Sena 50S Vs 50R

Sena 50S Vs 50R: What’s The Difference?

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Tae Y. Kim established Sena Technologies in 1998. In the realm of Bluetooth communication technologies, the business has since created waves. In 2010, by introducing one of the first intercom headsets in history, Sena made history. This was at a time of nearly unheard of intercom technology. The brand dominated practically all aspects of the Bluetooth intercom area for engine and outdoor sports communications equipment, from intercoms with integrated video systems to intelligent helmets to riding helmets.

The 50 series has been split into two models: the 50S and 50R. The Sena 50R and the Sena 50S have a number of significant enhancements that will push the systems considerably ahead of the Sena 30K in technology and quality. The Sena 50R vs. 50S is a subtle subject, however, with tiny variances between each, which will best suit various riders and their tastes. But it is vital to note their fundamental commonality, their network Mesh 2.0, and their pricing before getting into their variances.

What is Mesh 2.0?

Sena’s latest Mesh 2.0 firmware is used by both systems. The new mesh technology provides stronger connections, improved optimization, and communication. The new Mesh 2.0 now offers three alternative types of association with the 50S and 50R. First, the Bluetooth system is a standard technology with a smaller range but a longer life span. Second, there is Group Mesh Intercom, which may have a private chat for up to 24 individuals. Although it is the same as Bluetooth, if you have more than six riders, then the normal range is significantly more.

Also, the Mesh 2.0 Network provides an Open Mesh Intercom multi-channel where you may talk with anybody on the network now. You may also switch between 9 different Open Mesh frequencies if you wish to change chats.

Product overview

Sena 50S


  • One-Click-to-Connect Mesh Intercom™, with superior audio quality
  • Bluetooth® 5 enabled
  • Redesigned HD Speakers optimized for boosted performance in volume, bass, and clarity
  • Voice-activated digital assistant access 
  • 30% faster rapid charging
  • Automatic firmware updates via the included WiFi Adapter
  • A tried-and-true glove-friendly jog dial design
  • Multi-language voice command support
  • Bluetooth Intercom: 4 riders
  • Open Mesh Intercom: virtually limitless
  • Group Mesh Intercom: 24 riders

One of the newest Bluetooth engine devices in the Sena is the 50S. The Sena 50S offers a large, easy to reach running cable with a breakthrough low profile construction. It provides straightforward menu navigation, an antenna, and the link is exceptionally strong and secure with the brand new Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The transmission speed is likewise faster and takes less energy.

The Sena 50S also has a Mesh 2.0 interface, a quick intercom, and a working distance of 2 kilometers, and an advanced pair of HD audio speakers are included in the unit. Your voice’s clarity is excellent; in addition, intercoms are universally designed for various Bluetooth headsets on the market.

Multi-purpose audio technology from Sena enables a smooth transition from music to GPS or incoming calls. With Advanced Noise Control, you don’t have to think of any incoming noise. The Sena 50S includes an automatic scanning functionality and allows you to save ten programmed stations. You may also utilize the inbuilt FM radio option. There is also a music-sharing function. The voice commands function does not necessitate that your hands are released. You may explore procedures such as phone calls, replication of songs, and intercom linkages to the computer, among others.

You may connect the headset to your smartphone using Apple’s all-new software and Android, adjust computer settings, make an in-house mesh party or modify your music equalizer. For firmware updates and charging of batteries, the WiFi adaptor is proper. The battery life has increased as well. The Bluetooth Sena 50S headset may now enable up to 14 hours of Bluetooth connectivity or 9 hours of Mesh connection.

Sena 50R


  • One-Click-to-Connect simplicity
  • Mesh Intercom™ features superior audio quality
  • Multi-channel protocol in Open Mesh allows users to switch between 9 comm channels.
  • Bluetooth® 5 enabled
  • Redesigned HD Speakers optimized for boosted performance in volume, bass, and clarity.
  • Voice-activated digital assistant access 
  • Included WiFi Adapter which charges AND installs firmware updates automatically
  • An elegant, glove-friendly three-button interface
  • Voice Commands recognized across eight languages
  • Bluetooth Intercom: 4 riders
  • Open Mesh Intercom: virtually limitless
  • Group Mesh Intercom: 24 riders

With its Bluetooth 5.0 capacities and Mesh 2.0 connections, the 50R is packed in a thin, tiny and compact way. Redesigned speakers improve the volume of the helmet from a smaller size to give more comfort. The 50R provides rapid access to digital support when linked with a smartphone.

Mesh 2.0 maintains enhanced links between riders for improved clarity and quicker connecting times. Groups may be formed with up to 24 cyclists, and riders may be organized on individual channels. All six riders can chime in at the same time rather than symbolically passing the mic. When riding and mounting and removing your helmet, the tilting edges on higher power speakers are more convenient.

With the quick battery charge, you get out quicker than the other Sena versions. An extra 3.5 hours of intercom or 6 hours of intercoms will be paid for 20 minutes. With an 8-hour mesh or 13-hours Bluetooth intercom, the 50R has a charge of up to one hour. The 50R automatically updates the latest Sena firmware with a challenging WiFi integration function in the charging cord. Whenever Sena upgrades its software package 50R, 50R will be updated next time you load it with WiFi. 50R Multitasking audio is made as stabile to and from the GPS and incoming calls. The new 50R smartphone app is the perfect way to configure and connect the system.

