Best Fuel Management Systems for Harley Davidson

3 Best Fuel Management Systems for Harley Davidson

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Fuel management systems are used worldwide to ensure the performance of peak engines by helping you adjust the air-fuel ratio. They are present in some modern bikes, but some don’t so you will have to buy one.

Suppose you are looking for a system that can be used to measure fuel usage, track fuel inventory, or consolidating invoices and contracts, then it’s the fuel management system you are looking for. A fuel management system can accomplish all these tasks easily as it is made for it.

Scientific researchers have proven that it is beneficial as it provides better security, stops the loss of fuel and problems, and improves your vehicle performance. So, to give you the best fuel management systems for your motorcycle, we’ve done some research. 

Best Choice


Vance And Hines Autotuner Fuelpak FP3 For Harley

Premium Choice


Cobra Power Pro Fi2000 Black For Harley

Best in Budget


Dynojet Power Vision For Harley

If you are out looking for the best fuel management systems, be at ease because we already found the best fuel management systems you can find in the market.

1. Dynojet Power Vision For Harley


  • Best performance tuner
  • Auto-tune basis mode
  • Latest flash tuning technology


  • Expensive

The Dynojet power vision is the best device you look for in the market for this purpose as it is made mainly for these purposes. This device is a performance tuner, and it offers the latest and the best technology of flash tuning and data logging. 

It is a device designed mainly for power users. It can easily tune the fuel injected into your Harley Davidson motorcycle through Delphi ECM technology. 

This product comes with a helpful feature and is a full-color flash touch screen and some other features that are also useful. They include auto-tuning basic mode, which helps modify your tune without using a computer, and Window PC Based Tuning Application aka WinPV.

This device also provides information on how your bike is running. It also runs without a computer which means no computer is required to use this.


  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Tunes for your bike are pre-loaded on this device and are ready to be used. It sorts out hundreds of tunes for you to choose from.
  • Provides Info: Provides valuable and important information on the performance of your motorcycle.
  • Auto-Tune Pro: Comes with auto-tune pro.
  • Build In Auto-Tune Mode: There is a build-in auto-tune basic mode that can modify your tunes while riding.

If you are looking for a fuel management system, this product will also fill the requirement because it is better than usual and comes with a useful feature. This product is not only a fuel management system but much more. Therefore, I will recommend this product.

2. Cobra Power Pro Fi2000 Black For Harley


  • Dyno tuning free
  • Auto Tuning
  • Rpm check
  • Compatible with stock engines
  • Compatible with modified engines


  • Legal in California for only racing purposes

The Cobra Power Pro Fi2000 comes with an extremely fast smart chip and accelerometer technology that continuously reads the bike’s EFI delivery every time the motorcycle accelerates to optimize the air and fuel mixture for the best performance.

This device has a revolutionized fuel injection technology due to its CVT (Continuously Variable Tuning) technology. In addition, it comes with an option for non-acceleration fine-tuning through Bluetooth.

You will need to adjust the air-fuel ratio of your motorcycle outside of your, which can also be performed with your smart device using the application. 

To download the application, you need to visit the play store or your app store and search the name of the application power pro-black, written on the device’s manual, and install it. Then, connect it, and the app will provide you with simple instructions. 


  • Tune And Air/Flow Analyzation: Analyzes tunes and adjusts air/fuel ratio resulting in peak performance
  • Compatibility: Compatible with modified and stock engines, exhaust systems, and air cleaners. 
  • Non- Acceleration Fine Tune: Can fine-tune even non-acceleration air/fuel curves through the smart device via Bluetooth
  • Engine Fuel Delivery Tuning: It can tune the engine fuel delivery within specific ranges
  • Pulse Width Read: Can read the pulse width and the duty cycle of the fuel injector

This product is on the list of best fuel management systems for Harley, and it comes with some extra features, which are also useful.

3. Vance And Hines Autotuner Fuelpak FP3 For Harley


  • Comes with Flash tuning
  • Easy installation instruction 
  • Removeable
  • Auto tuning available
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity


  • There are chances of manufacturing issues in some units.

The Vance and Hines Fuelpak or fuel management system is the biggest revolution of fuel management for Harley Davidson motorcycles, and it is made in the United States of America. 

This fuel management system can be connected to an iPhone or Android via Bluetooth, just like the previous fuel management system we have listed.

The FP-3 feature makes it simple to modify a host of engine parameters. In addition, it allows mapping for some performance upgrades and exhaust systems.

It also enables an auto-tune feature that changes the air/fuel ratio, which means that your Harley Davidson motorcycle gets better over time. 

It allows you to choose from three different reduction levels of decel-pop, which help with the annoying and unsettling sound.

With this fuel pack or fuel management system connected to your motorcycle, you can also view the data of the live sensor, which includes rpm, power, fuel economy, voltage, torque, speedometer calibration, gear selection, and other important information through your iPhone or Android device connected to the fuelpak via Bluetooth. 

You can also read and clear the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) through the FP3.


  • Flash Tuning: Uses flash tuning to recalibrate the ECM
  • Auto Tuning: Comes with auto-tuning feature
  • Live Sensor Data: While riding, you can also view live sensor data
  • Removable: The fuelpak can be removed easily
  • Easy Installation: The installation instructions are pretty easy to follow
  • No Top Speed Limiter: It allows the M8 models to remove the top speed limiter

This product comes with Bluetooth connectivity and also pretty useful features, which we have listed, and it is a great choice.

Things To Consider When Buying A Fuel Management System

If you have decided to purchase a fuel management system, stop and read because several factors are to look at before doing so. Some of them are 


Before buying a fuel management system, the first thing to check is the quality of the material. Next, you should check that the fuel management system is made of good quality material and durable.


You should check that the fuel management system that you are about to purchase comes with some additional and helpful features listed above.


You should check that the fuel management system you are about to purchase is fast enough because there are different fuel management systems. Some of them are fast, and some of them are slow. Therefore, it would be best to always look for the faster one as you do not have much time to check the updates while riding.


You should check that the fuel management system is easily removable if it is not required or there is a fault in its reading and tuning, and you have to replace it or something.


Why is a fuel management system required?

You will need a fuel management system because it provides you with amazing protection from fuel strikes. A fuel management system is a device made to monitor and control fuel usage and other culpability issues. It could be used on trucks, motorcycles, and other transportation fuel vehicles.

Is it legal to use a fuel management system?

Yes, it is fully legal to use a fuel management system without any doubt because it is perfectly safe as it is a device used to protect from fuel leakage, and it helps us by measuring fuel use.

How to choose a Fuel Management System?

Before purchasing a fuel management system, make sure to double-check these factors:

  1. Check the quality of the material. It should be durable and hard.
  2. Check that the fuel management system is fast working. (uses flash technology)
  3. Check that the fuel management system is user-friendly for ease of use.
  4. Check that the fuel management system is detachable to be easily attached to the vehicle in no time, whenever required.

What are the best fuel management systems for Harley Davidson?

We did our expert research and found the best fuel management systems for Harley. The top three are listed above, but other fuel management systems might not be equal but good. The three of them are:

  • Dynojet Power Vision
  • Cobra Power Pro Fi2000 Black
  • Vance And Hines Autotuner Fuelpak FP3


Fuel management systems are used in the world to gain protection from fuel leakage. In addition, these are used to measure fuel usage and help us in many other ways. They can be connected to your smart devices, and you can view updates about the functioning and performance of your motorcycle while riding. They display information in no time by using flash technology.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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