BILT Techno Review

BILT Techno Review

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The modern design of helmets is focused more on being highly protective and attractive at the same time. Nowadays, you would find that even the simplest of the helmet has a stylish design and most of the people prefer such helmets. It has a built-in SENA DWO Bluetooth technology that helps connect to a smartphone device, and you can perform most of the basic features while wearing the helmet. Just sync it with a nearby Bluetooth device, and you can receive calls or even listen to music.

However, this helmet is one of a kind as it is most advanced and remains top of the line. You can save yourself from suffocating as it has a ventilation system that allows necessary air to flow in and out of the helmet. So if you are thinking about getting a helmet that can fulfill all of your requirements, we highly recommend you buy this advanced helmet. We aim to provide you with a quick review of this helmet. Let’s see further.

BILT Techno 3.0


  • Clear audio for phone calls
  • Attractive modular style
  • Exhaust vents are present to keep the helmet ventilated.


  • Ears are slightly tight

What kind of helmet are motorcycle riders using nowadays? Is it based on some old-fashioned design? Or are you thinking about searching for a new helmet? Well, if you are reading this, then it means you are interested in this helmet. It would be best if you were as we will tell you some good information related to BILT Techno 3.0. 

The outer shell of a helmet matters the most as it is the basis of the safety of a person. Therefore, the stronger the outer shell, the more is the safety of a person. The outer shell of this helmet is formed through injection molding, and the material is an alloy composite. This alloy composite is flexible and can absorb the sudden impact in case of an accident.

Moreover, it has an aerodynamic design that makes it stylish and attractive. This aerodynamic design reduces the wind resistance to a minimum and allows the wind to slip past the helmet. You can also use the pull-up chin bar for a good air supply or to enjoy the weather. This chin-up bar helps wear the helmet, and your hair remains free and does not get stuck. 

During most accidents, the helmets slip out of the head, and people get a direct hit on their head. This helmet has double D ring straps for locking the helmet completely. You can only expect to get the helmet off only when you are in a neutral position. This is important as the number of bike lovers is increasing, and BIL techno’s safety is a top priority.

Similarly, this helmet has all-in-one features. For example, you no longer need to wear sunglasses inside the helmet to protect yourself from sunlight. Instead, the drop-down sun visor is installed within to save the day. You can control the sun visor through the sliding bar on the left of your helmet. 

The Bluetooth intercom 3.0 allows you to pursue 4-way intercommunication. So you can say you can move in a group of 4 people. But, first, you need to install the app on your smartphone, and the device can be easily synced with your smartphone. 

You can take or receive calls through BILT Techno 3.0 with a high-quality sound that reduces or increases automatically depending upon the noise of the surrounding environment. In addition, you can operate through voice activation and perform most of the functions through voice mode. 

If you wish to listen to music, you can access your favorite list and enjoy the travel. You can also share the music with your group through BILT Techno 3.0. Your friends should be at a distance of 1000meters, and you can talk to them. So even if someone is left behind, you can still contact him. I don’t think that there is another device in the market that has such multiple features.

Last but most important is the battery timing of the device. The standby time is almost a day; the device can work up to 8 hours while talking continuously. The helmet has proper exhaust vents and a ventilation system for helping you in breathing. Moreover, the antimicrobial material keeps the helmet highly fresh and removes all kinds of moisture. 

BILT Techno 2.0


  • 8 hours of talk time
  • Good ventilation system to prevent from suffocating
  • Connectivity with other riders for about 400m range


  • Padding is missing on top of the helmet.

Advancements have been made in helmets to attract customers. New helmets come with additional details and features that make them stand out. This helmet is one of the latest designs in the market that will give you a new and appealing look.

These helmets will keep you worry-free as they come with intercoms. These intercoms are there to ensure that you do not get bored while riding. Stay connected to your friends and group members on the go. The intercoms can contact other riders with you that are within the range of 400m. Talk to them whenever you want to and enjoy their company.

The 8 hour talk time is its uniqueness. So if you have planned to go on a long route and are considered the intercoms, don’t worry and grab the chance to enjoy the features of this helmet. Unlike before when you were concerned about using your phone while you ride. Now this problem has also been resolved. Your phone gets connected to this amazing helmet and not only saves your time but also keeps you safe.

Keep wearing the helmet for a long hot day and stop worrying about suffocation. The helmet has a multi-point surface-mounted airflow ventilation system that keeps the air flowing and keeps the helmet cool from the inside. So if you don’t want to lose the chance of adding this helmet to your list, do it now.

Things to Consider Before Buying


You must be able to comprehend the need for such a device before purchasing it. If you’re a bike enthusiast who enjoys riding with friends regularly, you should consider investing in this helmet. It also includes your requirements. For some people, additional features like cell phone connectivity are not important. Why waste money if you’re not interested in such features.


Different helmets in the market come with some unique features. Therefore, before buying a helmet, you should check thoroughly and compare the different features. For example, some helmets might give better sound quality in intercoms while the other one has better mobile phone connectivity and saves your time. It entirely depends on you; what feature is prioritized by you.


Helmets are the basic need for a rider. It serves the purpose of protecting your head from serious injuries. It is essential if you’re a frequent rider and love to race among friends. It’s impossible to have fun with a bunch of riders if you can’t communicate with them. These intercoms are ideal if you don’t want to be a lonely rider. Although, if you’re only a casual rider, you might not require them.

Features and Benefits


These helmets have a stylish appearance that will make them stand out among the crowd of riders. It is simple to design, and multiple features make these helmets one of the market’s top-line ones. Connect the helmet with your phone and enjoy. This device’s features are designed to be as simple as possible.


It is a light mode helmet that connects to the rider’s phone and keeps the rider updated about the track by connecting to other riders. The attached intercoms work as the connecting mode.


The helmets are simple to maintain and keep up with. They can easily be cleaned with a dry cloth. They perform well unless they are subjected to accidents or other problems. If you have a technical problem with your product, you can contact the firm and have it fixed.

Other Features

The sun visor of the helmet protects your face from harmful rays and will help you see the road when the sun is directly striking into your eye. The Bluetooth connectivity is very easy and quick and so helps you save time. 

You may stay in touch with other fellows and keep each other alert about any upcoming problems on the road via intercoms. This is also beneficial if you are riding with your students, you lead them and keep telling them to be safe. 

Final verdict

These helmets and their features allow us to enjoy a safe ride. They are the ideal cell phone substitutes. Using a phone while riding a bike is dangerous and needs extra concentration on the road. These will do their job quickly and efficiently, requiring no additional attention from the rider, making it safe for them. In addition, these helmets are easy to wear, and you get to enjoy multiple features all in one.

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