How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair

How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair?

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For bike lovers, riding the bike is the best possible thing. You enjoy the whole way with your hair open, and you can feel the freedom all along. However, using the full kit of a motorcycle is quite essential. A helmet is one of the most important parts of motorcycle riding as it is crucial for the rider’s safety. You cannot take the risk of not wearing the helmet while riding. This often leads to multiple problems that riders feel while wearing helmets.

Most of the riders often complain about hair damage or hair fall due to wearing a helmet. Moreover, think about going to your office and when you reach there your hair is completely messed up. So it is quite important to understand that people with long hair have to use some techniques to wear a helmet. So let’s see through the ideas we suggest to you in this article.

Wearing Helmet with Long Hairs

While riding a motorcycle, it doesn`t matter what hairstyle you are wearing or their volume. Besides, you need to wear your helmet before going out on a motorcycle ride.

Meanwhile, a helmet could ruin your hairstyle, which means you have to sacrifice that for your safety. However, you can always wear a helmet comfortably, even with long hair, by following methods. For example, you can form a lower bun or a braid. Ponytails are also helpful, or if you want to tie your hair in a trimming style pile, they will save your hair from getting ruined or rough from the dust.

Furthermore, wearing a hair scarf is also an amazing option for you to tie and manage your long hair along with the motorcycle helmet. Following are certain useful tips for you to help you wear the helmet upon your long hair.  

1. Using Ponytail

A helmet is never flexible. Neither can be made because its purpose is to protect the user. However, the formation of hair can be changed, right? It would be best if you tried to make a ponytail as it is quite professional attractive. Using a straight ponytail would save your hair from getting messed up. Rather as soon as you get the helmet off, your hair would be as stable as they were before wearing the helmet.

There are also some helmets in the market that have a hole for a ponytail to be out. Such helmets are quite useful and are best for daily use.

2. Forming Low Buns

One thing should be clear to you for sure, that your hair can be saved only by using different styling. The use of low buns is another through which your hair would remain the same. How? Buns are formed at the lower part of your head, and when you wear the helmet, the tight buns keep the hair straight and don’t allow them to get messed up. 

3. Using Braids

This formation is usually for girls, but boys can also use it as protection of hair is the priority. Braids, once formed, can be easily taken out of the helmet, and the hair remains protective and strengthened. Braid protects your hair from dryness and keeps it intact. It is one of the most effective methods when it comes to wearing helmets.

Imagine wearing a helmet with a braid. Braid would remain out, and the helmet can be used effectively. In the case of a helmet with a hole, pull the braid out through the helmet.

4. Headscarves

The best way to avoid getting your hair messed up is to use headscarves. Headscarves cover the whole of the head, and you can maintain your style inside the headscarf. You can use the helmet over the headscarf, and your hair would remain free from any damage throughout your journey. Risk like oily hair or excessive hair fall can be avoided using headscarves as a protective layer.

5. Keep your hair moisturized

To save the strength of your hair, you need to moisturize them now and then. This will help your hair to reduce the tangles and protect them from breaking apart. 

That being said, you have to keep them moisturized before wearing a helmet to strengthen them and will also help your head to stay cool and work efficiently by being calm. This way, your hail will have less tendency to break and split from the roots and thus stay fresh for long. 

6. Hair trimming

For someone who loves long hair and wants to keep it that way has a hard time considering trimming their hair. That is why you need to consider this because of your safety as well. If you wish to live long and stay alert while riding a bike, you need to keep your head cool. 

However, long hair becomes a hurdle in wearing a motorcycle helmet. Therefore, it is proven and recommended to trim your hair for about 10 inches every year for its healthy growth. Having said that, you don`t have to get disappointed as suggested by the skin and hair specialist. It will also boost the growth of your hair, and it will soon belong again. 


How to keep one`s hair from getting tangled while riding a motorcycle?

If you tie your hair perfectly in a knot or a ponytail, it will prevent the blowing with the wind. This will keep them at bay, and thus there won`t form any tangles and keeps them from splitting. 

How can you wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair?

In order to wear the helmet correctly and comfortably, you need to choose your hairstyle wisely. Along with that, it also requires a compatible helmet to go with your hair. 

How should we form our hair while riding a motorcycle?

We should tie our hair in a way to prevent them from flicking upon the face and in front of our eyes. That will block the view, and the rider will be unable to focus. 

Final Verdict

Having long hair is good, but for riders, it can be quite problematic. However, there are always certain ways in which these problems can be avoided. These include using helmets made for such purposes or changing the formation of hair. Hope this guide would have helped you.

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