Sena Outrush Helmet Review

Sena Outrush Helmet Review

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For motorcycle riders, helmets can play a vital role. The helmets are a part of the bike’s kit and protect the riders from all sorts of accidents. According to research, most motorcycle accidents occur when the rider is not wearing a good helmet or engages in other activities while riding. Sena is aiming to provide you with some of the best motorcycle helmets. Its helmets are most advanced and highly attractive in design as well.

Sena outrush helmets are equipped with advanced technologies in order to assist you while riding. You have Bluetooth connectivity, a speaker, and FM radio. These helmets are based on the latest designs in the market and are a new and easy way of interconnectivity. Just forget the old days where you had to go through parking a bike first and then receiving a call. Those days are long gone now.

Modular Design

The first and foremost thing most of the riders are concerned about is the design of the helmet. The conventional designs were quite simple, so now the helmets are made attractive with an excellent design that could be easy to wear. 

It has a modular design, and when you wear you would feel like going on a secret spy mission with your friends. An additional feature to its design is its retractable sun visor. It can be easily controlled by sliding a button on the left of your helmet. The sun visor is like shady glasses against the sun. 


Moreover, the helmet is extremely light in weight. You would not even feel like wearing a helmet owing to its lightweight. Sena outrush is highly comfortable from the inside as well and is highly spacious. For proper ventilation, there is a 3-way mechanism that can be used in and out of the air. Therefore, it can save you from suffocating after the entire day ride in hot summers.

Similarly, you can also wear the helmet easily as the ratchet strap allow you to open the frontal part of the helmet. Thus, you can use it for wearing and even while driving when you feel that it is safe to drive that way. You can use the sun visor in this mode as well in order to protect yourself from sunlight or other debris from getting into your eyes.

The jog dial provided by the Sena is what makes this helmet even more desirable. Have you ever thought of using a device that could control all of the features of a helmet? In addition, the intuitive dial is easy to use, making the ride safer. 

Intercom connectivity

As far as my opinion is concerned, the most attractive feature of Sena helmets is the Bluetooth and intercom connectivity. The Bluetooth 3.0 headset is easily connectable and is efficient in working. In addition, the jog dial helps you in connecting while riding.

Similarly, the issue most of the riders face while moving in a group is connectivity. Well, you cannot hold a smartphone in your hand while riding. This helmet has an HD intercom, which two riders to connect and enjoy riding to the next level. Your partner needs to be in a range of 800m, and you can easily communicate with him.

So even if one is left behind half a kilometer, you can still make contact with him. Furthermore, the speaker is attached to the helmet so that when you speak, your partner can easily hear the noise, which becomes crystal clear. So now, you may enjoy hassle-free communication between the riders.

Another concern for most of the riders is the battery timing of the intercom and Bluetooth. Well, the concern is probably right and makes a lot of difference as well. It has one of the best duration as it can work non-stop for up to 15 hours a day. So you can cover a lot of distance with this much charging sustainability. 

Bluetooth connectivity

Many riders often like to listen to music while riding, unlike in the past when you have to distract yourself from the road and use a headset and connect it with your smartphone. Sena has relieved you from this stress as well, as you can connect your smartphone through Bluetooth and stream the songs of your favorite list. 

Moreover, if you are getting bored, the FM radio is there to save the day. There is no such feature that this helmet lacks. You can hear the GPS navigation and reach your destination easily. So what more can you expect from a helmet? 

Making phone calls would have always been a problem for the rider, right? Well, no more, as this helmet allows you to receive phone calls and the speaker allows you to talk to the other person as well. So far, I believe that this helmet has all-in-one capabilities.

Things to Consider Before Buying


No matter how rich you are, cost always plays a role when you buy something. Sena helmets are highly cost-effective as compared to the features it provides. The price range is usually from 150 to 200$ at most. 

When you compare this cost with other devices, then you would consider it as affordable. The reason is that most of the intercom devices are in the range of these prices. But it has multiple features and is a helmet as a whole. 


Before you buy a helmet, you need to look for the features associated with it as well. A simple helmet is a conventional concept now. You need to look for its Bluetooth connectivity, intercom capabilities, battery life, and much more.

The features are also derived from your intentions or what you are expecting from a helmet. For example, if you are only concerned about safety, a simple helmet would do the task. However, for advanced features, a helmet-like Sena would be better.


The usability of a helmet depends upon the quality and operation. It would be best if you looked for whether the jog dial is easy to use or not. Next, you should check that the retractable sun visor is working properly or not. Finally, the speaker or other features are easy to use or not. All of these features account for the usability of the outburst helmets. 

Features and Benefits


These helmets have a retractable sun visor. It’s simple to operate by sliding a button on the left side of your helmet. The sun visor is similar to shady sunglasses that protect you from the sun and prevent any external dust particles from entering your eyes. The overall design of the helmet is very classy and so is used by a group of bike riders. It comes in two shades. The Bluetooth connection makes these helmets worth buying.


These helmets are unique and offer many modes of functioning. The Bluetooth mode makes it easy for you to pair it up with your cell phone. So with the music mode, you can listen to the music you want to make your boring ride fun. An additional GPS mode allows you to stay connected and lets you use the map if you’re lost. Finally, the intercoms on the phone allow you to contact other riders that are riding with you.


Maintaining these helmets is very easy. The brand is one of the popular brands and has made its place by dealing with the customers with utmost sincerity. If you face any problem with the helmets, you can always contact the brand and get the helmet fixed. It has a simple design that can easily be cleaned. These helmets come with a warranty, and so in case of any issue, you can reach out to the company. 

Other Features

Easy connection with smartphones allows users to make and accept calls or listen to music to enjoy the ride. Create your music and listen to it through the helmet’s built-in speakers. With its good sound quality now you do not need to worry about your boredom. A good density inner of the helmet provides you extra comfort and a peaceful ride. Unlike other helmets, you can wear these helmets as long as you want. 

Moreover, this ergonomically designed helmet is secured by a quick-release ratchet strap coupled with the face shield. We have taken care especially to protect your face in case of accidents. Full-face protection makes it possible to save your face any scar if you meet any accident. With a lightweight shell and 3-way ventilation, this smart modular helmet is packed with elegance and practicality. 

Final Verdict

Helmets are a priority for all bike riders. If you are a bike rider and enjoy the innovations in helmets, then you must invest in these helmets. Some riders prefer style along with safety. We have introduced such attractive and appealing helmets that add to their class and protect them against serious accidents. Why buy ordinary helmets when you have an option of such new and stylish helmets in the market that come with additional features and lets you stay connected to your fellow riders.

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