Difference between the 50S and 50R 

There is a reason why the letters after ’50’ are different in the title of both items. Although both are smaller than a card deck, there are several distinctions between 50R and 50S. There are sufficient variances to justify a distinct section. This may surprise you because once you have passed through the above parts, the products appear practically identical. The 50R and 50S differ in the following respects, despite many similarities:

Speaker Options

The other two methods differ in their alternatives for different speakers once the mounting clamps have been discussed. While both are equipped with modern high definition speakers, 50S provides consumers with more possibilities to utilize alternative speakers and listening techniques. You have an AUX port in the 50S clamp which enables you to plug an MP3 player directly into your system. And if you want to listen to music by using your own headphones, the 50S will also include an extra port.

The Sena 50R does not, however, include an AUX port and the Sena 10R Earbud Split cable would be required to utilize your own earphones. So, given that the 50R is reduced, it implies your listening experience will not be as simple to adapt.


The most significant change is the actual interface of the Sena 50R and 50S Bluetooth headphones. At the same time, the 50R employs the same interface of 3 buttons as the Sena SRL 2, which is a plus/minus button and a center. Users of SRL2 will also find the 50R combinations with many of the same controls, except the new M button to enable network mesh.

Instead of using a plus or minus, you spin the dial through the menus by clicking on the dial instead of on the Center button. The dial is used by the 50S. The 50S also employs the M button and features a P (phone) control for handling phone calls. Although the change affects how the system menus and functions are navigated, the difference is modest enough that it is a question of personal taste.

Mounting Differences 

One of the most considerable variations in how they attach to your helmet between both systems. Though they both include the standard Sena clamp kit (which is used in the Sena 30K, the 20S, and 10S as well), there are several other choices available. The Sena Fifty-R permits the hook and loop fasteners (both supplied in the device), double-sided adhesives, or the splitting kit to be installed in a helm. With the accompanying clamp kit, the 50S may be fitted with a helmet. And if it is not possible to install the clamp kit, then it is possible to install the headset on the exterior of the helmet using a Glued Surfaces mounting adapter. The Sena Fifty-S provides you merely the extra possibility to use a glue kit. The 50R, on the other hand, can only be mounted.


The 50S consists of three types of microphones: the boom mic, the microphone with cable, and the microphone with cable. The 50R consists of 2 different sorts of micros: the microphone wired and the microphone wired.

Battery Life 

Although these two systems may seem quite similar, they also have a varied battery life level. The Sena 50R has a smaller battery than the 50S. The 50R delivers 8 hours of mesh time and 13 hours of Bluetooth intercom time instead of the 50S’ 9 hours of mesh talk time and 14 hours of Bluetooth speak time.

In any case, these systems still have a decent time. This is primarily due to Bluetooth 5.0 being used by both. They utilize less electricity, have a broader portfolio, and are considerably more stable. The total range of the two systems for Bluetooth connection is around 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). The system may nevertheless reach up to 8 kilometers with Mesh 2.0 (5 miles). The 50S and 50R also offer quick charging and updating with a WiFi cable adaptor. You will be interested in the 50S if you want to squash the last hour of your life battery on your phone or laptop.


Clamp Kits

The 50S features an AUX connector for an MP3 player other than Bluetooth. It also features an integrated, 3.5 mm rosebud connection so you can use your own audio earphones instead of the high-quality speakers you offer. The 50R does not contain a 3.5 mm earphone converter or an AUX port. In other words, the 50R functions nicely with the 50R Earbud Split cable adapter. You can use earphones compatible with the cable when it is installed.

Ambient Audio Feature

By twice tapping the ambient mode button on the bottom of the clamping kit, the 50S may enable the Ambient Audio feature by an internal microphone. Sadly, the 50R has no such function.

Group Intercom

Using the 50S button below the clamp kit, the Group Intercom functionality may be activated with a borrowing from above to build a multi-way intercom chat. By pressing the Plus (+) button and the Minus (-) button, the 50R may engage Group Intercom functionality once at a time.

Final Verdict

For Sena, it is a significant turn for the Sena 50S and Sena 50R. We finally got HD speakers and a more robust network of mesh, but we still have specific disparities. While these are not big, various systems will attract different people based on how they engage with their design, their mounting needs, and if they want that extra battery.

If the money is what makes it or breaks it for you, picking between these two goods will be difficult. The 50R is somewhat cheaper than the 50S, although it is. If the price difference is sufficient to acquire a product in this range, you have enough dough.

With the Sena 50S, the battery life is somewhat more extended (~1 hour), more straightforward installation, a dial button design, and slightly more audio multi-tasks. If you want a design with three buttons and a price increase of ~ $20, don’t justify the above, move to the Sena 50R. But in the end, with any product, you can’t go wrong. In the area of intercom technology, the name Sena and quality imply the same thing. And their newest items are of the best quality.

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