather resistance 

When we go on adventures, the heated jackets we are wearing should be weather resistant. They should be able to withstand snow, rain, and wind.

That’s why we have listed the products above to make it easy for you to find the heated jacket that has this feature.

Battery life

The products we have may last quite longer. The battery will rely specifically on the warmness settings you’re using.

So, set the heat low at normal durations to make the battery last longer. Only rise the temperature when you experience truly much less heat in the jacket. 


A heated jacket needs to have a soft and warm material. This is also the most important thing to consider while buying any jacket.


If you consider buying the heated jackets we suggested, you will get a warranty of at least a year. You can claim it free of cost if your jacket gets any accidental damage.

Some of the jackets we have mentioned above have a lifetime guarantee, as a garbing 12V heated jacket liner has a full lifetime guarantee.

However, it would be best if you always took care of your heated jacket because most of the time, the warranty does not cover some damage condition like change in color, tears, wrinkles, and scratches.


Some Well heated jackets can cause you a good amount of money, but it all worth the price; anyone with that can tell you it’s worth the price. 

Above we have mentioned all the products with high prices to budget-friendly price.


The thing that matters the most in any product you wear is its style. That’s why the products we have are decent looking and stylish to make your look complete. This way, you stay warm and styled.


Are winter heated jackets any good?

A heated jacket is necessary for those who spend a lot of time outdoors during the cold winter season. It has become a great choice for most people like cold weather, workers, Motorcyclists, and other performing outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and other winter sports.

Why are heated jackets so expensive?

A heated jacket can be pretty mild and flexible, which can be a bonus for many jobs. If you are not moving around too much and bitterly cold, heated jackets are very handy.

Do people need heated jackets?

Heated jackets are an essential thing in the winter season for the people of cold weather. Whenever the temperature goes down below zero, People use heated leather jackets to save themselves from the cold to keep their bodies warm.

Can I feel the wires of the jacket?

No, the only hard wires in the heated jackets are the power wires, and while you may be able to find them by hand if you’re looking, you will not feel them when wearing the jacket.

Will the jacket keep me warm without power?

 When not powered, the heated jacket will not warm you as other bulky garments do, and that’s intentional. Our jackets are designed to be temperature neutral. Less bulk, and as you pass through the warm and cold zones, you won’t need to take the jacket on and off.

Are heated jackets waterproof?

Heated Jackets are often water-resistant because the material they contain does not let water pass through. However, heated jackets are not waterproof completely. They can be used in slight rain and snowfall, But They are not for stormy weather. However, You can wear an extra jacket above it to keep it safe.


A heated jacket is something that you should have in your closet if you like to go on adventures. Unlike a normal jacket, a heated jacket protects you from the cold while warming up your body. Moreover, it can do this using heat coils and battery packs installed in your jacket.

It’s a well worth investment if you want to take it out by riding in the streets or mountains. These heating gears will keep you warm. As a result, a heated jacket can be quite useful in extremely cold weather, due to which we have mentioned some of the best options above.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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